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10 Online Furniture Shops For Stuff You Can't Find In SG

August 31, 2017

Shopping in Singapore may get boring after a while, especially when you see similar styles appearing everywhere. This applies to home shopping too. So for those of you who need more inspiration and designs, we have put together an exciting list of international home shopping places that you can visit from the comfort of your own home.

1. Spring

Blossoming with brands such as Kate Spade will be Spring, which features a variety of brands and retailers. Though the styles of the furniture vary due to the differing brands on their site, they are all sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, you will be sure to never get bored scrolling down their list as there will be something new at every corner. For those who are worried about the cost, fret not as they do have items that are equally beautiful at a lower price range. You can get a classy pillow case set for as low as USD 20 (SGD 27) and duvets at just USD 60 (SGD 81)!

  • Price range: Low to High-end
  • Location: New York
  • Shipping: No international shipping but a freight forwarder (additional charges

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2. Dormify

If you are looking for younger-looking décor and feminine decor, this one is for you! With a range of items and designs to fit your style and personality, this place is every girl’s dream. It is not all pink and flowers though. Depending on what floats your boat, you can have a Malibu-themed bedroom for your wild side or a Parisian palace theme for the queen in you. The best part? It’s affordable! You can get cute rugs for just USD 49 (SGD 66) and shower curtains for USD 15 (SGD 20)!

  • Price range: Low-end
  • Location: New York
  • Shipping: Via International Checkout (third-party service)

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3. Scandinavian Design Centre

Gone are the times where you need a passport to get an overseas experience. With Scandinavian Design Centre’s furniture and accessories, you can travel to Northern Europe in the comfort of your own home. This store sells a wide range of Scandinavian style furniture at affordable prices, making it perfect for those looking for budget but quality items. Get your hands on items like ceiling lamps which can go as low as USD 84 (SGD 113).

  • Price range: Low to mid-end
  • Location: Europe
  • Shipping: USD 9, Free shipping for orders over USD 99

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4. Pottery Barn

Giving off a classy farmhouse vibe, Pottery Barn is the place to go for homely furniture that are designed to exude warmth. With colours such as brown, grey and black, their products come off as sleek and are able to blend in easily with a home that uses neutral colours. For those of you who like to add a bit of vintage into your home, they do have 1960s floral fashion and Victorian age mirrors for you to choose from.

  • Price range: Mid to high end
  • Location: Australia
  • Shipping: Offers international shipping on international site, but not on super bulky items

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5. Next

Next to elegance is this sweet store that has simple and soft-coloured designs. Gentle on the eyes and bathing in tranquility, their products are best suited for those who enjoy being alone and surrounded by peace. If you are looking for something that is not too plain, they do have checks, stripes, floral and other refined patterns for your liking. For families with babies, this will be a great place to shop as they have cutely designed baby cots which are gentle on your wallets. Their adorable cot bumpers are priced happily with their lowest at SGD 29 and their pretty curtains are going at SGD 40; worth checking out!

  • Product type: Simple and soft-coloured, low to mid-end
  • Location: Britain
  • Shipping: SGD 6, free for purchases above SGD 50

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6. Arro Home

Add on Arro's Home cute cat pillows and patterned blankets and you are set to be in Wonderland. Their quirky and cute items are dressed to impress as they are certain to give magic to your home. The good thing about their designs is that though they do not follow the norm, you can still find items that are relatively easy to place without looking starkly contrasted against your current home décor.

  • Price range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: Melbourne
  • Shipping: International shipping available upon email request

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7. Target

With good ‘ol American style, you can hardly go wrong. From simple designs to funky ones, there are so many styles to fit a wide range of personalities. There are tribal designs for the adventurous, ones with quotes for those who dare to dream, simple ones for those who are down to earth and more. Their products are also mostly affordable and there are always items on sale. Shop lounge chairs with bottom prices like SGD 214 and sleek computer desks at SGD 45!

  • Price range: Low to mid-end
  • Location: US
  • Shipping: International shipping available on international site

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8. A + R

Taking a creative spin on their products will be A + R, whose items are uniquely designed and come off as very alluring. They have various styles in terms of their accessories and their furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes. This is a good place to shop at if you are looking for variety and uncommon designs. One thing is for sure; anything you get from here is guaranteed to make your home fit for a queen. Get your hands on floor mats that go down to USD 52 (SGD 71) and framed mirrors for as low as USD 299 (SGD 405)!

  • Price range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: US
  • Shipping: International Shipping is available

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9. Uncommon Goods

This one certainly sells uncommon goods, all of which are really cool. For all aspiring travelers and thrill-seekers, you will fall on love with their items as they are designed after travel experiences such as maps, road signs and cities. For those who have always wanted to go on a vacation far away, their products will serve as an inspiration.

  • Price range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: New York
  • Shipping: International shipping is available

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10. Society6

Prints, prints and more prints! This place is a print haven where you can find anything from floral prints and dots to even eyes and compass. They sell mainly home accessories, all of which look amazing. Go dreamy with their tapestries, most of which are priced at USD 43 (SGD 58) or bring out your creative side with their uniquely designed rugs that are mostly priced at USD 28 (SGD 38). If you are looking to add vibrance or inject some lively energy to your home, this is the place for you!

  • Price range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: US
  • Shipping: Free international shipping is available

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Note: All prices and currency conversion stated in this article are as of time of writing, rounded off to the nearest dollar.

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