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Jalelah Abu Baker
So Happy With Our Decision To Pick Elpis

Reviewed by Jalelah Abu Baker・Submitted 25 Jan 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Jeffery Tan

Call me biased, but there is no way you'd get a better ID than Jeffery Tan from Elpis. I contacted 10 IDs. The very first one did not keep to the brief after a 2-hour meeting. Of the 10, it was only Jeffery who was prepared with four hand-drawn layouts. He was the second ID we met. We kind of knew we wanted to go with him, but of course we wanted to meet more. I must say he set the benchmark high. The others we met just did not have the same enthusiasm. During our meeting, Jeffery was able to think of solutions for each and every one of our questions. His experience showed in the way he was able to do so on the spot. He also did not push "template" design ideas to us and listened to what we wanted carefully. Of course this long story means we chose him. Best decision ever. I can't stress how much of a load Jeffery took off us. He was frequently there to monitor his men and to give us updates. He was always available and he was so patient. We weren't exactly fickle, but any time I wasn't too sure with a decision I was always comfortable to check in with him again. He was very clear that it's us, the owners, who would have to go back to the home everyday and the decisions were ultimately left to us. The suggestions he made turned out beautifully. And I must say Jeffery is more than an ID because he's like a friend. When relatives went down when we weren't around, they were impressed at the way he showed them around like the homeowner, excited at all the things that made the flat a home. Jeffrey's passion is so refreshing and he never makes you feel like just one of his projects. In fact, it was hard to believe that we were not his only clients because he paid so much attention to us. His memory is also shocking... Some things that weren't written down, he remembered off the top of his head. He knew the smallest details about our preferences. This is a long review but this is the least I can do for the ID who allowed me to come back to a space that fills my heart with love every single day. Oh, did I mention he was also the most affordable?

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Jacky Chiah
Modern hotel design

Reviewed by Jacky Chiah・Submitted 25 Jan 2020・Project completed May 2018・Designer Zack

Superb follow up.

Great prices.

Excellent Workmanship.

Hassle free.

Recommended and responsible ID who lead me through the whole project.

When I first look for Ryan, he recommended his ID Zack to me.

We go through a few rounds of exploration and finally I conclude my ideal design.

Zack always able to give responsible suggestions for any problems arise.

I was really satisfied when the house is hand over to me.

Thanks Ataz Haus for providing me this great sevice.

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3-Room (699sqft) HDB transformed

Reviewed by Czoei・Submitted 25 Jan 2020・Project completed Oct 2019・Designer Raemond Teo

What I liked the most about Raemond was his “design integrity.” He understood what I really wanted and designed the space that blew my mind away even at the 2-D planning stage. And he brought it to life.

He is also a man of his word - you can count on him to solve your reno problems, manage the contractors & do what he promised. He genuinely cares about creating a home for you, not just about renovating a house.

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Review an Interior Firm
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Kelvin Ong
Home Renovation

Reviewed by Kelvin Ong・Submitted 24 Jan 2020・Project completed Dec 2019・Designer Eric

When we first met Eric, he was patient with our enquires and he appears to know his work well.

We were comfortable with him and we decided to engage him for our home renovation. One thing that I liked about Eric, is his prompt responses. At times I might message him quite late and he always make an effort to reply within minutes. He may not have the answer immediately but he will always get back to me fast.

When we are indecisive about certain choices to make, he professionally shared his views and lead us to make a decision. And we are happy that he helped us a lot. He was even nice enough to accompany us in curtain selection where we were buying from our own BTO project groupbuy.

Eric always keep us updated promptly in the renovation process and even helped to receive deliveries whenever we can't make it to the site. He had handled the whole renovation process and coordinated well with all the subcontractors, making the whole experience stress free for us that we need not to worry at all.

We want to thank Eric for all his hard work and making our home such a lovely one.

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Have already Recommended Keith to my friends and family.

Reviewed by Jennifer Ho・Submitted 24 Jan 2020・Project completed Jun 2017・Designer Keith Lin

Great experience.

Keith was punctual both in terms of meet-ups and delivering his project on my apartment.

He’s eager to help and will incorporate my ideas into the design and layout of my apartment, unlike a couple of other firms who just brushed off my ideas.

Keith is good natured and does not feel any offense when I told him to eliminate some of his ideas due to cost reasons.

Keith is still assisting me some 3.5 years after the completion of my apartment. He assists to call on his contacts if there are issues in my apartment (due to wear and tear, not defects).

I have since recommended Keith to number of my friends and family.

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Review of Zenith Arc
Agnes Moey
Home Renovation, Job Well Done, Alan and Hugo!
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Agnes Moey・Submitted 24 Jan 2020・Project completed Jul 2019・Designer Alan and Hugo from Zenith Arc

We were at Qanvast for quote for our home renovation and came across Alan and Hugo from Zenith Arc who were friendly and helpful in serving us with good services. They are responsible and efficient in their work for my home renovation late last year 2019 and I am thinking of further fine-tuning my other part of renovation at my home and will get Alan from Zenith Arc to carry out the renovation as well. Thank you Alan and Hugo for Job well done!

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Review of Prozfile Design
Rose Neo
Efficient and Professional
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Rose Neo・Submitted 23 Jan 2020・Project completed Nov 2019・Designer Cadine Lim

Engaged Cadin n her team for the renovation of my 4 room HDB flat. Her team worked efficiently, finishing the entire renovations work in the expected date. Cadine is also very obliging in responding to my requests..Knowing that I am busy with work she even helped me to get the necessary accessories I needed for my toilets n kitchen. Her service is excellent n she co- operated well with me. Thumb up n appreciation to Prozfile Design for their hard work. Highly recommended to friends

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Review of Beaux Monde
Disappointing workmanship, various delays

Reviewed by DP・Submitted 23 Jan 2020・Project completed Aug 2019・Designer G***

We were very pleased with the designs that the designer came up for us and their showroom workmanship looks really good. But went work is suppose to start, we didnt expect it to be such a huge difference.

1. Day of start work gets delay - requested to start work on 01/10/18 and agreed upon and when confirming again on 30/09/18 than was inform that their hacker couldnt do it and have to wait few more days.

2. Carpentry installation get delayed - agreed on 25/03/18 but only delivered on 27/03/18 for kitchen and living, bed room was even later

3. Floor tiles grouting workmanship was unacceptable.

We agreed on the color that the designer and tiler blended to match the floor tiles, but when the house was handed over to us, the grouting turned from beige to orangey. They claim it was due to chemical wash that the color changed. Do they not know that's the outcome if they were to do chemical wash or putting too much chemical for the wash? Some of our carpentry was installed before the grouting was touched up therefore if we were to ever dismantle the carpentry, the grouting would be different from the rest of the house. This is an example of poor coordination. Oh, ours was a resale 5RM HDB and the area was bigger than normal BTO but they only got 1 Malaysian guy to do the whole house, save cost?

4. Charged to remove door frame and make good - dismantled the door frame, but didnt smoothen it. Patches that cannot even be covered with paint. Even left a hack off patch and didnt touch up. Refer to pic

Overall, we had a hard time getting updates and to be frank we will never engage them again.

We made the final payment on 07/08/19 and till date (23/01/20), we have yet to receive the agreement. ID claims to need to speak to superior on certain points as the agreement was not what we agreed upon, but till date, no news.

Refer to picture for poor workmanship, esp on floor grouting.

Since they couldnt keep to the beige color that blends witht he floor tiles, we agreed to change to white, but still the grouting was uneven. When walking, you can feel the grouting line unevenness, some even higher than the tiles. Some grouting are having "holes" in between while mostly, the lines are not straight.

For kitchen top and bottom cabinet, they were not aligned, and we did make it clear to ID that we will be doing a bifold door. But when we ask for an explanation, they said it was due to structure issue (so we blame HDB), but yet, didnt they carpenter take proper measurement? Refer to pic for the difference between top and bottom cabinet.

Overall, we had a hard time getting updates and if you think you have lots of time and energy to be chasing and monitoring the work yourself, hire at your own risk. Even the manager try to brush our feedback off.

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Vyvyan Gan
Fast And Efficient

Reviewed by Vyvyan Gan・Submitted 22 Jan 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Hosen Gan

He is very prompt with replying to our 101 questions and request. He had helped us to liaise closely with suppliers that we requested and making sure our works are all done on time. Quality of work is better than expected. A few hiccups during the reno but he solved it for us efficiently. We kept changing what we want during the whole reno process he accepted all the changes without complains. The only part i feel they can improve is the cleaning up part during handover. Probably my expectation of cleanliness differs from him. But overall a very good experience and I get to have my lourve windows and doors.

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We clicked instantly!

Reviewed by Athishah・Submitted 21 Jan 2020・Project completed Jul 2019・Designer Angie and Vincent

We met Angie and Vincent from The Interior Lab through Qanvast. We met 4 other IDs before that and they were trying too hard to market their works and what they offered. Angie and Vincent were both on the same page as us. We just showed our home ideas and we clicked instantly! They knew what we wanted and the 3D drawing was so well done and it's just how our dream home turned out! There were not much fuss throughout the process. All updates were timely done and they also replied our late nights texts. Working with Angie and Vincent was a breeze and we couldn't be more proud of our lovely home all thanks to Angie and Vincent.

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Review of Juz Interior
Good Friendly and Professional
verified-reviewVerified Review

Reviewed by Guek CY・Submitted 21 Jan 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Jayden Kong

Was served by designer Jayden Kong. First assessment visit was pleasant and friendly. Not a pushy ID, but still give valuable advises and opinion for open consideration. Upon confirmation, work was immediate commenced and completed within 01 month. As usual since there's multiple contractors involved (carpentry, electrician, plumber, etc), Jayden manages them well and ensure the timeline is on schedule. Little issues are bound to happen, such as like uneven surfaces, not smooth-rolling drawers etc, Jayden is able to instruct the contractors to rectify immediately - sometimes even get the contractors to turn back just to fix the issue first before going for the next job. Most importantly, they are all friendly, approachable, and reachable with quick responses. All in all, the experience is good. To put a fair note, Juz Design is offering a small incentive for a positive review. However this review is not bias on Jayden and his contractors work. Good job!

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Matthew Ding
Nice renovation experience

Reviewed by Matthew Ding・Submitted 21 Jan 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Aaron Tan

Thanks Aaron from Absolook helped us on our HDB renovation.

Aaron is very patient and focus on details. We changed our design many times and added lots of additional requirements, Aaron was flexible and accommodated with all of them.

Price is reasonable and transparent. Overall experience is great.

Again thanks Aaron for the good work!

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