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10 Kids' Rooms That Are Anything But Kiddy

July 4, 2017

Gone are the days where children’s rooms are dominated by rainbows, cars, trains, or princess features. A new wave of design-savvy parents are changing the rules of the game, preferring simple and more enduring themes inspired by Scandinavian, contemporary, and minimalist styles. There are many ways add a youthful spin to these popular décor schemes, and here are some brilliant ideas that both the parents and kids will love!

For the little ones

Stylish ideas that are both fun and practical

1. A grey and white colour scheme imbues the toddlers’ room with a relaxed and cosy vibe. Enliven the space by allowing the children to display their favourite plushies, or add warmth with a graphic rug that also serves as a play area.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: Third Avenue Studio

2. Both visually attractive and educational, this large wallpaper that illustrates the world map invigorates this small room wonderfully. With such a bold graphic feature wall, the rest of the room needs to be kept simple and neat in order for it to look less cluttered.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: Habit

3. A raw industrial that juxtaposes against the soft pastel shades; this charming rustic look is a fine example when we say to not let kids overrule your space at home.

Kids' Room
Kids' Room

Interior designer: Prozfile Design

4. Here’s a fun alternative idea to a conventional double decker bed. Have one customised, and you can even tuck the bottom bed away neatly into the floor’s raised platform! This creates more floor space for play during the day, and turns into a cosy nook for sleep at night.

Kids' Room

Interior designer:

5. The lack of space can work to your advantage, especially if your active child enjoys doing a bit of climbing in the bedroom. Kill two birds with one stone by raising the bed, and adding discreet storage compartments underneath.

Kids' Room

Architect: UPSTAIRS_

For growing kids

Ditch that old school pink and blue look!

6. As a child’s collection of personal belongings grow, keep clutter in check by adding both more storage and display areas that encourage better organisation. For example, books can serve as colourful décor accessories when displayed meaningfully, as opposed to making a mess when piled up in a corner.

Kids' Room

Architect: Studio JP

7. Recreate a chic SOHO-inspired bedroom for the children by creating a mezzanine loft for the bed, and turning the space below into a study cum dressing area. The white walls, steel accents, and transparent plastic furniture also add a classy contemporary touch to the space.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: Mr Shopper Studio

8. To design a teenager’s room that binds with the rest of the home’s décor and yet is distinctively youthful, give it a kooky interpretation instead. Here, a feature display wall is created with a futuristic rounded rectangular frame that lends this contemporary room a touch of fun.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: Habitat One

9. An austere colour scheme can also suit the design-conscious teen who’s not afraid to live with bold hues such jet black and cold white. The contrast sets the perfect foundation for him or her to build upon, either with learned tomes, photographs, or other vibrant accessories.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: The Scientist

10. Does he or she have a penchant for the Japanese culture? If so, a minimalist décor theme might just be the right fit. Using wooden planks as a base, this simple yet striking bedroom is tailored to offer plenty of storage, display, and desk space.

Kids' Room

Interior designer: 82

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