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10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

October 17, 2016

It's a sad fact that kitchen sizes are shrinking in the BTOs, ECs and private condo units. A typical HDB style kitchen is now a narrow corner with just enough workspace for two persons to prep and cook side by side. But even if you're limited by space, you can still add some soul to a sleek, contemporary kitchen with these tips. Afterall, the kitchen is, as they say, the heart of the home.

1. Country Style

Believe it or not but this kitchen is actually really tiny – it just has that “huge” impression thanks to mood lighting. Think upwards when it comes to organising in a tiny kitchen.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Edge Interior
Location: Anchorvale Crescent

2. Pure And Simple

One way to make your small kitchen look instantly more spacious is to opt for white as it really opens up a space. Go for minimal details, like pairing white with wood for a Scandinavian, modern feel. Install lightings under your cabinets for a classy feel.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: DB Studio
Location: Fernvale Link

3. Warm With Wood

A nice, “warm” theme with wood always works when it comes to stylish kitchens. It adds a homely touch but can also be chic at the same time. Factor in proper space-saving cabinets to keep surfaces clutter-free.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Location: Pasir Ris

4. Vintage Vibe

Don't you love the retro feel of this kitchen, especially the polka-dotted mosaic floor? Not only is it stylish but a mosaic floor is easier to clean and prevents slips. A frosted glass panel door makes an enclosed kitchen seem practical and beautiful at the same time.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke
Location: Toh Yi Drive

5. Black Magic

While white is mostly a preferred colour, this homeowner has gone against the norm with a shiny black subway tiled backsplash. Isn't it wonderful how it brings out the steel appliances? Also, the gloss and granite factor in this kitchen gives it an uptown feel. A tip: keep your appliances and finishing in the same details for a seamless flow.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Fernvale Link

6. Tile We Meet Again

Love how this kitchen has a bar area for quick meals or dinner for two. Take cue and make use of wall space for a bar-style dining that is fun and modern. The Moorish tile floor gives it character.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Fineline Design
Location: Serangoon Crescent

7. Live In Paris

At first glance you might think you've just stumbled into a kitchen in Paris. But it's really right in the Singapore heartlands. The walls are sheathed in subway tiles, the cabinets are imbued with a sense of modern farmhouse flair.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue interior
Location: Punggol

8. Less Is More

The mosaic walls of this charming kitchen add a whimsical element but otherwise, proper drawers and cabinets help keep things in place and out of sight.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Edge Interior
Location: Punggol

9. Captain Hook

This well-designed kitchen has all the space-saving elements you need, like shelves and handy hooks to help get you organised in what can otherwise be chaotic times. Again, white and wood keep the kitchen simple but charming.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Dream Creations Interior
Location: Sengkang

10. White Lovely

The starkness to this kitchen makes it look ultra-modern and stylish. The backlit wall offers a hotel-chic element that is super cool, whether your kitchen is tiny or huge. Built-in appliances help to further save space.

10 Hottest HDB Kitchen Makeovers

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Anchorvale Link

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