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We Can't Believe These Renovations Cost RM100,000 (or Less)

August 1, 2022

(This article was last updated on 3rd August 2022.)

Creative interior design and renovations do not have to cost a bomb! In fact, with a budget of RM100,000 (or less) and the help of a talented interior designer, you can upgrade your home to the stylish, practical living space you’ve always dreamed of!

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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Here are seven affordable renovation projects that you’ll have to see to believe:

1. A serene condo in Selangor with Japanese-inspired elements (Renovation Cost: RM65,000)

This petite condominium by EE Design Studio gets a gorgeous makeover despite its modest budget of RM65,000! It sets the tone with a neutral colour palette and low-to-the-ground furniture that creates the illusion of a high-ceiling space, which can feel very calm and soothing. The soft window treatment also lets in a lot of light, making the rooms look bright and spacious.

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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We particularly like the Japanese-inspired seating area, which includes a raised platform, a low-height wooden table, and minimalist chairs that look very serene.

Money-saving tip: Soaring ceiling heights are a striking feature in many high-end homes. You can achieve the same effect without spending a fortune by hanging curtain rods closer to the ceiling, and opt for long, flowing drapes to give the room a grander feel.

2. A playful pastel-coloured condominium in Kuala Lumpur (Renovation Cost: RM74,000)

Choosing a clean and simple aesthetic is an excellent way to keep your budget low while still making a significant impact in your space. Take inspiration from this charming Scandinavian-styled home by Anwill Design. With a renovation budget of RM74,000, the design was kept simple using clean-lined furniture and built-ins to create an uncluttered space throughout.

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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To avoid the space from looking too plain/or boring, the designer used pastel colours like green, peach, and yellow in geometrical accents. It sets a relaxing tone and because these colours aren't too loud, they can all work together in harmony.

Money-saving tip: You can save a lot of money by DIYing your arch wall. This is a simple project that can be completed via a YouTube tutorial with whatever unused paint you have at home.

3. A modern family home in Penang (Renovation Cost: RM90,000)

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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With a renovation budget of only RM90,000 this charming condominium by JZone Interior Design is filled with warmth and good taste. We see classic clean lines, sleek lighting fixtures, and solid furniture pieces in neutral hues being incorporated into this home that lend a cosy and welcoming touch to the space.

Money-saving tip: Displaying simple yet inexpensive accent pieces such as a backlit mirror and contemporary lighting fixture can go a long way towards achieving an elegant look without breaking the bank!

4. A minimalist urban abode in Kuala Lumpur (Renovation Cost: RM95,000)

We simple adore how Amaze Design converted this small 688 sqft urban abode into a super cosy bachelor pad with a renovation budget of only RM95,000.

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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To maximise square footage, the designer included numerous clever storage options such as a slim bathroom cabinet and floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets to create more room. There is also an island between the living room and the kitchen that converts this space into a multipurpose area for working/studying, dining, or enjoying casual meals.

Money-saving tip: Don’t have the budget to add an island? Start with a simple tall table or cabinet. Stand-alone tables or cabinets can be a cost-friendly feature for an island-less kitchen. Just add some bar stools or chairs to turn it into a functional space for working or casual dining.

5. A serene grey-hued condominium in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM95,000)

One Space has effectively modernised this 925 sqft condominium in Kuala Lumpur for less than RM100,000. This was achieved by committing to a unified colour palette (grey) and installing custom built-ins to keep everything looking perfectly coordinated and put together.

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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A textured feature wall creates a focal point in the living area, offering the space a premium feel. Meanwhile, matte black and gold accents on furniture legs, lighting fixtures, and decor elements offer visual intrigue. Finally, pops of greenery are sprinkled throughout the house to vitalise the space.

Money-saving tip: Rather than investing in high-end wall finishes, textured wall paint in a neutral tone like grey can help convey a designer's appearance. You can also consider using rich jewel tones like emerald or navy blue to create a luxurious vibe in a space.

6. A condominium with a classy vibe in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM100,000)

We love how Interior+ has successfully pulled off an elevated look for this 1114 sqft condominium home with only RM100,000 of renovation budget.

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
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The condominium is brimming with built-in cabinetry that provides both functional storage and stunning aesthetics. In the living area, a wooden wall panelling that goes all the way to the ceiling prompts guests to glance up to appreciate this visually arresting centrepiece. The home's well-curated charm is enhanced by rich dark tones such as dark marble feature walls and a glossy black bedroom wardrobe.

Money-saving tip: If you love the elegance of wood and wish to incorporate it into your home on a budget, use recycled or engineered wood planks instead of expensive timber options. Using wood to cover just a portion of a wall, floor, or ceiling can also add sophisticated flair to your home on a budget.

7. A sleek and stylish landed home in Selangor (Renovation Cost: RM100,000)

To decorate a spacious landed home on a budget of RM100,000 is a credit to GI Design. Even though they didn’t have a high renovation budget to work with (as your budget is usually dictated by the square footage of your home) the result is sheer elegance!

Malaysia Renovations Under RM100,000
Save to Qanvast Board

Check out the matte black built-in cabinetry in the dry and wet kitchen, that comes with a matte finish to give the space an uber-contemporary vibe. It goes well with the granite island, which matches the white tile flooring.

Money-saving tip: Can't afford high-end building materials for your home? Consider look-alikes. Granite, for example, is less expensive than higher-end stone such as marble, yet it imparts a similarly luxurious impression to a space.

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