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Smart Home Brands

Stay ahead of the tech game with these smart solutions for local homes.

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Smart Home Brands

What a smart home can do for you

With the right equipment, a smart home can do almost anything that you wish for it to do.

Keep your home safe? That can be achieved with a smart security system from AXTRO or a smart door lock from igloohome. Automate your bathroom heater? Consider it done with Home-A-Genius' smart heater solution that'll let you schedule the duration of water heater's operation -- even while you're fast asleep.

But that's not all that a smart home can do for you. Other common applications (read: advantages) of smart home systems include remote control of home functions using your smartphone/tablet, constant monitoring of energy usage, and of course, voice control through intelligent voice assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

How much does a smart home cost in Singapore?

A smart home is the sum of its parts, and so is its cost. Naturally, the more components that you choose to install, the higher the cost of your smart home will be.

For instance, a basic complete smart home package from Koble with smart lights, air conditioner controls, and basic automation will cost you upwards of $1,260 to $1,900. This process will cost more if you plan to automate other parts of your home, like your curtains, which require the installation of motorised curtains and tracks.

In comparison, installing a simple smart home lighting set-up from Automate Asia is going to cost you $399 upwards for a set of smart lights as well as a Google Mini speaker that'll allow you to operate your home's lighting through voice control.

How to build a secure smart home

With smart homes becoming more mainstream, it's just as important to build a secure smart home as it is to create a useful one.

One security measure that you can take to keep your home safe and secure is to keep all of your smart home devices regularly updated -- be it a smart plug, multipurpose sensor or security camera. Doing so will prevent hackers from exploiting any vulnerabilities in your smart home system.

Another measure that'll give you peace of mind would be to purchase your smart home devices from well-established brands like Google or Samsung with Cybersecurity Labels. Not only will this allow you to enjoy regular security updates from a reputable tech company, it'll also likely make it easier to get smart home device replacements that are compatible with your smart home's ecosystem when it's time for an upgrade!