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Pros And Cons of 10 Popular Design Features

(This article was last updated on 14 Feb 2022.)

A picture of a gorgeous home catches your eye. It is exactly the look you hope to achieve for your own home. But instead of simply replicating all the ideas featured in it, take a step back and envision what living with these materials or designs will be like in the long term. There are always pros and cons for each renovation detail. Here is what you need to consider before deciding on these popular interior design trends.

1. Open-Concept Layout

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Pros: An open concept creates the illusion of a larger space, which also means that Wi-Fi signals travel better to all corners with lesser obstructions! And if you have kids, this layout makes it easier to keep an eye on them from wherever you are in the home.

Cons: Once all the walls are hacked, there is not much versatility when it comes to personal privacy, especially if guests or growing children prefer to have their own room.

2. Glass Panels

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Pros: Compared to solid walls, glass doors and panels can open the space by allowing natural light to pass through, and offers the flexibility of a semi-open layout.

Cons: Constant wiping and cleaning is needed if fingerprints and stains bother you. As these marks are extremely apparent on clear glass surfaces, it is probably not the easiest to maintain in homes with toddlers and pets.

3. Wainscoting Panels

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Pros: It completes any modern French or classical European interior design scheme, and can break up the monotony of a large wall.

Cons: If you keep your windows open most of the day, dust and cobwebs will accumulate in the small ridges and uneven surfaces easily. This makes the panels more tedious and time-consuming to clean than a featureless wall.

4. Brick Walls

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Pro: A timeless feature wall treatment that lends any space a raw, slightly edgy, and homely vibe. It also serves as a funky backdrop for mid-century modern furniture.

Cons: Its rough surface of small grooves and tiny holes will be tough to clean thoroughly. Mounting shelves and hanging decorative pieces such as art and photographs also involves more care and effort.

5. Concealed Air-Con

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Pros: Having customised carpentry to ensure the air conditioner blends into the walls and background creates an aesthetically clean look for the room.

Cons: Having any obstructions in front of the air conditioner, such as a false ceiling ledge, may prevent the cool air from circulating properly. As cool air can sometimes travel horizontally before travelling downwards, anything blocking the vent may cause the air to be directed upwards.

6. Marble Surfaces

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View this project by The Interior Lab

Pros: When it comes to injecting a luxe and sophisticated vibe into the home, nothing comes close to the effect of marbles. It is cool to touch, and feels as posh as it looks.

Cons: Marble is a porous material that is notorious for absorbing spilled liquids fast, making it extremely susceptible to stains. Over time, even light everyday stains will turn the table or floor yellowish. White marble is therefore the most challenging to upkeep. Scratches are also easily visible.

7. Cement Screed

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Pros: A must-have feature to anchor the industrial look or a minimalist home. And if you are not obsessed with cleanliness, this look may work for you as dirt and stains are barely visible. It’s also durable and can suit a wide range of interior design styles.

Cons: Hairline cracks are likely to appear over a period of time, due to the material’s expansion and contraction in our hot tropical weather. Depending on the execution and the homeowner’s personal tastes, cement screed can sometimes look cold and bare.

8. Built-In Bins

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Source: DigsDigs

Pros: It does not take up extra floor space, and keeps unsightly trash hidden away. In addition, fitting bins below the kitchen sink is a clever way to utilise this awkward space.

Cons: If the bins are hidden within the kitchen cabinets without a tight lid on, unwanted odour from wet trash can easily waft over into the other compartments. There is also a chance that this will attract insects into the cabinets. These bins also tend to be smaller in size compared to freestanding ones.

9. Magnetic Push Latch Mechanism

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Source: Kitchen Studio of Naples, Inc.

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Source: Rockler

Some refer to the magnetic push latch with its onomatopoeic name tic-tac mechanism. Regardless, it is a mechanism that allows the user to open and close cabinet doors with just a simple push, similar to the mechanism behind a click ballpoint pen.

Pros: It removes the need for knobs and handles, creating a flushed surface for the cabinets that is sleek and pleasing to the eye.

Cons: Depending on the grade of the mechanism, it might not be able to endure frequent use and abuse over a prolonged period. Unfortunately, there is no other way to shut the door completely when the mechanism is worn down and faulty. This system is also not recommended for homes with toddlers as they will be able to open the cabinets easily.

10. Fanciful Ceilings

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Pros: There are no limits to the types of designs you can incorporate into the ceiling – be it wainscoting, a ceiling tray or a simple round circular design. A visually arresting ceiling can add a feeling of uniqueness and grandiose.

Cons: Decorative ceiling features will cost a lot more than regular false ceilings due to the craftsmanship, electrical wiring, and special lighting. Having over-elaborate ceiling designs can create the illusion of a lowered ceiling, and cause a small home to feel even more cramped.

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