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Gorgeous Malaysia Homes with Renovations Under RM250,000

February 24, 2022

These gorgeous homes prove that hiring an interior designer is well worth the money!

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Whether you have purchased a new house or have chosen to renovate your current home, it helps to hire a reputable interior designer. Besides being skilled at creating beautiful spaces, an interior designer also oversees the complicated day-to-day operations of managing contractors, purchasing materials and keeping track of the renovation budget.

home renovation on a budget
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If you've never renovated before or are not sure what your budget can get you, this article is a good place to start. With a budget ranging from RM200,000 to RM250,000, here's how 7 interior designers made their clients' dream homes a reality.

1. The Pearl Residence, KL (Renovation Cost: RM200,000)

This luxurious 3-bedroom condominium in KLCC, designed by Blaine Robert, won the Qanvast Design Award last year. The designer renovated this home for two empty-nesters looking to downsize now that their children have all grown up and left the nest. The couple wanted to recreate a setting that brought them happiness and joy like they experienced when they were younger—one reminiscent of their cultural background and childhood homes.

home renovation on a budget
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To accomplish this, the designer incorporated sleek cultural elements on and around the solid contemporary core, such as decorative metal wall installations inspired by traditional Chinese cabinetry. ‘Luxury hotel’ wall panelling features were also used to add sophistication to the space. The designer then balanced the overall look and feel of the space by softening the mood with oriental elements and strong modern lighting.

2. Seringin Residence, Kuchai Lama (Renovation Cost: RM200,000)

While many homeowners avoid using dark tones as a prominent colour in their home to avoid it feeling too gloomy, moody, or claustrophobic, these homeowners weren’t afraid to take risks by transforming their 2000 sqft condominium into an extremely elegant and sophisticated space with the help of Selangor-based interior firm, Klaasmen.

home renovation on a budget
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With an RM200,000 renovation budget, every room, from the entryway to the kitchen to the dining room and bedroom, is dressed in stark black. To avoid the rooms appearing small, the designer incorporated plenty of reflective surfaces into the design, such as glossy cabinets, shiny quartz countertops, and a floor to ceiling mirror in the dining area that bounces light around the room and adds dimension to the space.

Meanwhile, the white floors and ceilings stand out in stark contrast to the black cabinetry, furniture, and walls. Together, this creates a striking visual interest without making the home look overly busy.

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3. U-Thant Residence, KL (Renovation Cost: RM200,000)

Not sure how to translate your laid-back aesthetic into a home? Look no further for inspiration, as this 3000 sqft condominium achieves it beautifully. Owned by an expat couple who loves to travel, IQI Concept transformed this home into a space that reflects the homeowner’s style and personality using plenty of textures, vibrant colours and whimsical patterns.

home renovation on a budget
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As the homeowners love to entertain, the designer added a mahjong sofa set that was custom made to fit the entire seating area. It allows plenty of space for guests to sit comfortably in a casual way. To add cheer to the home, plenty of gorgeous unique decor pieces that the couple have collected from their travels around Asia are found throughout the house, making for an element that will undoubtedly elicit conversations during social gatherings. The designer also added plenty of warm and indirect lighting to create a soft ambience for the home.

4. Velocity Residence, Kuala Lumpur (Renovation Cost: RM210,000)

Despite the relatively small size, MIL Design & Construction was able to create a high-end glam and spacious look for this 786 sqft condominium with an RM210,000 renovation budget.
To accomplish this, the designer used a variety of luxe materials, such as gold accents, velvet, and leather, to add sophistication and grandeur to the space. Meanwhile, the use of rich colours like marigold, blush pink, and teal helps to elevate the space even further.

home renovation on a budget
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As the home's layout is long and narrow, the designer used a number of design tricks to avoid the open concept living space from looking too cramped. A floor-to-ceiling bronze mirror, for instance, is installed to create the illusion of twice the space, and instead of traditional dining chairs, the designer added an L-shaped bench to maximise seating in the dining area.

5.Dolce Shorefront, George Town (Renovation Cost: RM210,000)

Ample storage space is essential in creating a modern look for your home. Furthermore, it can increase the value of your property if you decide to resell it in the future.

home renovation on a budget
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Take a look at this 1718 sqft Penang condominium designed by Vault Design Lab. With a renovation cost of RM210,000, this 3-bedroom home is brimming with custom-made cabinetry and shelves for a purposeful and well-built interior that will last for many years to come. Each zone, including the dry kitchen, living room, and kitchen, features functional custom built-ins while the wainscoting wall panels add a polished look to the space.

6. Bangsar South, KL (Renovation Cost: RM230,000)

This charming home is created with the concept of 'hygge' (a Danish word that roughly translates as cosy or comfortable) in mind. With an RM230,000 renovation budget, Wuuu Design Studio created a super cosy home for a young family using Scandinavian design principles.

home renovation on a budget
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This is accomplished through the use of a variety of neutral colour schemes and light wooden materials. Because ‘hygge’ is all about relaxation and ease, the designer incorporated numerous soft touches such as blankets, rugs and pouffes. They also created a reading nook with a comfortable chair for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee.

This house has a lot of windows that let in a lot of natural light. It also gives the homeowner a stronger sense of connection to the outside world, which helps to prevent cabin fever when its owners spend a lot of time at home. The home was then decorated with a plethora of indoor plants to add a pop of colour to the space.

7.Armanee Terrace, Damansara Height (Renovation Cost: RM250,000)

The owner of this 1000 sqft condominium wanted a home with the warmth and comfort of MUJI interior design, and Anwill Design successfully delivered with an RM250,000 renovation budget.

home renovation on a budget
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To achieve the minimalist MUJI-style look, everything is toned down, pared-back, and adheres to the "less is more" approach. Wood textures take centre stage in this home and are used for built-ins, furniture and flooring. To complement the wood elements, the designer used plenty of light neutral tones such as beige, cream and white for the walls, furniture, upholstery and curtains. The result? A space imbued with a sense of calm throughout.

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