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Do These Must-Have Renovation Works (if You're on a Budget)

May 23, 2018

From budget considerations to practicality, style and value – deciding what renovation works to do can be a real head-scratcher. But what happens if to top things off - you have a very limited budget to work with? Our advice? Always prioritise these 5 essential works first:

1. Storage Compartments

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Torch Empire

Admit it - a home isn't just a space for you to sleep, eat and bathe in. It's sort of like a giant storage container for all your worldly belongings. And unless you're a high-level minimalist with 20 items to your name, ample storage space is needed to keep things looking presentable and organised at home.

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: X Dimension Design

No surprise then, that building storage compartments should be the top of your renovation list. Think cabinets or wardrobes to stow things out of sight. Or, smart storage solutions like platforms or recessed cubbies. If you're planning to live in the space for a long time, you'll thank yourself for thinking forward when objects start to pile up.

2. Kitchen Fittings

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

Yes, the whole gamut of works, including cabinetry, plumbing, gasworks and the fitting of appliances. Unlike other spaces like the bedrooms and living rooms which can be spruced up with movable furniture, note that most kitchen fittings need to be fixed up.

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

For good reason - kitchens are typically heavy duty, high-traffic areas that benefit from having sturdy built-ins. Likewise, it's an area that goes through a lot of structural works - water pipes, electrical wiring, gas pipes. It's best to get these major works done up the first time around before the house is fully furnished or filled with items (and could be a hassle to move).

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

Furthermore, the kitchen is a key area that many potential buyers look out for in a home. A properly done-up kitchen can spell higher property prices for your home, if you're planning to resell.

3. Electrical Works and Lighting

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

From a practical standpoint - what is a home without the proper electrical fixtures to make it work? It's important to plan and place the right amount of electrical outlets for that purpose. After all, you don't want to go through the pain of using multiple extension cords or multi-plugs - just because your home doesn't have enough power points for your needs.

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Twelve Empire Sdn Bhd

The same goes for lighting. If there's any way to instantly jazz up one's home - good lighting would do it. Invest in proper light planning to help illuminate your home evenly, and consider doing works like recessed ceiling lights, lighting points for hanging pendants or built-in light bars. Not only does it help to change the ambiance of a space, it can also fix a number of interior flaws (e.g. a congestive space, bare area etc.)

4. Bathroom Fittings

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Another high-traffic, heavy-duty area in a home, don't forget to prioritise your bathroom in your renovation plans. Perhaps the area that receives the most moisture and probably most prone to mould growth, wet patches and other structural problems. Set aside a sum for proper waterproofing and tiling works to prevent those issues from cropping up over time.

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

Similarly, nature calls - you'll need plumbing works to hitch up your bathroom fixtures like the toilet bowl, sink and shower/bath. That can translate to hefty internal works, and best to be done before you're settled in.

5. A TV Feature Wall

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Meridian Interior Design

We get it - this aesthetic feature may seem more like an afterthought. However, they are ultra-useful for bringing an instant sense of style, no matter how plain the rest of your home is! Plus, most TV feature walls also help to mask and store unsightly television and audio visual clutter, which make your home look 'undone' and 'cheap'.

Must-Have Renovation Works

Interior Designer: Moonlit Inspiration

So, it pays to get this built-in staple for your living space. For example, rustic or Scandi inspired homes would look good with a more natural, wood grain wall block whereas with an industrial home, a darker or cement wall would fit well.

Renovate smart, not hard.

You can still turn a drab space into a homely abode - with the right renovation works. Request for a free quote here, and we'll match you up with 5 interior firms, based on your budget and style.

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