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This Furniture Store Lets You Live The Luxe Life, Affordably 1
This Furniture Store Lets You Live The Luxe Life, Affordably
Personalised designer furniture at budget-friendly prices? You aren’t dreaming. Make a trip down to Ipse Ipsa Ipsum, the furniture store that is all about “living the ordinary extraordinarily”.
Here's The Place To Buy Japanese Furniture (That Isn't MUJI)
Recycled furniture made from old whiskey barrels, and Toyota mattresses (yes, THAT Toyota) are just some of the fascinating made-in-Japan products you can find at Hommage Lifestyle.
This Online Store Guarantees Its Hardwood Furniture For Life 1
This Online Store Guarantees Its Hardwood Furniture For Life
Looking for long-lasting solid wood furniture and great after-sales service? Your search ends with Ethnicraft Online.
An Audio Expert Reveals: How to Buy The Right Sound System 7
An Audio Expert Reveals: How to Buy The Right Sound System
You don’t have to be an audiophile to know what’s good. Here’s the ultimate crash-course on picking the right sound system for your lifestyle and home by audio experts Absolute Sound.
Get Stylish & Sustainable Furniture From This Quirky Store 1
Get Stylish & Sustainable Furniture From This Quirky Store
Whether you are a fan of industrial pieces or quirky furnishings, there’s something for you at Journey East.
Discover True Antique Chic At The Past Perfect Collection 3
Discover True Antique Chic At The Past Perfect Collection
Explore the charm of a bygone era at The Past Perfect Collection, which boasts an unrivalled selection of furniture dating back to India’s colonial past.
Affordable Furniture Stores In SG You Haven't Heard Of (Yet) 1
Affordable Furniture Stores In SG You Haven't Heard Of (Yet)
IKEA? Nah, that’s too mainstream. Make a physical/online trip to these up-and-coming furniture stores for stuff that’s different (and affordable) - because we all deserve to be unique unicorns.
We're Open! 9 Fun Things To Do At Our New Suntec Pop-Up 18
We're Open! 9 Fun Things To Do At Our New Suntec Pop-Up
Whether its finding the right IDs, getting expert tips or testing out the latest products, our new pop-up @ Suntec is the go-to spot for all things home renovation.
Unique Storage Ideas for 7 Types of ‘Tricky’ Spaces 37
Unique Storage Ideas for 7 Types of ‘Tricky’ Spaces
They may be difficult, but they aren’t impossible! Find out how you can turn these 7 ‘tricky’ corners into practical, useful spaces at home with Häfele’s range of nifty storage solutions.
Explore Commune’s Interactive Experience Centre At Defu 2
Explore Commune’s Interactive Experience Centre At Defu
There’s no better store that shows off Commune’s design smarts than its Defu Experience Centre, which offers a well-rounded furniture shopping experience.
Interior Trends 2018: What’s Going To Be Popular 9
Interior Trends 2018: What’s Going To Be Popular
With the year coming to an end, it’s is time for a décor update once again once again.
5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Your Tap Water 4
5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Your Tap Water
Your tap water isn’t the cleanest thing in the (HDB) block - Here's why having a water purifier can quench your thirst (and more) the healthy way!
Castlery 2
Castlery 1
Aside from being a team of design aficionados, the folks over at Castlery also share a singular ambition: to reinvent how furniture retail works. By cutting out the middleman and keeping inventory lean, this up-and-rising furniture store keeps costs low and passes on its savings to customers. Moreover, each Castlery furniture range is designed and produced in house, thus ensuring no compromise on style, durability and affordability. Curious to find out more? Shop online or pop by any of their studios for a closer look!
Ipse Ipsa Ipsum 3
Ipse Ipsa Ipsum 2
Ipse Ipsa Ipsum
Ipse Ipsa Ipsum certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill furniture store. Differentiating itself through a culture-focused design language and its goal of putting Singapore design on the world map, Ipse Ipsa Ipsum has worked in conjunction with local designers to produce two furniture lines – namely the Nathan Yong and Perankan Moderne collections – which are respectively inspired by Indian and Straits culture. Looking for a standout display piece for your living room? You are also likely to find one at Ipse Ipsa Ipsum, which is all about affordable luxury. Expect to find customisable, handmade pieces that feature rich materials like marble, bone inlay, leather, and petrified wood, but at affordable prices that won’t break the bank.
Wallhub 8
Wallhub 7
Home Decor
With an incredible collection of over 7,000 wallpapers to choose from, it's hard not to be spoilt for choice at Wallhub. This Singapore-based wall covering supplier sources its stylish products from top design houses around the world including the U.S., Europe, Korea, and Japan. Designs are also regularly updated, so keep an eye out for new additions that cater to the latest home decor trends! If you are looking for something with a bit more texture, Wallhub is also the exclusive Singapore distributor of KASTONE® products: brick and stone cladding that have all the perks (read: look and feel) of the real deal – minus the hassle of constant maintenance.
ACTUS häuse 2
ACTUS häuse 1
ACTUS häuse
ACTUS (Japan) is established in 1969 and is known for their superior quality of living space products inspired by European designs. ACTUS häuse is the exclusive distributor of products from ACTUS (Japan) in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. ACTUS häuse presents you with a feeling of simplicity, honesty and quality through furniture and lifestyle items from all around the world.
atomi 2
atomi 4
atomi was established in 2009, with a vision to make everyday living more comfortable yet stylish; their dedication to exploring for the fine, rare and new stems from their passion for Japanese design – quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and the artisans who create them. With exclusive distribution rights for some of the best-kept secrets in Japan, atomi brings in brands renowned for their design, attentiveness to details and quality. Some of these brands include Maruni Furniture Inc, Nissing Furniture Crafters, Hoshina, Hiromatsu Furniture Inc.
LavaVella 3
LavaVella 2
Home Decor
Seeing the demand for high-quality, handcrafted hardware in Singapore, a pair of homeowners responded by setting up their own business supplying customised knobs and handles: LavaVella. Working with brass, marble and glass, LavaVella's craftsmen specialise in giving life to elegant fittings that showcase the beauty of classy materials through distinctive forms. With their refined charm, LavaVella's knobs and handles are the perfect interior hardware for homeowners who are looking for that something special to accent their spaces with.
Scene Shang 3
Scene Shang 7
Scene Shang
SCENE SHANG is a contemporary furniture label based in Singapore with roots firmly planted in a rich Asian heritage. Shaped to the semblance of 1930s Shanghai in all its former Art Deco glory, its offerings harken to an era replete with blooming exuberance and unapologetic luxuries. No strangers to design circles within and beyond Singapore's borders, Scene Shang's concepts have gone on to earn their stripes across various honours; most notably the signature SHANG System – a modular storage system that attests to the hallmarks of Ming Dynasty design – with a special commendation in the President's Design Award (Singapore, 2014) and the prestigious Golden A' Design Award in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design (Italy, 2016) to its name.  Scene Shang's second collection, Jia Ju, was also showcased in the IFFS Design Stars (Singapore, 2016), joining the ranks of 20 up-and-coming designers from around the world.
Gtech 14
Gtech 1
What if you could do your tiresome household chores in less time, and with less sweat? You can, with the Gtech family of cordless vacuum cleaners. The Gtech AirRam, Multi and Power Floor have become household names in other countries. Break free from electrical cables with Gtech, and start cleaning better and smarter. Gtech has become a formidable force in high performance cordless floor-care and garden products.
OriginAsia 4
OriginAsia 7
Stepping into OriginAsia for the first time is nothing short of an eye-opening experience. Located at Tan Boon Liat Building, this furniture store is packed to the brim with hundreds of unique pieces displayed throughout a 4,600 square foot space. But quantity isn’t just the only thing that OriginAsia has to offer. Customisation is the name of the game here, as the majority of their hardwood offerings can be tailored to your specific needs and tastes. For instance, if you have taken a liking to the floral motif on a particular sideboard, there is the option of having it on your OriginAsia-made TV console or cabinets too. You will also find plenty of eco-friendly options at OriginAsia, ranging from bicycle rim coffee tables to decor products made from recycled wood. Consider making a trip down if you wish to get some furniture shopping done while doing your part for a greener earth.
P5 Studio 2
P5 Studio 1
P5 Studio
Nestled in the heart of Henderson Industrial Park, P5 Studio offers a curated selection of home products from progressive, in-vogue furniture brands helmed by acclaimed architects and/or up-and-coming product designers, including Stellar Works, Sancal, Saba Italia, Maiori, Montana, and many more. Besides offering a one-stop solution for residential, commercial and hospitality furnishing needs, this sister store of local designer furnishing retailer P5 also doubles as a space for creatives to collaborate and draw inspiration from. Pay a visit to this purveyor of designer furniture if you are looking for a stylish centrepiece for your home that will set it far apart from the norm.
The Hidden Folks 2
The Hidden Folks 1
The Hidden Folks
Home Decor
New to the whole home decor scene? Don’t worry, The Hidden Folks has you covered. Specialising in wall decals and frames, this online home decor business offers an incredible range of designs that will have you spoilt for choice. Whether you’re an animal lover, traveller or a big pop culture fan, there’s bound to be something that’ll suit your taste. On top of being durable and water-resistant, these German-manufactured decals are also made from vinyl and contain no volatile organic compounds or ink, making them safe for use anywhere in your living spaces.
Arete Culture 1
Arete Culture 2
Arete Culture
Considering everything that it has to offer, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Arete Culture is a one-stop shop for your home styling needs. On top of a wide range of soft furnishings and original furniture pieces that are sold at its two showrooms at Tan Boon Liat building, Arete Culture also specialises in fast, affordable, and fuss-free home makeovers that will surely take your home from drab to fab. Approach any of the in-house stylists at Arete Culture’s showrooms to get advice on products, space planning and design schemes. Or simply engage the ‘Design in a Day’ service for a quick and thorough home makeover, based on a customised styling plan created by the Arete Culture team. Also check out The Luxe Hotel Collection and The Bespoke Boutique Collection, which feature dining tables, chairs, media consoles and other furniture items, all done up in the style of Arete Culture’s trademark worldly luxe aesthetic.


Let’s be honest - renovating your apartment is simply half the job done. The other half? Filling the space with items and gadgets that make everyday life livable! Furniture, home accessories, appliances (and even the odd home service) are necessary in bringing functionality to every inch of your space.

Beyond being just decorative anchors to a space, furniture and home decor such as beds, tables, sofas, lighting and soft furnishings add convenience and comfort to a room. However, shopping for the right pieces can prove a science. Skip the guesswork with these helpful furniture guides to help you zoom in on the best piece for your home.

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Meanwhile, appliances and other home electronics like ovens, washing machines and TVs serve a practical purpose - whether it’s lifting a load off your housework or keeping you entertained. From testing these gadgets ourselves to tracking consumer reviews, check out these guides for more tips on choosing the right home appliance and electronic device.

With countless stores and brands to choose from, looking for a product you’ll love can be a challenge. That’s where our brand directory comes in handy. Get in the know and discover new home product stores based on your budget and style; check out the latest home decor, furnishings and appliances, snag attractive home product deals or simply read up on helpful tips and reviews to make decking out (or upgrading) your home a breeze.