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On a mission to provide a quality laundry experience for homeowners.
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GoodLiving is a local brand which began in 2017. It was born with the intention to create a better life for modern homeowners through technology-enabled household appliances. From one man with one idea, GoodLiving has grown over the years. Today, GoodLiving has sold over 5000 laundry systems locally and has developed a suite of laundry systems fit for the local market.
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Reviews (322)

Very smooth and efficient service.

Reviewed by Noor Ali・Submitted 10 Nov 2022

Very smooth and efficient service. Customer service was very prompt in their replies to our queries. The installation was professional and completed within an hour. Can't wait to try the laundry rack!

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I’ve got the basic drying rack and I am content.

Reviewed by Muhammad Mustaqim・Submitted 8 Nov 2022

I’ve got the basic drying rack and I am content. The quality of the product is good and sturdy. The installation process is one of the best. They would measure accurately and provide advice using scenarios for the features so that we can make an informed decision before the installation begin. The support we get from the company are prompt and helpful, and that gave us the assurance that we are going to get good service and product.

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Functionally wise it’s easy to use, dry the clothes fast and I don’t find any issue so far

Reviewed by Chee Tong・Submitted 8 Nov 2022

They are responsive and helpful on WhatsApp regarding to models choice and the pricing and current promotion. They provide tips where to install the rack in the kitchen where it will not affect the aesthetics of the room. Functionally wise it’s easy to use, dry the clothes fast and I don’t find any issue so far. Thanks.

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