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Qanvast Guide: How to Get Your Home Chinese New Year Ready!

February 2, 2021

Unlike past years, the Chinese New Year celebration this year will be shaping up quite differently with travel restrictions and social distancing in play. Although CNY may look different this year, we think that it’s more important than ever to spring clean home for the new year as it allows us to bring good luck to the house and family. Decorating your home with festive decorations can also offer temporary breath of fresh air to your living space and put you in a festive mood right away!

Here are a few things you should do to get your home ready before the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The Canvas, Klang by Ee Design Studio
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Spring clean your home

According to traditional beliefs, cleaning your home for Chinese New Year is like “sweeping away bad luck to bring in good fortune into your life”. The house cleaning ritual, known as da sao chu should be completed a day before the Chinese New Year (in 2021, that’s 12th February). Cleaning is not allowed on New Year’s Day, as this sweeps away good luck, so be sure to finish the cleaning the day before.

Summer Skye Residences, Bayan Lepas by IN.C Design
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  • Declutter your space

It’s almost impossible to have your home looking neat and tidy if it’s cluttered with unnecessary pieces so get rid of all the items that no longer serve a purpose. An easy and quick way to declutter? Apply Marie Kondo’s advice by getting rid of things that no longer “spark joy”. You can start from the bedroom and then move on to the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to run through your storerooms, pantry, shoe rack, and other areas in your home as well!

Summer Skye Residences, Bayan Lepas by IN.C Design
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  • Deep clean every room

Once you have decluttered your home, it’s time to get sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, and polishing! Everything has to be spotless so get the whole family involved because this process can be time-consuming and there’s going to be a lot of cleaning chores for you to tackle all by yourself.

Living room: Deep-clean the carpets or get them professionally cleaned if it is a large area rug. Wash all curtains, polish wood furniture and sofa (if it is made of leather or vinyl), and remember to clean dust and grime off fans and chandeliers.

The Canvas, Klang by Ee Design Studio
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The kitchen: Wipe down counters, polish cupboards and hardware, disinfect the refrigerator, scrub the stovetop and microwave.

Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya by Viyest Interior Design
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The bedroom: Vacuum the floors and other areas that collect dust like curtains, the topside of clothing cupboards, as well as behind the bed, bedside tables, and other furniture. If you have carpeted floors, consider getting them professionally cleaned.

Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Penang by JZone Interior Design
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Don’t forget to change the bedsheets and hang pillows, mattresses out in the open sun for a minimum of four hours. This will not only kill dust mites but also naturally fluff up your pillows and bedclothes.

The bathroom: Although you probably wash and clean your bathroom every week or more; this time, be sure to scrub every nook and cranny, polish dull or cruddy tiles, and clear off cobwebs in upper walls or the ceiling (if any).

The Parque Eco Sanctuary, Telok Panglima Garang by One Space Sdn Bhd
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  • Don’t forget about your outdoor space

Good luck won’t enter if the outside of your home is in disrepair so make sure that you keep your outdoor space eye-pleasing and welcoming.

House painting: Consider painting the exterior walls of your home, as it is the quickest way to spruce up and refresh the appearance of the home. White, cream, yellow or beige are warm and inviting colours suitable for the festive seasons and all year round.

The E-House, Tanjung Tokong Penang by EMPT Studio
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Gardening: Upgrade the appearance of your home with landscaping and improving your garden area. Consider planting a mix of flowers and greens for a pop of colour. Money plants, Ixora, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Frangipani, and Jasmine are among the easiest plants to grow and maintain in our tropical climate.

The Hills by Sky Creation
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Get decorating

After you have tackled cleaning and decluttering chores, you can now start decorating your home with festive decorations.

  • Decorate your outdoor space with paper lanterns

The most prevalent decorations during Chinese New Year are red paper lanterns. Usually, small and medium lanterns are hung around the perimeter of the front lawn, while two large lanterns are hung right outside your front door. Chinese New Year lanterns are usually bright red in colour and they’re supposed to guide good luck into the home.

The Nest House, Seri Kembangan by Fuyu Dezain Sdn. Bhd.
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  • Fill your home with fresh flowers

As the Chinese New Year coincides with the start of spring, it is common to see flowers abloom everywhere during this time of the year. Decorate your home with some fresh flowers to encourage sunny and positive vibes. Try to avoid white flowers as white is the colour of mourning.

Anjali North Kiara, Kuala Lumpur by MKR Studio Sdn. Bhd.
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Orchids, peonies, water lilies and peach blossoms are an example of popular flowers during this time of the year. Besides flowers, kumquat trees are also quite common as a home decoration and they’re usually placed near the entrance. Many people hang Ang Bao packets on these trees as an added piece of luck.

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  • Display fruits

To welcome fortune to your home, decorate your dining table or kitchen island with a bowl of fresh fruits such as oranges, tangerines, pomelos and other citrus fruits. The first two fruits are specifically considered lucky during the Chinese New Year. Oranges symbolize good luck, while tangerines denote wealth.

Alam Impian, Setia Alam 2 by Surface R Sdn. Bhd.
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  • Paste paper cuttings

Another traditional Chinese New Year decoration is the paper cuttings as they are used to convey the wishes of luck and prosperity among family and friends.

Seri Kembangan, Selangor by Medan Koleksi Resource
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Usually created from a piece of red paper, the designs of paper cuttings are mostly the zodiac image of the New Year and some lucky characters ‘Fu’, ‘Lu’, ‘Shou’ and ‘Xi’, which respectively mean luck, wealth, longevity and happiness. Paste these intricate paper cuttings on your windows, doors or walls. The 'Fu' characters, in particular, are pasted upside down on the door or window so that the luck will pour out and fill the home.

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