Scandinavian Interior Design

Following the Nordic approach, Scandinavian design is renowned for simplicity, functionality and beauty. Scandinavian homes are understated, but of perfect craftsmanship and elegant. Clean lines, openness, muted tones, minimal adornments and geometric forms dominate. The use of natural materials such as wood is prevalent.

You’ll love it if…

If you like open and clean spaces, this is the style for you. A truly Scandinavian interior is very liveable and often comes with minimal built-in carpentry. You believe in eco-friendly and sustainable design solutions – where less is more – and have less tolerance for unnecessary clutter or adornments.

How To Work It…

It’s easy to see why this style remains a popular choice for homeowners these days. Bright and lighthearted, yet homely and cosy - the Scandinavian look can be easily pulled off with the help of these few key design elements:

  • Woods are a must have. Bring out the feeling of timbered cottages often common in Nordic countries with pale wood finishes, or anything wood, basically.
  • This style definitely lets you experiment with a bit of colour, but with a scheme that leans towards bright and white - like pastels. Of course, black can be used in a Scandinavian interior, but it’s always balanced out with a healthy dose of white.
  • Pick furnishings that feature clean lines, sometimes rounded edges - the mid-century Scandinavian style, so to speak.
  • Finish off with a pinch of greenery. It could be in the form of artworks, or small potted plants and succulents to incorporate a natural air to your space.