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Landed Home Renovations We’re Envious of, from RM400K to RM500K

June 9, 2022

feast your eyes on these enviable spaces!

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In Malaysia, its safe to expect that the cost of a basic home renovation will be at least 10% of the purchase price. For example, if you paid RM300,000 for the house, you need to budget at least RM30,000 for your renovation.

The Effingham, Bandar Utama by Ee Design Studio

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

Of course, your budget may vary depending on the areas you want to focus on (eg. a full kitchen or bathroom remodels are typically the most expensive) and the number of renovation works you want to include (eg. carpentry works, tiling, furnishing). Your home renovation cost will also be determined by the condition of the house; a dated property normally necessitates more repairs compared to a newly built home.

The Effingham, Bandar Utama by Ee Design Studio

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

And if your renovation budget ranges from RM400,000 to RM500,000, here are some examples of what you can expect to get. And even if you do not intend to renovate right away, you can still plan ahead and start saving today!

1. A cosy family-friendly abode in Kajang (Renovation Cost: RM400,000)

This semi-D in Kajang, Selangor meets the owner’s requirement for a modern home that is comfortable and practical for his entire family. The ground level has been thoughtfully built with functionality in mind. It has a glass-enclosed altar, floor to ceiling cabinetry, a wet and dry kitchen as well as a laundry room with skylights, which allows the homeowners to dry clothes easily during the day.

high budget home renovation

Interior Firm: AW Design Lab

The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe, while the teen's bedroom has a unique neon light that gives the space a sporty vibe. A huge home office with sweeping views of the top floor through large glass windows is another outstanding feature of this home.

2. A contemporary chic terrace in Kajang (Renovation Cost: RM420,000)

This 5-bedroom terrace in Kajang, Selangor, has been given a contemporary-chic makeover, with earthy tones and plenty of sleek custom furnishings, as well as plenty of opulent touches (think marble, brass, and rose gold accents) that provide a sophisticated and timeless appeal to the space.

high budget home renovation

The house has an open-concept living area that unites the living room, dining room, and dry kitchen. Area carpets and the varied lighting fixtures help to zone out each space. The room is full of character and inviting, thanks to ample seating options and the use of various materials such as fabric, velvet, and wooden marble that tie the space without overpowering the room. Lastly, each of its 5 bedrooms is fitted with a super stylish built-in wardrobe area.

3. A Zen-inspired residence in Ampang (Renovation Cost: RM450,000)

This bungalow in Ampang, Selangor, is full of zen thanks to the magnificent Japanese garden that surrounds the property. Because of the availability of large windows throughout the house, notably in the living room, dining area, and kitchen, the residents are able to focus on the calming outdoor view. The large windows also allow plenty of natural light to enter the house from all directions.

high budget home renovation

Interior Firm: GI Design Sdn Bhd

The indoors are just as tranquil as the outdoors. The minimal use of furniture contributes substantially to the home's spacious feel. There are also several seating areas throughout the house where the homeowners can unwind. The reading room, for example, has a floor chair as well as plenty of built-in storage units to keep the space neat and uncluttered. Meanwhile, the combination of white and light wood colours contributes to the home’s minimalist appearance.

This gorgeous two-storey Superlink in Kota Kemuning is perfect for both family enjoyment and entertaining guests. The ground floor is intended for social gatherings with family or friends. It features a music room, a TV room and a luxurious looking living room with a double void giving the space a spacious feel while allowing an abundance of natural light to enter the room. Across the hall from the living room, you will find a formal dining area with a wine bar counter, which is ideal for hosting dinner parties.

high budget home renovation

While the ground floor is well-equipped for socialising, the focus shifted to offering private spaces for family members to rest and unwind on the upper floor. The Superlink has 4 bedrooms, each of which is tailored to appeal to the tastes of the individual. For instance, the son’s bedroom has a more rustic feel to it, with textured wall paint and open shelving supported by a black metal frame, a combination of white, grey, and light wood, contrasting with black accents.

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5. A wood-filled minimalist home in Puchong (Renovation Cost: RM460,000)

The overall design of this 3-storey semi-detached home is simple but it captivates with impeccable details throughout. As soon as you enter the house, you'll notice a horizontal wood grain on the curve panel which is intended to guide you toward the living space.

high budget home renovation

The homeowner loves to collect objects from her travels hence the designer placed plenty of hidden storage space around the house to give an overall neat and organised look. There are also a number of ‘surprise elements’ found in this abode. For instance, the designer used wood panelling to conceal the guest bedroom entrance and the master bathroom. The sleek wooden panels create a smooth architectural flow, while a neutral colour scheme and a range of textures provide plenty of dimensions and a tactile feel to the house.

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6. A classy modern bungalow in Bandar Utama (Renovation Cost: RM485,000)

This 4000 sqft bungalow in Bandar Utama, Selangor, exemplifies good taste and high-end décor with a dash of homely charm. The living room oozes sophistication with tiled floors, exquisite leather armchairs, marble feature walls and a marble coffee table that exudes a sumptuous and grandiose sense.

high budget home renovation

Interior Firm: Ee Design Studio

The same can be said for the remainder of the house. The wet kitchen has a white marble floor that matches the kitchen walls, and the formal dining room has a round marble dining table and a dramatic chandelier. Every room, including the bedrooms, is tastefully designed in monochrome tones.

7. An idyllically suave residence in Kajang (Renovation Cost: RM500,00)

Belonging to a set of young parents, this semi-D in Kajang, Selangor was designed to be spacious, uncluttered, and exude a peaceful atmosphere. With that in mind, the designer employed various shades of grey tones that lend a soothing vibe to the space. There are also plenty of built-ins added throughout the house to create a neat and organised look, while doors that are hidden to look like a wall, create visual continuity and give the home a distinct character.

high budget home renovation

Interior Firm: The Grid Studio

Large glass windows that let in lots of sunlight contribute to the home's spacious feel. Meanwhile, the tea room located next to the living room embodies the house's tranquillity. It is outfitted with a low-slung glass table with floor seating, a cosy faux fur rug, and a glass door. The wooden floor and ceiling, together with warm lighting, lend a snug feel to the room.

8. A Balinese-inspired townhouse in Penang (Renovation Cost: RM500,000)

Crisscrossing between contemporary and tropical influences, this waterfront townhouse offers a soothing and revitalising escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

high budget home renovation

There is a strong sense of Balinese influences throughout the house. For example, the timber ceiling and walls lend both, traditional and modern feel to the space. Meanwhile, natural stone backsplash and wash basin, natural timber furnishings, seagrass side tables and pendant lamps, and large potted plants are placed throughout the house to evoke the tranquil vibe of the tropical island. Last but not least, earthy tones and Balinese décor add to the relaxed feeling of this home.

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