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11 Spare Bedroom Ideas: Home Cinemas, Art Studios, and More!

May 7, 2020

You can do pretty much anything with an extra bedroom – just don’t leave it empty!

It’s a common dilemma: You’ve just bought a new 3/4/5-room HDB flat or condo apartment that you and your future family can grow into – but because it’s just the two of you (for now), there’s a spare bedroom that’s been left very empty.

spare bedroom ideas

But instead of letting it go to waste, why not turn it into a functional space where you can enjoy your hobbies or get some work done? Here are 11 ways you can put that extra square footage to better use.

1. Make it part of your communal spaces

Trust us, this idea works like a charm (and its why couples love it). Simply get your interior designer/contractor to knock down the outer walls of the closest bedroom to your living room, and you can use it for just about any purpose. How about a dining area with a cosy reading nook? Or a Japanese-inspired relaxation corner with a raised storage platform?

Yishun Street 43 by i Chapter
Yishun Street 43 by i Chapter

Interior Firm: i Chapter

Bishan Street 22 by D5 Studio Image
Bishan Street 22 by D5 Studio Image

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

2. Transform it into a music room that you can jam out in

Listen up, music lovers! You can absolutely turn a spare bedroom into a jam out space or even a karaoke room to hone your crooning skills. Just be considerate of your neighbours and add sound insulation – you can pad your walls with rockwool like this designer did for his home or install soundproof curtains.

Season View by The Interior Lab

Interior Firm: The Interior Lab

Marsiling Rise by Aart Boxx Interior

Interior Firm: Aart Boxx Interior

3. Put it to use as a walk-in wardrobe

Choosing your #OOTD will be much easier with a walk-in wardrobe of your own, especially if your clothes and fashion accessories are all stored and organised in a dedicated space outfitted with custom built-ins. And while these fashion-friendly spaces can be rooms of their own, you can also turn an adjoining bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe for an overall larger boudoir.

Tampines North Drive 1 by Aart Boxx Interior
Tampines North Drive 1 by Aart Boxx Interior

Interior Firm: Aart Boxx Interior

Clementi Avenue 1 by Juz Interior
Clementi Avenue 1 by Juz Interior

Interior Firm: Juz Interior

4. Create a home gym to accomplish your #fitgoals

With your own exercise corner, you can always answer “yes” when someone asks the question “Do you even lift?”. Plus, this idea isn’t all that hard to execute, just make sure you have enough space for your equipment as well as a mirror wall that allows you to check your form – and you’ll have a bona fide gym that you can use anytime!

Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 by U-Home Interior Design

Interior Firm: U-Home Interior Design

5. Set up a private reading room/library

Sure, open-concept spaces might be all the rage these days, but for introverts, it can be a nightmare especially if you need the privacy of a closed-off area. That said, with a spare room, it’s possible to create a cosy area that’s somewhere in the middle, just like this Toh Guan home’s personal library.

Toh Guan by Hall Interiors
Toh Guan by Hall Interiors

Interior Firm: Hall Interiors

6. Transform it into a creative art studio

Whether you paint, sculpt or design, it helps to have a personal studio where you can collect your thoughts and pursue your creative endeavours distraction-free. So, turn your spare bedroom into a private atelier with pops of cheery colours that’ll fire up your imagination!

Punggol Place by The Makers Design Studio
Tampines Street 32 by Fifth Avenue Interior

Interior Firm: Fifth Avenue Interior

7. Build your own private conference room

This idea is for anyone who works from home – with a private nook you can ensure that your important meetings will go without a hitch. And while there’s the option of having traditional walls, replacing them with glass ones will allow an influx of sunlight, yet retain the privacy you need.

Compassvale Street by 19 Eighty Three
Compassvale Street by 19 Eighty Three

Interior Firm: 19 Eighty Three

8. Have a private theatre where you can unwind

If your idea of a good weekend is staying in and enjoying a movie marathon, then you might want to set aside some space for a dedicated home theatre. And what better (read: space-efficient) way is there to replicate the thrill of the cinema experience than to kit out a spare room with a surround sound system, projector/widescreen TV and plush seats?

Lilydale by Swiss Interior Design
Lilydale by Swiss Interior Design

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

9. Use it as a guest room for friends or family

Using a spare bedroom as… well, a bedroom, is perfect if you have friends and/or family staying over frequently. However, it doesn’t always have to be a sleeping area 24/7. Multi-use guest rooms are flexible spaces, and they can be converted into a storeroom or study with the right fixtures like folding beds and ceiling height cabinetry.

The Seawind by Habit

Interior Firm: Habit

10. Turn it into a mini ‘museum’ for your collections

Whether they consist of vinyl figurines, soft toys or plastic models, your prized collections deserve their own spot in your home – and turning a spare bedroom into a showroom of sorts is a great way to both show off your possessions and ensure they stay organised.

Sumang Lane by Ethereall

Interior Firm: Ethereall

Yishun Ring Road by Diva's Interior Design

Interior Firm: Diva's Interior Design

11. Merge it with another bedroom to create a ‘study-bedroom-bathroom’ combo!

Combining two bedrooms, plus an open-concept bathroom into a single, extra-spacious suite? Sign us up, because we love luxurious spaces that look like they belong in a 5-star hotel. But more importantly, this idea lets you get the most out of an underused room – and that’s satisfying in its own way.

Strathmore Avenue by MET Interior
Strathmore Avenue by MET Interior
Strathmore Avenue by MET Interior

Interior Firm: MET Interior

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