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10 Most Voted HDB/Condo Homes

November 5, 2014

It’s not always easy assembling your dream home from all the abstract ideas you have in your head, but Qanvast makes it easier! With more than a few hundred renovation projects featured in the Qanvast app, home owners now have a huge source of inspiration to help with this process.

Need a sneak peek? Let us take a look at the top ten home renovation projects that are trending among Qanvast users.

In 10th place: Bishan (Condo)

Eschewing fanciful ornaments, simple woodwork and earthen colours dictate the interior of this condo. The neutral tones and uncomplicated furnishing suggest practicality in this classic look.


Interior Designer: co. Prozfile
Cost of renovation for entire house: $35,000

In 9th place: Havelock (HDB)

This apartment has managed to subtly harmonise more than one decor theme; A central modern look with touches of Scandinavian; Eclectic style furnishing; All coming together to make the home look spacious and inviting.


Interior Designer: Newedge Design
Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

In 8th place: Yishun (HDB)

This home owner took on a bold stance in keeping the furnishing simple and minimalistic, as seen in the living room, bathroom and kitchen. Neutral colours flood the home, complementing well with the unpretentious, down-to-earth décor.


Interior Designer: Voila
Cost of renovation for entire house: $25,000

In 7th place: Dover Cresent (HDB)

Carved out from a portion of the living room, the bookcase located in the study corner adds a visual interest to the Scandustrial interior. Hide half of your collection and display the rest with the sliding doors storage. Utilize the messiness of your large book collection to contrast against the structured look of the shelves.


Interior Designer: co. Prozfile
Cost of renovation for entire house: $80,000

In 6th place: Punggol (HDB)

Here’s when you don’t get blamed for leaving work undone; the incomplete brick feature wall lends an unusual touch from the usual fully lined mono-coloured wall. The homeowners also took a different approach in its furnishing by going for heavier and bulkier furniture to balance out the space in this living room.


Interior Designer: Boon Siew D'sign
Cost of renovation for entire house: $47,000

In 5th place: Dunearn (Condo)

The traditional look is far from boring with this vintage-styled condo. The living room’s fully brick walls were meticulously scoured from old sites. Coupled with bronze mirror and an eclectic mix of Chinese side cabinet, leather sofa and a saddle chair, the space simulates a warm, old-world-charm look.


Interior Designer: Ansana
Cost of renovation for entire house: $60,000

In 4th place: Punggol (HDB)

The idea of having close to zero clutter may not sit well with some owners. In this case, the owners of this Punggol flat managed to display their items in a fashionable manner, turning the full-length bookcase as part of a feature wall. In the bathroom and kitchen, structured lines ruled the interior and accessorized by warm-coloured retro and artistic decor.


Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

In 3rd place: Hougang (HDB)

The Scandinavian interior is interrupted with modern and retro elements displayed throughout the house. Add a twist to the usual wall art with wooden frames that complement the cute illustrations within, and then bump up the cosy factor with warm lightings and soft fabrics.


Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Cost of renovation for entire house: $75,000

In 2nd place: Punggol (HDB)

Natural elements dominate the décor of this room with a heavy utilization of wooden furnishing, wooden feature walls and parquet flooring. While venetian blinds and track lightings are common in households nowadays, the owner gave it his personal touch with out-of-the-mill elements displayed in the dining area, and personal moments framed and displayed along the hallway.


Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio
Cost of renovation for entire house: $60,000

In 1st place: Punggol (HDB)

This 4-room HDB flat in Punggol abides by the rules of the Scandinavian theme – loads of sunlight, open spaces and furnishing made of natural materials. The rooms are decorated with furniture in pastel colours and light-coloured wood.


Interior Designer: FSI
Cost of renovation for entire house: $56,000

Brick feature walls, clutter-free look and cosy rooms are prevalent traits in today's homes. If you are unsure of how to replicate these traits in your home, start saving home renovation ideas on the Qanvast app and get a quote from our home professionals today!

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