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It’s All About The Suite Life In This Hotel-Inspired Home

August 19, 2020

Attention to the details and subtle choice of colour palette brings a new level of sophistication to this studio apartment designed by Blaine Robert Design.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

We recently spoke to Blaine Robert, founder of Blaine Robert Design to learn more about the process involved in transforming an empty 800 sq ft show unit in Kuala Lumpur into a luxurious hotel-inspired suite for potential investors and buyers alike.

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Qanvast (Q): Tell us about this property and your client request for this renovation project.

Blaine Robert (B): This unit is situated under the same roof as the 4-star Dorsett Hartamas Hotel and Residence in Sri Hartamas.

The hotel is strategically located in affluent neighbourhoods of Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Damansara Heights and Bangsar and it is surrounded by numerous chic cafés, in-vogue eateries and bars and are within a walking distance or short drive away from shopping malls. All of which makes this place a popular chill-out spot for young adults, new families and business travellers.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

We were requested by the developer of this property to create a luxury hotel design concept for this spacious studio unit to attract potential investors and buyers who are looking to purchase a home that features all the amenities found in a hotel while staying in a rural urbanised area.

Q: That sounds interesting! How did you make the overall interior design a reality?

B: The purpose of this show unit is to leave a strong first impression for potential buyers within the first few minutes of entering the home, hence understanding what makes each homeowner happy forms the basis of good design.

To do so, we worked very closely with our client to gain their views of the property and what the property meant to them. We also gathered information related to their past purchasers and delved into their minds as to both what their purchasers wanted as well as what they felt may have been lacking.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

Q: What architectural features, decorative details and furnishings did you incorporate into this home to fulfil your client’s requirements?

B: The concept was to inject an industrial edge into a luxury urban residence. We keep the lines clean and simple while simultaneously ensuring a continuous design flow from one room to another. We also make sure that the overall design looks visually appealing.

In order to achieve that, we used a mono neutral palette with an accent colour in a harvest hue. Using a metal industrial framework as the core essence of carpentry, the overall result of this home looks edgy yet cool!

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

Finally, we pulled the overall look together with conceptual artwork and minimal accessory placement.

Q: Did you encounter any design challenges?

B: As with every renovation project, there are constraints. To overcome this problem, as an interior designer, you need to openly and productively discuss every minute detail of the renovation with your client and leave no stone unturned. This will ensure that the project will meet the expectations and satisfaction of not only the clients but also to us here at Blaine Robert Design.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

Q: How do you deal with clients who come up with last-minute requests/ changes during the renovation process or set unrealistic expectations for their home renovation?

B: As a professional firm, we understand the minimum requirements needed to successfully complete a project. If the minimum requirements cannot be met (such as budget, time or design constraints) it is in no one’s best interest client nor us to take on a project that is certain to fail. The key here is to have the necessary experience and skills to confidently inform a client and what can and cannot be done within the constraints.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

Q: Besides this latest project, Blaine Robert has designed numerous show unit projects in the past. What’s your secret to fostering a great relationship with your client?

B: Blaine Robert Design is and has always been a firm that realizes in building a relationship of trust and integrity with a client is at its core. I don’t think anyone can deny that everything runs more smoothly when there is a general liking for one another. We have always made this our principle and it has served both our clients and our firm greatly.

Dorsett Hartamas Residence, Sri Hartamas by Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd.

Our portfolio and years of working experience speak for itself. We have performed services from building a home from the ground up to providing the fit-out works for a corporate office and everything in between. In any project, the final result must be something I am proud to stand next to and stamp my Blaine Robert Design brand.

Q: Last but not least, what are your final thoughts of this project?

B: To say it simply... I’m proud to stand next to this project and stamp my brand firmly on it!

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