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Review of Stylemyspace・Designer Addison
Professional ID

Written by Ng K E on 20 Oct 2019

I came to know StyleMySpace (Mr Addison Chai) through online search results. After reading a few good comments about their work, I decided to engage them for my house renovation.

The first thing I liked was his willingness to meet me on Sunday afternoons to accommodate my working schedule even though his office is closed on Sundays. During the planning process, he listened to our requests patiently, paid attention to minute details and gave his professional advice when required. The renovation works started promptly after a few amendments to the drawings and colour selections. From the laying of protection sheets, wiring, painting, carpentry works, repainting to the final touch-ups, work was completed as planned and scheduled, much earlier than I expected. The services to attend to some minor defects and repair works were promptly rendered. And yes, the whole project was done within my budget.

Addison is a courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, reliable and professional interior designer and I am very satisfied with the services that he and his company have provided over the course of my renovation. Highly recommended.

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Review of Ascenders Design Studio・Designer Jayson Ong
Professional and great service

Written by Vicki l on 19 Oct 2019

As my unit was really quite old, albeit well-maintained, I wanted to touch up on some areas and refresh it before renting it out. Due to my tight schedule, I needed to wrap up everything within 2 weeks or less for my relocation overseas. Jayson was very patient and did a great job attending to my requirements and getting his team to keep to the schedule very well. Two weeks ago, I was informed that the bath mixer in my MBR bathroom was faulty and the prospective tenants were coming to view the unit in two days’ time. Jayson responded to my call for help and arranged his plumber down the very next day and the faulty mixer was replaced. Excellent efficiency and very good service!

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Review of Aestherior・Designer Victor Chua
4-Room Renovation

Written by Jayce Lee on 19 Oct 2019

I got in touch with Aestherior through Qanvast and Victor was my designer.

In general my experience with Aestherior was good and Victor is someone who is very responsible and always listens to what I have to say (and then considers them in his instructions to his contractors and/or workers). There were some hiccups here and there during the renovation, which is to be expected, but Victor never shifted blame and would always rectify the problems in the end. In my dealings with him, he has never used any sales tactics, and would always converse in a calm and rational manner.

In terms of workmanship on items such as carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, tiling, and etc, I would consider them good and of quite high standards. Design wise he considered what I envisioned and I am happy with the proposed layouts and carpentry design. Additionally, the "after-sales" service was also satisfactory, as I had some issues with the toilet bowls in my bathrooms but Victor got that resolved as well.

To offer a balance critique, sometimes I did wish the work on the house could go faster, but that may be due to me having communicated that I was not in a rush to move in, and hence was not prioritised higher than his other projects.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Aestherior as I think they offer good value and experience to their customers when when you consider cost, workmanship, and designer's integrity and accountability.

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Review of Charlotte's Carpentry・Designer RAYMOND LOO
Grace Heng
Excellent Experience, Responsive Service

Written by Grace Heng on 19 Oct 2019

We engaged Charlotte's Carpentry after going through many rounds of meeting different designers. We decided on Charlotter's Carpentry right after our very first meeting as we were just blown away by the sincerity and genuine attention by our designer, Raymond. He really listened to what we wanted and tried his best to come up with plans and ideas according to what we wanted. Unlike many other designers, he never once told us that some thing was impossible until he had gone to check with multiple sources. I'm sure we gave him a lot of hardship and grief as we requested for very specific treatment for our flooring and to construct a special panel for our kitchen. Many other designers had told us it would not be possible at the first meet up but Raymond kept an open mind and he even went to watch youtube videos and look for contractors who could give us what we envisioned for our new home.

The experience once we signed did not change, which we were incredibly thankful for having heard horror stories that once the contract was signed, the designers would just not care about you anymore. If anything, Raymond got even more attentive and helped us a lot along the way. As clueless first time home reno people, we relied a lot on Raymond's expertise to help us. He even helped us find ways to consolidate our contract so we could save some money here and there. Whenever an issue cropped up, Raymond would always present it professionally and be very solution-oriented. He was always honest and enthusiastic and we trusted him so much that throughout the entire renovation process, we actually only went down twice to see how things were going. For the most part, we just trusted that Raymond would be able to handle everything and he did.

The part we love most about Raymond is that he is incredibly responsive. No ID process is ever perfect and we did find things in the house that had to be redone. Whatever it was, we just had to text Raymond and he would reply immediately. I would have to specify in my texts to him NOT to reply as it was really late at night (does this guy ever sleep?!) but he would still do so any way because he always seems to put his client first. At every step, Raymond has gone out of his way to give us what we want and done so by balancing our aesthetic wants and practical considerations. We have a beautiful house now that is exactly as we wanted and the carpentry especially is very well done.

I've waited for more than a year to write this review as I feel that the process of renovation and whether an ID is good is also in the after care service. We ran into some minor issues such as our faucet coming loose (we probably can fix this on our own but we are clueless home owners :( ) after moving in and even after a year, Raymond is still as responsive and customer-oriented as ever.

Great experience with Charlotte's Carpentry. Thanks Raymond, for making our vision for our first home come true! :D

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Review of Posh Home・Designer Charles
Professional Interior Designer, i made correct choice :)

Written by Mei Xin on 19 Oct 2019

Charles, my current home sweet home interior designer, by only meet with him one time I decided to give up my deposit with another interior designer and choose him to renovate my new home. Great that I had make this super correct decision, I am now stay in my lovely home sweet home and everything’s is perfect, thanks Charles :D

He is a very experienced and professional interior designer, we actually meet at my friend new renovated unit, in fact, my friend new home is also designed by him, in my friend unit I can see all the furniture done by him had very good workmanship & nice quality and my friend also strongly recommend me to let him renovate my new home.

Charles on the spot come out a very attractive design idea right after I show him my unit layout, overthrow the previous design that given by my another interior designers (which I have meet many times before to discuss the design I want). His idea 100% meets my requirements and the best part is it sounds exactly what I need and also within my budget, I was very surprise that he can come out such good idea on the spot and direct point out my previous design problems and solutions, this is professional!

As I had a very small unit and limited space, he help me to design nice and useful storage to keep my stuffs at the same time not making the house looks cramped.

He meet the schedule, never delay and during the renovation period I actually didn’t go the check anything, he help me to follow up everything nicely.

Forgot to mention my lovey dinning table propose and design by Charles, Dekton table top, my favorite furniture in my house now, is just as nice as Charles describe, really worth it. Dekton is stain proof and it look like marble (my favorite), making my house looks stylish, fashionably elegant.

Very satisfy, super recommended!!!!!!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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Review of Posh Home・Designer Charles
A good Interior Design Company with another Happy Customer

Written by Dave Cheow on 18 Oct 2019

1. The Interior Designer - Charles, is very experienced, competent and professional. From the start of visiting our new home, to doing an initial assessment for quotation, he patiently awaited his turn to speak to us and do his measurements, as the same day we had a few Interior Designers from other firms as well.

2. As Charles was listening patiently to our plan, he gave us a good listening ears, and only when we finished speaking, then he came in to counter-propose alternatives to ensure we are aware of other choices in the market.

3. From the various meetings from initial quotation, clarification, planning, execution, minor rework to finally wrapping-up, he is always very focus and attentive to our requests and highlights, over the phone from calls to whatsapp messages. He always makes us feel like he's just around the corner to help us, despite late hours and over the weekends and even holidays.

4. He's open to feedback despite negative ones, and he's never protective over mistakes or lapses. He'd listen to us, despite we as layman, on suggestions for improvements. Once clear on what exactly we wanted, he'd followed up quickly with alternative solutions, meeting our requirements from effectiveness to cost, most of the time.

5. During the initial stage, once the contract was signed, he kicked off with a brief on the project management (PM) details from schedule, risk, cost, requirements to details on how he managed the project in a win-win fashion, professionally. As a Project Manager myself, I'm impressed by the PM methodology and process Charles is following. Not just on the actual project management work on the renovation, but the people's aspect on respect, courtesy, EQ, as well. He always makes us feel the importance and focus, as his Customer. On PM, if I'd to rate him, I'll give him a A* rating, truly going beyond Customer's requirements.

6. During the execution work, he'd be there almost all the time to supervise the progress iaw the project schedule, and follow through with me on my rounds of inspection to gather feedback on the work, and rectified as much as possible in the most cost effective manner. If the modification work or change required a variation order, he'd advise upfront on the cost and schedule impact, and allow us sufficiently reasonable period to consider and decide on the final solution.

7. On other works like internet line or Karaoke Set installation to delivery of sofa set, beds, etc, which is not under his scope, he's go beyond to help us by staying around to ensure the work was done appropriately iaw the plan. Although these extra work were never quoted, despite us offering to pay for his extra service and time, he'd always say, "Never mind", not charging us a single cent, and he'd moved on happily to progress with the renovation work.

8. If there were tasks which we could engage our own contractors to work alongside with his, because we were familiar with, e.g. Electrician doing electrical works, and friend selling lights to come and install the lights we purchased by ourselves, Charles would always happy to engage our Contractors, to ensure all were aligned with the design concept, and he'd continue to engage them as the work progressed, in order to maintain the work alignment to the best of his ability, iaw the agreed plan. Even my contractors complimented well on Charles's professionalism and attitude, always giving his Customer the best within the plan.

9. Overall, we are very happy with Charles's service and the delivery of the entire renovation project, from pre to post renovation work and, during the planning, execution and closure phase of the project. I'll strongly recommend any new home owners, to engage Posh with Charles be their Interior Designer, to design and deliver a nice home from scratch, all within schedule, requirements, quality and budget, with a touch of class, truly beyond Customer's expectations. Tks Charles and Posh Home. Good job, and please keep up the good work!

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Review of The Interior Lab・Designer SUKI
Alexia Wong
Prompt and detailwd

Written by Alexia Wong on 17 Oct 2019

Notwithstanding that we do not have a huge budget for the renovations, Suki has been prompt in dealing with us and share with us her ideas.

We did not like the idea of extensive carpentry.

Suki is OK with it and help us with the various colors and coordination of off-the rack items design instead.

The results turns out to be what we like I.e simple and mid century.

Even after reno, when we need help such as minor painting touch up, Suki is still willing to help us.

The reno was a pleasant experience for us.

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Review of VVID Elements・Designer Shu Liew
Residential at Anchorvale Link
verified-reviewVerified Review

Written by Angela Goh on 17 Oct 2019

We chose to work with Vvid Elements as we felt that Shu was reliable and we could count on her to give us the best advice for our house. Her design was also classy and incorporated all our requests.

Throughout the renovation, Shu was very responsive and prompt in communication. She also accommodated various changes and worked around my travel schedule. While there were some defects in the workmanship, it was rectified quickly. Would definitely recommend Shu and Vvid Elements for anyone looking for a trustworthy ID!

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Review of 19 Eighty Three・Designer Ben
Creative with eye for detail
verified-reviewVerified Review

Written by Allison Phua on 17 Oct 2019

I had a great experience working with Ben! He’s very accommodating but also gives great suggestions and is very creative with a wonderful eye for detail. We particularly liked that he was able to suggest designs that worked within our budget. The actual renovations were done fairly quickly without much need for us to intervene or “supervise”. My husband and I are very happy with the end result and we would highly recommend to anyone looking for to design their dream home. If we ever reno, will 1000% reconsider Ben again.

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Review of ARK-hitecture・Designer Nix
Efficient designer and hassle free renovation experience
verified-reviewVerified Review

Written by Nadia on 17 Oct 2019

We have engaged Nix from Ark-hitecture Pte Ltd to do our house renovation and are very pleased with the results.

She is very efficient in coordinating the contractors and it is really a hassle-free renovation experience considering that I am always out of Singapore. All we had to do is to liaise with Nix and she will instruct the contractor on our design expectation without missing any details.

Before the renovation works, Nix will give us 3D visualizations and detailed carpentry drawing with clear dimension of the inner space and the material selection. The actual results turns out to be very close to the 3D visualizations.

Nix will promptly set up weekly appointments with clear objectives on discussion and she would write down everything that we discussed during meetings. On the day where we were supposed to purchase lightings for our house, she would tell us exactly how many lights we need and for which part of the house and she even proposed to do the light shopping with us. With her design experience, we barely spend few hours and have accomplished the purpose of the trip.

We are very happy with the workmanship of Ark-hitecture team of contractors. Our guests also commended the same. Nix was very thoughtful in planning the inner compartment for my wardrobe and kitchen. I have a space for all my thing instead of having item lying around. Ark-hitecture provides very good after-service. They are very responsible and was willing to answer all our questions even after the renovation was done.

Overall, Nix is a trust worthy designer who is also practical in her recommendations. If something is not worth doing, she will advise us not to spend our budget in that area. I have also recommended Ark-hitecture to 2 other friends & they have engaged the service for their home renovations too.

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Review of Icon Interior Design・Designer Shafee
AidaMelati Zakee
Excellent friendly service
verified-reviewVerified Review

Written by AidaMelati Zakee on 17 Oct 2019

We would highly recommended Icon Interior Design. It was a blessed having Shafee as our ID. He was very passionate throughout the whole process.

Sharing our ideas & vision Shafee with his expertise & experience made it into reality with an awesome 3d interior layout.

Shafee was always quick to answer all our queries & managed to complete our house just in time before our Ramadhan which was a blessing.

We are happy with the service by Shafee & also happy at how our space turned out.

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Review of DreamVision Designer・Designer Kenneth Yip
5 Star ID

Written by Patrick Lai on 17 Oct 2019

Kenneth is a hardworking and a very responsive person. I chose him out of the 3 shortlisted IDs due to his sincerity.

Moments after my 1st 3D was delivered by him, he left the company I signed with. Another 2 high rankings IDs were assigned to replace him. This was the time when countless disasters came and I was very unhappy about them knowing that I will definitely not sign them if they were assigned to me at the beginning. I terminated them eventually after their 1st site visit.

Thus, I went back to Kenneth and he was helpful enough to work things out and reduced the cost to cover my losses of deposit, etc. When he came for his 1st site visit, he was able to visualize and proposed creative yet space saving ideas on the spot on top of my ideas given.

This was the moment I recalled the reason why I need an ID. A person who can resolve my problems yet not giving me additional problem. Listen to my ideas, modify and top up his ideas to make them perfect instead of telling me that my ideas don't work from the beginning. Finally, quality assured on behalf of me.

The renovation was smooth and he was able to meet the committed schedule. There were 2 things which I was unhappy about after the implementation, but he was professional to take it without a question nor a negotiation.

Lesson learnt,

1) Never signed the contract too early from your key collection date.

2) Never give a company a second chance by assigning u with a different person half way.

3) stick to the person who put in effort to satisfy you since the beginning.

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