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We don't tell anyone whether to be happy or not. People can be in the state of being happy, however with Hoz you are "happier"
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A band of merry people came together and founded Hoz. Established for the purpose of using technology to secure homes. Hoz, which is pronounced as “House” was founded by a band of merry people. We came together in pursuit of making into reality the idea of having better lives through smart home solutions. As we enter the digital era, old technology suddenly adapt with the newest innovations of the future. We have devices that makes use of sensors and Wi-Fi technology to help us with day-to-day activities. We provide a series of services from recommendation and installation of state of the art digital locks, IP cams, digital viewers, fire rated doors and other similar tech that ensures a fine quality of life.
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Reviews (52)

very pleased with the digital lock and gate that I chose. Thank you, David!!

Reviewed by Twinkling Sterne・Submitted 2 Sep 2021・Renovation in progress

Was browsing for good source of digital lock for gate and lock for my new place and stumbled upon HOZ Digital Lock instagram. There were so many affordable bundle packages. I whatsapp-ed David. He addressed all my queries patiently. He even gave me few options to choose from. I am very pleased with the digital lock and gate that I chose. Thank you, David!! can't wait to receive it!

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go for Hoz Digital Lock and you won't regret!

Reviewed by Chanel Li・Submitted 23 Aug 2021・Renovation in progress

When I was browsing upon different types of digital lock for my parents, I was confused and sent in my queries to Hoz, they answered it within minutes and explained to me patiently. I am amazed by their service and their professionalism. Their products bundle are worth buying.For those who are still contemplating which supplier to choose from, do not wait any further, go for Hoz Digital Lock and you won't regret!

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HOZ is the best. Strongly recommend !!!

Reviewed by Serlin Abdullah・Submitted 22 Aug 2021・Renovation in progress

HOZ Digital was very friendly, polite and patient while waiting for months to install the Samsung digital door lock, as my home renovation was massively delayed by contractor. Very professional work and quick response when you have questions or needs. They are not like those mass-retail ground floor shops which are too busy serving ppl who bring whole family just to buy one door lock. If you know exactly what you want and you have set a budget, HOZ is the best. Strongly recommend !!!

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