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10 Ultra-Aesthetic, Practical Home Accessories You Need, Stat

Picking the right home accessories is an important aspect of furnishing your home and completing its overall look; it’s one thing to have a home that looks great, and another to have one that feels and works great.

Here are our top 10 home picks from Shopee that don’t just look good – they’re practical as well.

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1. On top of being super-fluffy, these tatami mat cushions ($19.32) and their earthy layers are great for adding a soft touch to your home’s interior. Use them as seating options if you have a low table at home, or when you have friends or family over!

Perfect for: Cosy nooks, sofas, floor seating, and about every ‘lie-down’ area at home.

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2. This is one impressive garbage can ($18.00). Featuring a sleek, gently-moulded shell, combined with a press-type lid and a base compartment for storing spare bags, this item is a must-have accessory for any home.

Perfect for: Bathrooms, kitchens or study rooms that need an interesting (and practical) add-on.

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3. It may not be the most hygienic thing to do, but most of us bring our phones along when we go to the bathroom. This nifty wall mounted storage caddies ($11.43) holds your phone (and toiletries) while you shower or drop the kids off at the pool... enough said.

Perfect for: Bathrooms lacking in handy storage options.

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4. Simple, but that’s the point. This grid hanging shelf ($14.70) gets the job done with its wire frame that can be used to display just about anything you want, from planters to ornaments and even accessories.

Perfect for: Minimalist homes that want an unobtrusive gardening solution or display.

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5. It’s all about furnishing your home with things that make your life more convenient – and organised. This practical, one-of-a-kind hanger ($5.46) can be used to hang everything from belts to bags despite its compact size, making it a handy organising tool for getting your wardrobe in order. The best part? You can even hang them off one another.

Perfect for: Large wardrobes without sufficient built-in storage fixtures.

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6. Taking a page from traditional coat/hat stands, this ultra-adorable, beech-clad cup holder ($13.65) comes with familiar-looking pylons that you can use to hang up your collection of mugs.

Perfect for: Kitchens in need of extra ‘hands’, or those with small dish racks.

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7. Hate how your wires keep slipping off the side of your work table? These stylish and nifty harnesses ($15.89) will keep them organised and in place, so you’ll never need to worry about cable clutter again.

Perfect for: Home offices that are all about productivity and efficiency.

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8. Store your stationery, makeup and valuables in these pastel-coloured boxes ($2.11) and you’ll never have a messy desk again. Stack them up to save even more precious desk space.

Perfect for: Small dressers and work desks with limited surface area.

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9. Like their hard-plastic cousins above, felt storage baskets ($10.36) offer a quick-and-easy way to tidy up your belongings – especially when you have open shelves. Just remember not to place them in wet areas!

Perfect for: A playroom and cluttered shelves that could use an organiser or two.

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10. Meal times will never be boring again with this elegantly-crafted dinnerware set ($1.50 to $8.83). Featuring bowls and spoons decorated with a hand-painted underglaze, this collection is one that home chefs with an artistic flair will love.

Perfect for: Kitchens that are short on great-looking tableware.

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