Modern Interior Design

A modern style, quite simply, never goes out of style. It is not easily swayed by the hottest looks or coolest trends. Clean lines, a polished finish and timeless design elements define the Modern aesthetic. Modern interiors are clean, neutral and unadorned, and the use of wood, leather, plastic and metallics are prominent.

Hold up! Don’t confuse the Modern style with Contemporary interiors, despite both terms often (and mistakenly) used interchangeably. We list down the common differences here.

You’ll love it if…

You prefer a conservative timeless look. Think Audrey Hepburn or Marlon Brando. You stay away from the kitsch and trendy and prefer to pick pieces that are clean and unadorned, because for you, it’s all about going the distance. Besides, it serves a practical purpose - you won’t have to constantly update your interiors every year just to look current. The Modern style is relevant at any age.

How to work it…

It’s all about bringing a little glitz and glam whilst still keeping a touch of understated class. No crazy colours or mad prints in a modern abode. Instead, stick to tried-and-tested (and always stylish) colour combinations, such as monochromes and neutrals. Also, use quality, finishes, such as marble or travertine to give off a luxurious look. For furnishings, lean towards classic designs in clean lines - like leather sofas and glass coffee tables. Lastly for decor pieces, bring a hint of shine - in the form of reflective mirrors, gleaming metallic accents and golden glow from cove lighting.