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10 Shopee Home Products Under $10 You Never Knew You Needed

August 16, 2021

These simple contraptions will make your life so much easier!

There are some inventions you find online that seem so basic, yet you wonder why didn’t someone think of them earlier. After trawling through Shopee's Home & Living section, we’ve put together a list of 10 such products that are so simple, yet so useful in everyday life. The best part? They are all under $10! *Proceeds to add to cart.

For any room

1. Wall shock pad | $0.39

Shopee home

Prevent damage and scratches from when door handles or furniture hit against the wall with this silicon wall shock pad. Some buyers have also used it to prevent kitchen cabinet doors from banging against the hob.

2. Window groove cleaner | From $1.18

Shopee home

Cleaning every nook and cranny of your window sill just got a whole lot easier with this two-piece sponge cleaner. Plus, the clasp handle means your hands won’t get dirty in the process!

3. Motion sensor night light | From $4.99

Shopee home

Say goodbye to stumbling into furniture when you get up in the middle of the night - to use the toilet or grab a drink of water - with this motion sensor LED night light. It’s also particularly useful for young kids who don’t like walking about in the dark.

For the kitchen

4. Kitchen towel wall hook | $0.65

Shopee home

Most Singaporeans don’t have the luxury of large kitchens. Save precious countertop and cabinet space by mounting this longer-than-average hook on the wall (or even under built-in overhead cabinets) for your kitchen towels.

5. Sink strainer net | From $1.26 (30pc)

Shopee home

Some people find doing the dishes therapeutic, but clearing residue and grime caught in the sink strainer at the end? Nah. With this sink strainer net, simply grab the entire net and dispose!

6. Rotary storage rack | From $9.50

Shopee home

Consider it the Lazy Susan for seasoning; this nifty rotary storage rack gives you easy access to all your seasoning, so you won’t knock over any bottles just to reach those further in.

7. Sauce nozzle pump | $1.13

Shopee home

It’s hard to control the precise amount of sauce that comes out of a glass bottle when you shake it. With this sauce dispenser nozzle, use as many measured pumps as desired, and season to taste!

There also won’t be sauce trapped at the tip of the bottle, so you don’t have to wipe it after every use any more.

For the bedroom

8. Door sealer | $3.49

Shopee home

Here’s a #relatable pet peeve: you’re trying to fall asleep but someone else is still up in the living room, and light/sound seeps in from under your room door. It’s not glaring or loud per se, but it’s definitely keeping you from sleeping - ugh! Not any more with this door sealer!

9. Space-saving hanger | $1.99

Shopee home

Small closet? No problem! This 9-hole hanger lets you squeeze more clothes into a tiny closet without getting them creased. No more waking up early to re-iron your business attire in the morning - what bliss.

For the bathroom

10. Toilet footstool | $6.11

Shopee home

Research has shown that the optimal body position for bowel movement is when knees are higher than the hips, yet the toilets of today aren’t designed that way. This footstool elevates your knees to said optimal position, and is curved on one side so it can be parked neatly against your toilet when not in use.

Hey there — just so you know, all products listed in this article are independently curated by us. By clicking and purchasing from Shopee links, you will help to support our research and work by allowing us to earn a share of sales — here's a big thank you in advance! Do note that prices listed are accurate as of 16 August 2021.

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