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10 Ways To Style Up Your Boring Home

“The home should be the treasure chest of living” - Le Corbusier.

A home is a place that is close to our hearts, where we can unwind and enjoy at the end of a long day of work.

If you are looking to redecorate and revitalise your home, we have ten ideas in which you can redesign your home without forking out big bucks!

###1. Standing Mirrors

A casual yet chic feel can be created by placing a couple of standing mirrors at strategic locations around the home.

Check out what these homeowners did by placing a standing mirror besides the dining table which is at one corner of the room! Besides making the space appear bigger, the placement of his mirror at the dining area functions as a good backdrop when taking Instagram pictures of your food.

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Interior Designer: Chapter One
Location: Queenstown

###2. Bright Walls

Revitalize your home by painting one wall in an unexpected shade to add twist to the room.

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Interior Designer: Design Collective
Location: Changi

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Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Balestier

###3. Paintings

Paintings are another good way to bring out your personality within the home. This homeowner opted for the eclectic with a variety of paintings in different styles. Adding paintings around the home is also a good way to jazz up your living space without changing the furniture. You can always start small with one painting and increase your collection over the years.

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Interior Designer: Habit
Location: River Valley

###4. Potted Plants

Integrate nature into an urban space by placing some potted plants around the home. The greenery complements the room nicely and gives it a cosy, relaxed feel. By selecting pots with clean, simple designs, such as the white ceramic or glass pot, like this homeowner did, the potted plant can also be turned into a statement piece that adds a contemporary vibe to the home.

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Interior Designer: Interdesign
Location: Siglap

###5. Cow Hide

Although the Wild West style might not seem to gel with contemporary times, a cowhide piece is a great way to add a relaxed vibe to a room. These homeowners took it up a notch by decorating their home with wood and stone walls and even a fake fireplace so that stepping into their home is like stepping into an American home of the 1860s, although replete with modern technology. Besides adding a Wild West flavour to the home, these cowhide pieces are also exceptionally soft and sleek and are versatile enough to be draped over a sofa or placed on the floor as a rug.

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Interior Designer: Linear Space Concept
Location: The Peak

###6. Gallery Wall

Since the home is where the heart is, why not have a photo wall where you can display pictures of your loved ones? This homeowner even used spotlights to make the photo wall the central piece of his home. Gather a stack of your favourite photos and experiement, until you find a composition that makes you happy.

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Interior Designer: Zidane Design Associates
Location: Serangoon Gardens

###7. Lightings

What better way to brighten up your home than by using interesting lighting fixtures? Quirky lighting fixtures can add a playful vibe to the home even if the furniture is kept simple. Do like this homeowner did and consider lighting fixtures whose designs deviate from the norm such as the ceiling lights in a cluster of shapes and sizes or the standing lamp which forms an arch across half the room. Variety is also key as choosing different kinds of lighting fixtures will help to amp up the picturesque quality of the home.

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Interior Designer: One Stop Concept
Location: Bedok

###8. Mishmash furniture styles
Variety is the spice of life! The same rings true for interior design where choosing furniture of different styles adds an eclectic vibe to the home. Take a leaf from the book of these homeowners who have created interesting homes with a mishmash of furniture of different styles.

In addition to the classic sofa in the living room, this Derby Court home features stools of different materials and styles and even a wooden bench. Although there are many styles of furniture, the homeowner sticks to mostly a brown or cream colour palette so that the combination of the various furniture comes across as more polished than mismatched.

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Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Derby Court

This home at East Coast Road plays around more with colour such as in the orange leather sofa and the blue and monochromatic chairs in the living area. However, to prevent the overall design from getting too overwhelming, the homeowner cleverly chose to leave the walls a cream colour so that the furniture are the main focus of the room.

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Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio
Location: East Coast Road

###9. Recycled material as bed frame
Go eco-friendly by getting a bedframe that is made up of recycled materials! Many furniture makers can skilfully put together a bedframe out of recycled materials, such as in this wooden bedframe, so that it comes across looking more quaint than second hand. Throw a mattress on top and voilà! Your very own one-of-a-kind bed!

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Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Yishun

###10. Display Shelves
For bookworms and toys collectors, show off your collectibles by turning your collection as part of a feature wall.

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Interior Designer: Zidane Design Associates
Location: Loyang

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Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop
Location: Sengkang

With just a little creativity and without redoing your entire home, following these ideas here can help your home to achieve a whole new look. Like what you see here? Download the Qanvast app so you can save these ideas onto your Qanvast boards and explore other interior design projects. You can even get in touch with the interior designers of these projects.

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