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Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Singapore homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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Review of Ace's Design
Jethwee Toh
Positive experience and professional conduct!

Reviewed by Jethwee Toh・Submitted 25 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Sean Sim

Carrying a professional conduct as well as providing us the most idea choices and reccomendations. Sean has positively given us feedback and advices with regards to our renovation, from explaining various colour schemes, space usage and overall material choices. He was understanding and readily ensuring the designs and decisions we make can last, accomodate the folks at home and also have a easier long-term maintainance. Definitely a very pleasant experience working with Sean!

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Review of Fineline Design
Kenrick Li
Minor Resale Renovation

Reviewed by Kenrick Li・Submitted 25 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Danny Seah

When we first started looking for someone to assist us with our renovations, we weren't sure whether to go for an ID, a contractor, or just individual suppliers as our works were minimal. Now that our renovation is completed, I must say that it was definitely the right decision approaching Fineline and Danny, as while their prices are a little costlier than contractors, they are fully committed to getting the job done well. While the prices quoted can be higher than finding direct suppliers in the market (e.g. painters), they are not a one-time job, and have came back countless of times for rectification works and to ensure that the works done is of the very best quality. Danny has kept in close contact with us ever since he was appointed as our ID, and has kept us updated throughout the project. Renovating a resale flat is always a challenge, as one change might lead to a complication in another area. However, Danny has always risen to the challenge and proposed the best solutions. I would say the only disappointment I had was that the renovations was not completed on time, yet it would be difficult to lay the blame on them due to the challenging COVID situation. For the reasonable price that we paid, I highly recommend Danny and Fineline to new home owners!

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Review of Juz Interior
Reliable Firm

Reviewed by Moon Ho・Submitted 25 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Peter Su

Peter is an enthusiastic designer. He has the ability to take your ideas and enhance them with practical and aesthetically pleasing touches. Throughout the project, he has been a good listener and was willing to do things that is out of the local industry norms. And when met with situations, he would always provide options, backed with data, but never impose too much as he knows that it is your home. In-house carpenters and masonry artisans were reliable professionals.

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Review an Interior Firm
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Review of Sense and Semblance
Fast and efficient

Reviewed by Rawiyah・Submitted 25 Oct 2020・Project completed Aug 2020・Designer Suki and Dillon

It was very stressful to do renovation during Covid but Suki and husband Dillon worked very hard to make it possible for us to move as we also rushing for time to vacant our old unit. Thank you Suki for your design and working well with my daughters and husband relating to the whole reno works. Last minute changes were also taken care fast and according to our budget. Highly recommended. Thanks again. Rawiyah Bakar Family. Woodlands.

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Review of Ace's Design
Javier Yeo
Our renovation with ACE

Reviewed by Javier Yeo・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Jun 2020・Designer Sean Sim

My experience with Ace Design was a pleasant and fuss-free. Before our renovation, I have been in contact with Sean , one of their designer. He was filled with experience and always ready to answer our enquiries ! After exercising the option to purchase for our resale flat at Toa Payoh . Sean was very patient in going through our floor plan and listen to what we really want in our future home ! He even done 3D design to give us a preview on our home. We arrange to meet him at their office where we discuss in details. The next visit we were given the quotation and what surprised me the most was it didn’t exceed my budget !It was almost what we want. Before the work starts, he also took the effort to bring us to the tile shop and later kitchen appliance shop for selection. He also gave us recommendations based on her experience. Despite COVID-19 lingering around, he kept to his timeline and managed to deliver earlier than expected . I am true my greatful for this wonderful house! I strongly recommend Ace Design for everyone!

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Review of Ace's Design
Jonathan Loh
BTO renovations

Reviewed by Jonathan Loh・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Jun 2020・Designer Sean

It was an enjoyable journey from conception of ideas through to renovation completion. Sean was able to turn concepts/ideas in my mind into his designs & illustrations; that so precisely represented what I wanted. He is professional in conduct; he did not hesitate to share the problems that I would face, in the long run, on some of my preferences. Truly appreciate him being frank and consistently reminding me of my objective for easy maintenance in the long run. The renovation was completed in a timely and orderly manner. Workmanship is superb. Much care was put into the details in ensuring the finishing is top-notch. Wonderful overall experience

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Review of Image Creative Design Pte Ltd
Fauziah Abdul Rahman
Blk 259 Tampines Street 21 #02-346

Reviewed by Fauziah Abdul Rahman・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Dec 2020・Designer Vincent Tan - Project Manager (PM)

Dear Jeannie Good day to you. I hope this email finds you well. I am collecting the keys to my flat on 27 October 2020 and has engaged Image Creative Design Pte Ltd as per one of your recommendations. 1) The PM was fast in his watsapp communication with me before my initial payment but I found him slow in his reply after my first payment to him. 2) There was a delay in preparing the 3D drawings of the flat and when I asked about this, he did not inform me that his designer was on MC for 5 days thus he had to delay the 3D drawings. 3) the quotation was 33K but the 3D design of my unit was not according to my budget. It was nicely done up with additional design which I did not ask for. That being said, I am not able to have a good impression of the design of my unit according to my quotation. The PM promised to redo the design according to my budget but after I did not received any news after waiting for 3 days, which prompted me to look for another reno company. 4) The colours on the walls are not done in the 3D drawings, although I have inform the PM my colour scheme for the house. His excused is I have not chosen the paint that I want so he cannot put up the design. So I told him to just follow my colour scheme and as my designer, there is no need for him to wait for me to choose the paint. As my ID, I would expect him to follow my colour scheme automatically and showed me the design. So he agreed but I waited for 3 days for the new design to be shown to me but it never came. 5) I went to inspect the flat for a second time on 18 Oct and found 3 big issues which has not been noted by the PM on his first viewing of the flat on 27 Aug a) The wall was not plastered smooth b) the electrical wires in one of the room was dangling and could probably be damaged and needed to change c) there was a little water seepage in the toilet. These big issues should be pointed out to me earlier when the PM inspect the unit on 27 Aug so that I can decide if I wanted to add the cost in the first quotation. About the water seepage in one of the toilet, his answer was that he has already informed the tampines house agent (thinking that she is my agent), which is false, and the house agent said she was not informed by the PM about the leakage. I also told him that as his client, he should inform me rather than the house agent. While visiting the ground floor looking for water leaking, the PM mistook there was a water leaking at the ground floor of my unit when it was actually the next neighbour's unit that was leaking. He apologised for this. The first quotation was not done up thoroughly, giving me the wrong impression of my budget. When I queried him on this matter, he said that he will visit the flat again with me when I got my key on 27 Oct and discuss again thoroughly. I thought that the first quotation was my last quotation but I was wrong. What will happen if I have to add all the 3 big reno cost in the quotation, which has not been pin pointed to me in the first quotation? I would definitely wanted to change the electrical wires after I found if dangling and look old. I would definitely wanted to plaster smooth the wall as the owner has not done it for many years of living in the unit and I would definitely would think of hacking the toilet instead of overlay as per the PM initial advised if I found that water is leaking now. Wouldn't this add to my reno budget? So if the budget went up I have no other choice to engage another reno company due to lack of time. The PM is always late for his appointment with me. He was late in viewing the unit and cited traffic jam. The tampines house agent who has to attend to him has to delay her own appointment because of this and did not inspect the unit properly as it was already dark and he didnt bring his spectacle on the inspection day. He is half and hour late when we went to view tiles with him. Conclusion As a result of this, Image has given me the wrong impression of my renovation cost as I foresee I might have to fork out more money after I view the flat with the PM on 27 Oct. My question is, why can't he see what needs to be done in the flat at the initial viewing on 27 Aug and quote my the properly as it should be. It will be up to me then to see if I wanted to go all out for it or to omit them. The agent for the tampines flat is with him and he could have asked more question about the condition of the unit. Because of this, I would like to ask for a refund of my 3K initial payment (we have terminated the contract with Image) which I have paid to Image and I hope Qanvast can assist me on this. Throughout the whole process, I think I have been cheated into thinking that my renovation cost is within my budget. Regards Fazilah Abdul Rahman/Fauziah Abdul Rahman

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Melvin Lui Shan Wee
Impressive work by Shaphine

Reviewed by Melvin Lui Shan Wee・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Sep 2020・Designer Shaphine

We met Shaphine at a Qanvast Hangout and was very impressed with her ideas and felt like she understood our needs. This was our first time engaging an ID and Shaphine was very patient and open-minded as she walked us through every step of the process. We were very impressed with her 3D hand-sketches as she showed us several ideas she had from our initial discussion. During the renovation, Shaphine was always very prompt with her replies and gave detailed explanation accompanied with videos. She was always welcoming of our requests and would pitch in her own ideas too. This gave us different perspectives and helped with the design and construction process. As our renovation coincided with the COVID lockdowns and timelines were extended, Shaphine kept us assured and updated us about every progress along the way. We were thoroughly impressed with the outcome and will definitely recommend her to all our family and friends. Even after renovations, Shaphine continued engaging with us to ensure we are well settled into our new home. Thank you so much again Shaphine!

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Peng Yong Lim
Renovation Review

Reviewed by Peng Yong Lim・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Jeraldine and Phillip

Me and my wife are really glad to have engaged Jeraldine and Phillip to do up our unit. Jeraldine is always attentive to our requests and Phillip never fails to offer valuable advice. From the very first meeting to the completion of the renovation work, the process was smooth and fuss free. Everything is as promised and delivered. Workmanship of carpentry is really good as compared to my previous Hdb flat. Not to mention that prices charged were reasonable despite the name ‘Posh Living’. They even went the extra mile to install accessories on goodwill! We also felt comfortable working with Jeraldine and Phillip. I think we were talking more like friends as the reno progressed. Posh living has got a really good and professional duo in their hands. Will not hesitate to recommend their service to others. Kudos to the both of them.

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Review of Haydn Studio
Andy Loh
Muji style home reno

Reviewed by Andy Loh・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Jan 2020・Designer Taz

Taz is very responsive to follow up on the job which is great. It would be better if he's able to assist to check more thoroughly on the work, rather than me having to check and update. Good that he acts on the feedback provided and work on it.

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Review of Fineline Design
Adeline Tan
Happy Owners!

Reviewed by Adeline Tan・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Oct 2020・Designer Steve Goh

It has been a pleasant experience with Fineline Design and the ID who served us (Steve). He is responsible and reliable to help us source for materials, manage the contractors and oversee the whole renovation. Steve gives good advice on decor ideas but he Is not pushy. He is able to work with us according to our desires and needs. He is prompt to respond to our queries and tries his best to resolve any issues that pop up along the way. We feel assured to work with him. Overall, we are pleased with the renovation and ID. Thank you!

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Review of Fineline Design
Minor Renovation

Reviewed by Tony・Submitted 24 Oct 2020・Project completed Jul 2020・Designer Zarina Lim

Energetic but inexperienced in charge handling my renovation. Always not on time for most of the appointments. The built in wardrobe is shaky and the rattling sound is unbearable, but I was told by Fineline that it is totally normal and i have to accept it. It is really disappointing. The overall carpentry work is in good quality, but the painting and plaster ceiling work is really bad and unskillful.

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