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Laundry & Cleaning Brands

Dirty laundry piling up? Take care of them with these laundry tools and appliances!

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Laundry & Cleaning
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Laundry & Cleaning
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Laundry & Cleaning Brands

Why automatic laundry racks are worth it

Bamboo poles might be the go-to laundry tools for many Singaporean families living in HDB flats, but they certainly aren't the best option!

Enter the automatic laundry rack -- this appliance has all the perks of its non-electronic cousin, but none of the danger and inconvenience. With a single press of a button, automatic laundry racks, like those from Varlux and Orlant, can raise your clothes to a desired height.

Additionally, depending on the model purchased, some automatic laundry racks from brands such as Steigen and GoodWife can come with additional features, including germ-sterilising UV lights, built-in fans and heaters for even faster, cleaner drying. So, are automatic laundry racks worth it? Yes, we think so!

Robot vacuums versus cordless vacuums

For many busy homeowners, vacuum cleaners are a godsend as they make cleaning up accumulated dust and dirt an easy task that can be accomplished in a couple of minutes. But which should you get -- a robot vacuum or a cordless vacuum? Well, we'd say that it all depends on both your home as well as your cleaning needs.

A cordless vacuum will serve you well if you live in a small home, which means that you complete a once-over on a single charge. Additionally, cordless vacuums clean around corners a lot easier than as compared to robot vacuum, which don't offer flexible access around small areas.

However, if daily convenience is what you need, a robot vacuum will make life a lot easier -- especially if you need to clean constantly. For instance, if you have a pet that sheds, a robot vacuum will save you the trouble of having to do the cleaning yourself.

How to choose the right washing machine for your home

Want to buy a washing machine, but aren't sure what to get? Then, it's time to start considering these factors.

One, how much space do you have at home? If you're short on room, a stackable washer/dryer combo might be what you need, otherwise a single front-load washing machine will suffice as they are more space efficient than top-load washing machines.

Like energy efficiency, water efficiency is another important feature that you'll want to factor into your selection of a washing machine. You can check if you've selected a water-efficient washing machine by looking at its Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) rating -- the more ticks there are, the more water efficient your washing machine will be.