Minimalistic Interior Design

Minimalism is the philosophy of living with only the bare essentials so as to almost become a discipline. Simple, clean lines and shapes, minimal and natural colours, basic furniture and lots of space mirror an owner who believes in paring life down to the key fundamentals. No decorative elements, unnecessary adornments or features are allowed as they are distracting to the pursuit of purity.

You’ll love it if…

You constantly try to de-clutter and cut back on the amount of things you need and want in life. You strive to keep your house simple, basic and clean – and think twice before ever buying one more thing extra to add to your home.

Oh, and if KonMari sparks joy in your life.

How to work it…

It mainly begins with you. This is a style that requires lots of discipline to declutter and minimise mess and hoarding. Live and let go of things you do not need. Do note that many minimalist homes tend to feature extensive built-in carpentry - to pull off that clean, seamless look, and to also provide ample storage space to stow away unsightly belongings that might break it’s aesthetic. While many may assume that a minimalist home revolves around whitewashed spaces, bare treatments and a lower renovation budget, that isn’t always the case. We debunk the common misconceptions about minimalist home interiors.