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10 Timeless Scandinavian Homes

May 8, 2015

The Scandinavian-style embodies simplicity, functionality and minimalism. When done right, it is versatile, comforting, cosy and always fresh. It’s no wonder it has become one of the most popular interior styles in Singapore. Really, what’s not to like about all its qualities?

Use these following three elements as your guide to a well-designed Scandinavian home. Best of all, feast your eyes to 10 homes that nailed the look below.

Back to Basics

A neutral palette is the trademark of Scandinavian interiors. Think white, grey, taupe, light wood colours and pale blue. To spice things up a bit, contrast this palette with a touch of bold prints and either darker or brighter colours.

Practical Design

A Scandinavian home may be pretty but it is also functional. It should be picture perfect yet livable. That’s the beauty of this popular style. Play special attention to clever storage ideas, comfortable and user-friendly furniture, and avoid clutter.

Go Natural

You can’t proclaim your home as Scandinavian without natural lighting and touches of nature. The ideal layout should be open and airy, decorated by indoor plants and wood grain furniture.

1. Not sure how to incorporate wood grain furniture into your home? Take inspiration from this HDB flat that used it unreservedly well in almost every corner.

10 Timeless Scandinavian Homes

Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design
Location: Anchorvale Link (HDB)
Cost of Renovation: $40,000

2. A quirky take on the Scandinavian-style, this apartment stood out with unique wood grain textures and cheerful furnishings. The whole living space is also made bigger and brighter through the use of glass panels for the study room.


Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Segar Road (HDB, 93sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $50,000

3. The interior designer described their work for this home as “White, cream, and wood tones with a warm backdrop for a practical layout.” That’s certainly what Scandinavian is all about.


Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Location: Hougang (HDB, 130sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $75,000

4. This apartment showcases a lot of quality woodwork, balancing it with raw concrete and clean white walls. What’s worth highlighting here are their enviable walk-in wardrobe and standout dining area.


Interior Design: Space Sense Studio
Location: Punggol (HDB, 90sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $60,000

5. Here’s an apt example of using striking prints and colours against an overall neutral palette. This home enjoys an added character partly due to its loud wallpapers and touches of bright yellow.


Interior Designer: Oakthree Studios
Location: Tampines (HDB, 111sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $65,000

6. Cosy, comfy, and practical is how we would describe this modern apartment. Several clever ideas worth highlighting include the mini drink counter and the dining area mirror that creates an illusion of a bigger space.


Interior Designer: Aart Boxx Interior
Location: Tiong Bahru View (HDB, 93sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $50,000

7. Scandinavian and Country styles are like bread and butter. Marrying them together gives you a bright and airy yet intimate and homely space. This flat does it well, with extra points going to the faux timber beams on ceiling - mimicking the rustic barns in the countryside.


Interior Designer: Linear Space Concept
Pasir Ris (HDB, 149sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $65,000

8. This condo has a soft and calming quality through the use of muted colours, light wood flooring and furniture, and varying wood grain textures. It is one of the few Singapore homes that stayed close to the original Scandinavian-style.


Interior Design: Space Define Interior
Location: The Interlace (condo, 209sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $55,000

9. Scandinavian is versatile because it serves well as a foundation for incorporating additional styles. With industrial elements thrown into the mix, this home has a raw quality to it that makes it extra attractive.


Interior Design: Quirky Idees
Location: Upper Serangoon Cresent (HDB)
Cost of Renovation: $41,000

10. The homeowners of this condo chose a monochromatic palette with dashes of red. Dark wood furniture and glossy flooring replaced the standard Scandinavian light wood materials – an interesting twist from the usual expectations.


Interior Designer: Voila
RiverParc Residence (condo, 149sqm)
Cost of Renovation: $24,000

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