Save more on purchases with our list of furniture, appliance and product deals by home living brands here.

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25% off all Grohe shower systems
40% off all Philips products
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Cellini Home Package

Product Deals

The most exciting part about shopping for your home? Scoring major discounts to help you stretch your dollar and save for (well), more shopping! In fact, with so many home living, furniture, appliance and product brands in Singapore and online, promotions are always right around the corner. It’s just the matter of knowing where to look.

Make your search for home product deals a tad much easier with our deals guide. Whether it’s that favourite furniture brand you’ve got your eyes on or a big-brand appliance that’s been in your shopping cart forever, our listing is constantly updated with the latest sales and happenings.

But it’s more than just keeping in the know. It also takes pinch of street smarts and savvy to squeeze out more value for your buys. Besides snagging big cuts on your home items, here are some money-saving shopping hacks to try too:

  • Sign up for newsletters: Besides some brands giving you a one-off discount when you sign up, e-newsletters are one way to get first dibs on exclusive sales or flash deals.
  • Choose the Right Credit Card: Some credit cards offer cash back or rebates when you purchase online or in-store. Always remember to check and charge to the card with the highest rebate percentage.
  • Know when to shop: Start saving for these seasons - there’s a spike in the number of deals and discounts on Tuesdays and Fridays. Meanwhile, November and January are the months to look out for sales.