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How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

June 1, 2018

The backsplash is an oft-ignored, last-minute part of most kitchen remodels, but it shouldn’t be! The colour, patterns and materials for your backsplash should be considered at the same time you choose your kitchen countertop, cabinets and floor materials! This way, there’ll be fewer clashes when it comes to your backsplashes. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the ultimate backsplash:

1. Backsplash Colour

You’ll never run short of colour options for kitchen backsplash and this is perhaps why it can be incredibly daunting to just pick a colour.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

What you can do to make your life easier when it comes to choosing backsplash tile or sheet colours is to consider your overall décor, and the size of your kitchen as well as the space between your sink and cupboards. For smaller kitchens and spaces, opt for lighter colours like white or beige as it can visually widen the area.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Moonlit Inspiration

Also, backsplashes with lighter neutrals work well when the counters and cupboards are darker or solid coloured. Opting for the exact same hue can sometimes come off looking flat. Note that light floors complement brighter backsplashes and provide a continuous, seamless look. But if a dramatic effect is what you're going for, dark hues work as well (and helps to mask dirt or stains you might have missed cleaning up!).

2. Backsplash Materials

Just like your backsplash tile colour options, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to materials too! Should you opt for glass, ceramic, marble or mixed materials? This depends on usage, affordability and overall décor.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: X Two Concept

Ceramics are affordable and look good in contemporary, minimalist, Scandi and urban kitchens; it also matches well with wooden cabinetry and ceramic floors. But if you are opting for higher-end quartz, marble or granite floors, a ceramic backsplash come off a tad 'plain' in contrast to the detailed finishes of these materials.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

Marble backsplashes are luxurious and look lovely in modern, minimalist, all-white, traditional, and French country kitchens. It’s quite high-end and therefore costly too. But beware, marble will require maintenance – and it may stain and chip. Thus, consider getting ceramic/porcelain tiles in marble effects which are low-maintenance and low in cost as well.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Gusto Design & Build

Glass is attractive and easy to clean but it can be quite expensive. It’s a better fit for either bigger budgets, or a smaller backsplash area.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Arch

And lastly, if you are up for something cool, stainless steel sheets might be worth your attention! It’s durable, flexible and incredibly modern!

3. Backsplash Patterns

If you're looking for extra visual 'pizzazz', backsplash laying patterns can add movement and space!

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Roomakers (Singapore)

Herringbone patterns tend to have a visually lengthening appearance that is helpful with smaller backsplash areas. It also has a hilly, brick-ish appearance which is fitting for homes with natural, rustic themes.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Torch Empire

Geometric patterns have a sharper but understated appearance that is perfect for contemporary, minimalist and urban kitchens. For industrial kitchens, hexagonal tiles are very much in trend and would fit in well with grey tones and other raw cement features.

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Scientist (Singapore)

Chequered patterns lend a cool classic vibe, especially in black-and-white styles. These also happen to be quite bold as far as backsplashes go.

And when budgets are low…

Kitchen Backsplashes Malaysia

Source: Pinterest

Fret not! You can always opt for cost-friendly DIY backsplash stick-on tiles or sheets. These come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, even 3D and textured stickers, to suit almost every décor style and kitchen. Best of all, higher quality options can be waterproof and are rather durable.

This is also a good option if you are renting or are looking for a temporary fix when you can’t decide on a particular design.
A 24-piece, 4x4 inch square set costs about RM150 and can be purchased online.

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