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10 Popular Renovation & Decor Ideas In Singapore Homes

February 3, 2015

Today’s homes come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Scandinavian, industrial, eclectic, modern and many other styles. But when it comes to décor features, many homeowners are playing it safe and chose similar furnishings to replicate a particular home décor style.

We scoured through the projects in our app and picked out 10 popular renovation and decor ideas appearing in most homes. It was tough to rank them in terms of popularity, but we did it!

Scroll down to see the 10 ubiquitous décor features that you see in today’s homes. If you are not looking for a cookie-cutter home décor for your new place, you know what to avoid!

In 10th place: A Wooden Panel That Runs Across The Room

Break up the monotony of a room by incorporating a wooden panel that runs across it. By using different kinds of wood, your home can channel a distinctive style such as in the modern or industrial style homes below.


Interior Designer: Space Atelier


Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio

This feature works well in the bedroom too, especially when the wooden panel is put near soft yellow lighting that gives a contemporary feel to the room.


Interior Designer: Dyel Design

In 9th place: Bicycle On Walls

Every inch of space is precious at home, and so, the bicycle has nowhere to go but up. A good visual reminder for a healthy lifestyle, we say!


Interior Designer: FSI


Interior Designer: Project File


Interior Designer: Wee Studio

In 8th place: Exposed Bulb Lightings

No longer confining to commercial premises or photoshoot studios, these lighting fixtures definitely embody the spirit of “Dare to Bare” in residential interior design these days. Opt for a cluster of naked lightbulbs, or let single bulbs dangle precariously from the ceiling.


Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke


Interior Designer: BOX.ID Studio


Interior Designer: Project File

In 7th place: Black Pendant Lamps by Tom Dixon

Combining form and functionality effortlessly, the iconic Beat Light Pendant Lamps by Tom Dixon have been gaining prominence in interior design circles. Available in tall, wide and fat sizes, its sleek and contemporary design is an obvious choice for the other camp of homeowners who do not prefer the utilitarian look of the exposed bulbs.


Interior Designer: Su Misura


Interior Designer: Meter Square Interiors

In 6th place: Cement Screed Floorings / Walls

Go for a chic industrial vibe by including cement screed floorings or walls in your home. The versatility of this raw look goes well with a retro-themed, industrial, Scandinavian or modern look.


Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio

To make the visual texture really pop, juxtapose a cement screed floor against the smooth clean surface of the surrounding space, like this house in Orchard, to create textual complexity.


Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke

In 5th place: Venetian Blinds

Curtains tend to make the room look dated, which is why homeowners today are opting for Venetian blinds which are a sleek, modern way to control the amount of sunlight and privacy you want to let into a room.


Interior Designer: Lu+C Studio


Interior Designer: Superhome Design


Interior Designer: Space Matters

A personalised way to add panache and character to any home, gallery walls are a common sight in the living and/or dining room area. The inexpensive feature wall creates a simulating, visual impact. One of the benefits of this feature wall - you can always update the look by changing the images and frames, rearrange them, or give the background wall a fresh coat of paint.


Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke


Interior Designer: Prozfile

In 3rd place: Track Lightings

Singaporeans may complain about the heat in Singapore but we can't deny that we love the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we are at home. To recreate that warmth, the minimalistic-looking track lighting is a popular favourite among homeowners. Its multi-directional design lets you light up the room and warms up the house while directing the heat away.


Interior Designer: Oakthree Studios

Besides that, trackies act as a good accompanying piece to other more dominant lighting fixtures.


Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design

In 2nd place: Eames Chairs

One of the most sought after chairs is the Eames DSW (means dining height, side chair with wood base) by Herman Miller. Featuring a deep seat pocket propped up by four wooden legs, these functional beauties are light enough to stack up for easy storage and versatile enough to complement your home interior, from the dining room to the study area.

Although white and black Eames chairs are the classic favourites, fabric chairs are gaining popularity as the burst of colour invigorates living spaces.


Interior Designer: Black N White House


Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio


Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

In 1st place: Brick Walls

This needs no introduction as the feature wall comes in different permutations and colour: from the raw, red look to polished, cemented ones and even to undone ones. Despite being done to death, brick walls remain a popular choice and they go well with a variety of home interior styles, adding a rustic / contemporary charm.


Interior Designer: Dan’s Workshop


Interior Designer: Ansana


Interior Designer: Plus Interior

More adventurous souls can hop aboard the trend of choosing brick walls with incomplete layers. Check out this home where the homeowners channel some “uptown funk” with their interesting interpretations of this trend.


Interior Designer: Innerglow Design

With that being said, a home is a place close to your heart. Design and style it in the way you love and feel comfortable in. Here's how Qanvast can help you to achieve that - simply download the app and save beautiful interior pictures you wish to implement in your dream home, and send in a quote request (at no cost) to get quotes and advice from 5 trusted interior designers.

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