Dining Room Interior Design

Even though modern interiors tend to put less emphasis on the dining room, it is still an important area because of the joy it brings to a home. Apart from being a space to enjoy a warm meal after a long day at work, it’s also probably the only communal zone (other than the living room) in compact homes.

Here’s what you can do to make your dining area the most welcoming part of your home:

1. Go all out with your furniture: Having friends and family over for a meal is no fun if everyone has to squeeze around a tiny table. So if your dining area is large enough, be sure not to stinge on furniture size.

2. Brighten things up with the right decor: Have a one-of-a-kind tea set that you love? Don’t hide it in the cupboard, instead add to your dining area’s character by displaying it in the open. Otherwise, a simple vase of flowers or a pair of quirky salt-and-pepper shakers will do too!

3. Bring in nature: Veggies shouldn’t be the only greens at your dining table. Potted plants offer a great way to refresh any space and the same applies for your home’s dining area. Alternatively, you can make use of botanical prints if there’s insufficient sunlight in your dining area.

Looking for more inspiration for your dining area? Check out these informative pieces for more creative ideas: