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Stay ahead of the tech game with useful smart home solutions from local brands and stores.

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Home-A-Genius 2
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Home-A-Genius is a Singapore home grown Smart Home software & hardware solutions provider. We focus mainly on innovation, consumer needs, & accessibility of Smart home solutions to our clients. We have built our very first, local Smart home hub catered to the lifestyle of Singaporeans. Now, we have also expanded to designing and building smart switches, catered to our client’s needs. Our app focuses on ease of use, pushing us to innovate simple to use visual representation of the smart home. User friendliness & being in the forefront of technology ensures our clients gets the best experience from the Home-A-Genius smart home system. Our team is highly trained in full smart home solutions, ranging from light/air-con automation to CCTV integration and much more. Additionally, our solutions were recognized and featured on various media like Channel News Asia, N.O.C, Augustman & more.
Automate Asia 8
Automate Asia 2
Automate Asia
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Automate Asia focuses, not only providing professional smart home solutions, but also future proof technology beyond customer needs. With over 6 years experience in providing mid range smart home solutions and deployed over thousands smart home systems, Automate Asia guides customer over every details they need on their smart home journey. Highly rated customer ratings speak volume about the Automate Asia’s philosophy of making every customer a friend whom you can discuss anything about technology over a cup of coffee.
Smart Digital Solutions 5
Smart Digital Solutions 6
Smart Digital Solutions
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At Smart Digital Solutions, we are always making the efforts to have our customers consistently recognize the value we offer. We accomplish this, not only through leading R&D, Product Designs, sales and marketing activities but also through high quality and distinctiveness of its products to become a world-class brand.
Smart Home
Koble is a professional Singapore smart home solutions provider. Our specialists will tailor home automation products according to your needs, and integrate them onto our platform. We provide a fuss-free and functional smart home transformation experience, to give you unprecedented convenience, comfort, and security. The smarter life that you deserve. Koble is approved by the building and construction authority (BCA) to provide building and home automation solution to consumers in Singapore. Additionally, Koble has more than 15 dealers in Singapore, and works with numerous accredited partners. Koble is also an exclusive smart home partner of the Singapore Land Authority.
FREDnology 4
FREDnology 3
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It’s certainly no easy feat to build a smart home that looks as good as it is intelligent, but things are different with FREDnology’s high-tech luxury mirrors. Unassuming as they may seem, the Mirror and Allure are much more than just fancy reflective surfaces to be placed within your boudoir or bathroom. Equipped with powerful technology, FREDnology's smart accessories are capable of connecting to the Internet, playing videos, running apps, and of course, reflecting what you wish to see!
igloohome 6
igloohome 2
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Digital locks are a common component of smart homes, but not all of them work the same. And Igloohome’s line of smart locks is the perfect example. Unlike similar devices that require Wi-Fi to function, Igloohome locks instead make use of offline Bluetooth technology when connecting to your home’s smart hub. Going off the grid means that Igloohome locks are safe from online hacking – an advantage that is bolstered by 128-bit AES encryption, which protects data transmissions from unauthorised access. Consider checking out Igloohome’s offerings if a secure, user-friendly smart lock is what you are looking for!
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In light of the hype for tech-enabled home solutions, outfitting your home with the latest technologies is probably the wisest thing to do, especially if a future-ready dwelling is what you have in mind. But not so fast! Here are a couple of useful articles that you may wish to read before jumping onto the tech bandwagon.

Just like how the kitchen is the heart of your house, a properly-functioning Wi-Fi network is at the core of every smart home. If you have ever attempted to automate your home, you’ll find this observation to be true as almost every smart home product – from digital locks to smart plugs – requires an Internet connection to function as intended. Read these articles on how to get a stronger Wi-Fi signal for a smoother, more efficient smart home.