Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary refers to a look that is trending with today’s popular standards. A home that is done up in a contemporary style today, might not be considered “contemporary” in a few decades. But, one rule that’ll always apply to contemporary design? Less is more. Pick smooth profiles over elaborated ornaments; solid, subtle patterns over colourful prints; and keep accessories to a minimal.

Not to be confused with Modern interiors, present-day contemporary spaces strive to keep things simple, minimal, yet sophisticated and sleek.

You'll love it if...

You love adding spice in life. You follow what has been happening and then bend the rules slightly to fit what you like. Quirky abstract artwork tend to catch your attention and you're unafraid to display it. You'd prefer spaces that are airy and expansive with a touch of sophistication.

How To Work It…

It’s really hard to pinpoint what exactly defines a contemporary style - it always changes! However, today’s contemporary home focuses more on current styles like Scandinavian or Industrial elements, mixing it up with sleek, modern details. For instance, industrial-style track lighting can be paired up with polished mirrored features and mid-modern Scandinavian furniture for a look that’s unique - and not too much of any particular style.