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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Review of Ace's Design
JunHao Lau
Recommended place to get your ID

Reviewed by JunHao Lau・Submitted 6 Feb 2021・Project completed May 2021・Designer Zen Woon

Zen Woon from Ace’s Design is very helpful in answering all doubts I have in mind. Definitely recommended.

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Review of Ace's Design
Elise Lim
Overall very good experience with them

Reviewed by Elise Lim・Submitted 6 Feb 2021・Project completed Mar 2021・Designer Zen Woon

I have engaged Zen from Ace's Design for some design advice and whatever advices that he gave me was very good. He is very helpful in answering which ever questions I have.

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Review of Livspace
Juliana Goh
Bad Experience and Stressful

Reviewed by Juliana Goh・Submitted 7 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Livspace Designer Team

Unlike the other reviews, our renovation process was rather stressful and a bad experience. 1) There were a number of times that the intermediate milestone of the project slip pass the scheduled date and we only knew about it when we ask the team. When questions were asked e.g. whether we can re-paint our existing door etc. replies were usually slow and we have to prompt the team to update again. 2) As and when, there is additional cost incurred as it was "missed out" in the original quote. For things that we added on after signing the contract we are ok with additional charges. E.g. We mentioned to the team that our wall is in a bad condition and they noted and assured us that they can paint it and restore it. However, when the real painting job is carried out, our id then told us that there will be an additional oil sealant cost as the wall is in bad condition and will need this "top up" when we have already highlighted to our ID during site survey. If we did not pay the amount, the painter will not be able to continue and the project will not be completed on time. It was so stressful to be put on a spot to decide on this with a short timeframe. 3) Another incident was our ID told us that we have to top up for vinyl skirting price for it to be the same colour as our vinyl flooring. This does not make sense when the contract/quotation already have a line item for overlaying of vinyl floor tiles. We cross checked this with many of our friends, but no one has ever encountered additional cost for this. In addition, we selected our vinyl flooring once contract was signed. And about a few days before installation our ID then told us we have to select the skirting. We could not understand why this was not discussed earlier together with the vinyl flooring. As this is the first time we are doing reno works, we didnt know that the vinyl flooring and skirting have to be chosen separately. It was so stressful to be given such a short notice period to decide for this. 4) We were given ikea vouchers (many thanks to id for securing this deal for us) but when we selected our items, we were told that we have to pay for delivery and installation fees. We purchased curtain rods, curtains, shelves and vanity cabinet. This does not make sense to us too as ikea items are usually DIY and we could have pick up the items on our own. Even when we purchased basin cabinets from external source, our ID will not charge us an installation fees, so we couldnt understand why we have to pay to install the ikea item. 5) we made selection for our tiles at hafary and were informed 1 day before our tiling works that there was a miscomm and hafary did not order the tile that we wanted for us. If we postpone the selection, it will cause the project to be delayed There were also some miscomm in our next selection which we decided to let go. It was so stressful to select another set of tiles and given only a few hours to decide. This can't help but made us feel that livspace has a lot of unspoken hidden cost and its policy does not allow the id to make a good judgement call on the quotation provided (as our id did mention that they knew about the oil sealant after engaging the painter). Lastly, the incident above also made us feel that livspace's id is not experience as incidents like this could have been prevented if expectations were conveyed and proper planning were done. Overall a bad and stressful experience for us. Putting in a tentative completion date as the project is not completed yet.

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Review an Interior Firm
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Review of Ciseern
Stress-free And Personalized Rennovation
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Iris・Submitted 8 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Zax

We had a stress-free rennovation and the home of our dreams thanks to Zax and his team from Ciseern! Zax was able to capture what we wanted in our home — not just on how it should look like but also on how functional it should be. He took note of our storage needs and habits and incorporated these in the design. We didn’t need to ask for updates as he would be the first to update every step of the way. He was there to guide us on what furnishings would best match the design too. Zax has an eye for detail and provided recommendations that improved the overall outcome. As for the end result, the quality of work and materials is definitely there! If we were to rennovate again in the future, we would still choose Ciseern.

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Great experience!

Reviewed by Nisa・Submitted 8 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Raymond Teng

I had the opportunity to work with Raymond Teng and I had a great experience. I knew exactly what I wanted & Raymond helped to provide sound professional advice in areas I had not thought of. He is extremely meticulous, efficient, takes initiative & is proactive – making the renovation process such a breeze. He was able to properly manage my expectations and the entire process well, making it easy for me to be aware of the entire renovation timeline. He listened to my requests with care and made the desired vision a reality. I would happily engage with Raymond again for future requirements & highly recommend him to others!

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Hidayat Selamat
Great Team To Work With

Reviewed by Hidayat Selamat・Submitted 21 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Johnny

Being first time home owners, we were unsure of what to look out for in an ID and the type of feasible designs that will suit our budget. After meeting 7 IDs, we decided on PHD. They offered us a good deal, and the team understood what we envisioned our dream home to look like. Throughout the planning stage, they were on the ball to respond to our queries and doubts. During the renovation process, it was fuss-free. Communication between the team was clear and concise. Finally, the handover date came and my wife and I are truly pleased with the outcome. Our dream home was turned into reality! Thank you PHD team for the pleasant experience and turning our unit into our beautiful home!

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Review of Jialux Interior
Kays Yang

Reviewed by Kays Yang・Submitted 5 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Avril

Both my spouse and I are truly glad to have engage Avril as our ID for our new nest. She not only came up with all the innovative ideas she even brain storm with us and came up with the design that suits to our likings. Being a first time home owner, we were rather lost on many things, she never fails to clear our doubts making sure we know what we are getting ourselves into. She even went the extra miles in weighing the pros and cons for us for each decision we made. Truly appreciate how she keeps us updated on the progress too. The best choice we ever made !

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Review of Dyel Design
Clement Chan
Great to work with, they understood and delivered to expectation
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Clement Chan・Submitted 3 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Adrian and Joey

Adrian and Joey are both comfortable to work with. We could raise any concerns or questions any time, and we will be sure to get their response promptly. They delivered us our beautiful home exactly how we envisioned our home should be like. They give good advice too. They're really good with space management which is very important for our shrinking HDB flats. We appreciate how they keep us updated on the progress too. Can't wait to showoff our home!

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Forever Thankful and Appreciative for the Positive Renovation Experience!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Tommy B.・Submitted 24 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Lenz Tan

No words can ever describe how thankful and appreciative we are towards Earth Interior Design and Lenz Tan! We first met way back in Dec 2019 as we are planning to upgrade our home. However, it was only until Dec 2020 that we managed to get the right home and start reno with such a strict timeline (of only 5 weeks). We met many ID firms and what made us commit with Lenz from Earth ID was due to the fact that he made a strong commitment to undertake our renovation with confidence. On top of that, Lenz is ever open in listening to our design needs and always try his best in making things happen. At times, when we were not able to decide, Lenz offers his recommendation to us and explains how it will blend nicely with the whole theme. As a matter of fact, due to Lenz's input... Our house came out to be so much in style and sophistication which we can never imagine if we were to choose on ourselves. This is where we see the proactive traits of a successful Interior Designer. During the renovation, Lenz will always keep us updated with the progress as well as the timeline on each and every work being done. Initial timeline of 6 weeks was already tight enough, but at the end of it, the unit was handed over to us nice and clean at the 5th weeks (just a few days before our house moving). Even till post-renovation stage, whenever there are minor things to be followed up, Lenz has always been so ready and accommodating to us. With all of the above positive experience that we had in engaging Lenz from Earth ID, their attractive and honest quotation was really "an icing on the cake". Because to be honest, the positive experience alone is priceless! And with that, we are forever thankful and appreciative to have crossed our path with Lenz Tan from Earth ID. The slogan "Down To Earth" depicts the exact business ethics that your company have. THANK YOU!!!

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Review of Design 4 Space
A Friendly & Reliable ID

Reviewed by Khang Wuei・Submitted 22 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Eric Ang

After consulting with 5 selected ID firms, we decided to proceed with Eric Ang from Design 4 Space Pte Ltd because we got better ‘vibes’ with him and he able to caught our design theme instantly as well as provides us some useful recommendations. Furthermore, the quoted price is reasonable (even with gst charges) and quality is assured with warranty too. The renovation process is smooth as Eric always ensure things are done properly as well as to accommodate all our requests, including any changes due to no stock, he will informed us ahead as well as provide alternatives & his best recommendation. Last but not least, we are so pleased that the house is well delivered before CNY with his best possible efforts to complete the project within 1 month plus only. A big thank you to Eric. Definitely we are highly recommend Eric as he will make your dream house come true.

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Ax Lee
Absolutely satisfied

Reviewed by Ax Lee・Submitted 21 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Eric and Yawen

Great design and attention to details! Big big thank you to Eric yawen and Bryan!!! We defo love our new nest and am very satisfied with the results. All of them are very prompt in their services and engaging in MSS really cut down a lot of hassle. Absolutely cosy and beautiful. No regrets!

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Horrible experience with Singapore Carpentry, skeptical on all the good reviews

Reviewed by Appleton Chia・Submitted 19 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Ernest Tan

Horrible Interior designer firm, price very low at the beginning and price keep adding up after you sign, do not be like me never go through properly. and many thing not included keep increasing the boss Ernest tan is very poor in implementing and talking like he is expert and his company carpentry is very good. he will make sure customer see his ferrari and have faith in him. he is good at talking only. All the carpentry work is done by poorly skilled bangladesh he hired. the finishing is horrible and not fiting in so many place. redo and redo the eletrician is also bangladesh his own worker, horrible wiring work. the supervisor he use name Kaden malaysian is so young like a school boy i think 19 yo no experience at all the delay is out of this world, over 6 months cannot deliver house, 1 or 2 workers working 1 day a week. once they recieve the deposit they really squeeze your balls. they cannot deliver still have the cheek to accept more jobs and do "carpentry group buy". the boss is good at marketing all the instagram pic only 3d. dont dare to give referral. still do group buy carpentry. do your home work, dont be fooled by reviews, they all seems to be written by the same person

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