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12 Home Organisation Items from Shopee to Help You Declutter

Cheap and easy ways to keep your things tidy.

Is your house perpetually messy? You’re not alone. But thankfully, Shopee is chock full of affordable home organisation items to keep your place tidy.

To save you from scouring through the huge range of products available, we’ve shortlisted some of our favourites.

1. Multi-functional tissue box | from $11.38

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This multifunctional tissue box holder comes with additional compartments to stow your things away, which you can use to organise just about anything! Remote controls, makeup products, stationery, devices...the list goes on.

Coming in pink, blue, and grey, its aesthetically-pleasing design will fit in just about any household, no matter what your home’s interior design style is.

2. Stackable shoe organisers | from $19.90

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Interior firm: LS2 Design & Construction

Got an ever-growing collection of footwear? This stackable shoe organiser might help. It’s an affordable item that comes in bundles of 3, which you can purchase whenever you add another pair of shoes to your collection.

Each box comes with a sliding tray at the base, so you can easily take your shoes out no matter how high or low the box is. Rest assured that it can fit in just about any home – as the project above shows, it can even be used as a feature wall of sorts!

3. Linen storage boxes | from $6.90

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If your daily morning routine involves rifling through your closet just to find something to wear, perhaps it’s time to get some closet organisers. These MUJI-like ones come in different sizes that come in different sizes that can be used to organise everything from your undergarments to your T-shirts. There are even versions that come with grids - perfect for keeping smaller items like your socks.

4. Bedside organiser | $7.23

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Space can be tight if your kids are sharing bunk beds in their room, so do them a favour and get them these bedside organisers, which you can simply sling over the side of the bed. They’ve got ample space for bedside essentials such as your tissues or spectacles, so everything you need for bedtime will always be within reach.

5. Makeup storage box | from $9.90

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Makeup storage boxes don’t come any cuter than this! There’s tons of room for your products, including drawers which can be used to store smaller items like your lipsticks and eyeliners. And to top it all off, it’s also portable, making it easy to shift your stuff around without causing any messes.

6. Monitor Ergonomic Stand | $18

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Thanks to WFH becoming the work default, home offices are becoming a huge trend. If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a monitor stand. They don’t just improve your sitting posture, they also double up as storage space that provides room for your keyboard, mouse, notebooks, and other essentials after work hours.

7. Under sink organisers | from $9.90

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The area under our sinks is notorious for being one of the most cluttered spaces in our homes, and that’s why you should get these under-sink organisers. They have two tiers to sort out different products, with a pull-out drawer in the lower tier that lets you reach for the item you need without too much trouble.

8. Box organisers | from $2.24

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Are your drawers a heaping mess? If so, you definitely need these box organisers. They come in 3 different sizes that you can mix and match to organise the stuff you have on hand - and as a plus, they come in pretty shades of pink, blue, white, and grey as well.

They’re pretty inexpensive as well, with individual pieces going for around $2.24 a piece and 3-piece bundles coming up to just $6.59.

9. Lazy Susan rotating trays | from $6.88

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No, Lazy Susans aren’t just reserved for your dinner tables. As this particular product shows, they can also be used to reach those items hidden deep in the abyss of your cupboard. What’s also great about them is their versatility, as they can be used to hold everything from your condiments to your makeup products.

10. Laundry basket with dividers | from $17.80

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Sorting through your clothes before a wash can be tedious, especially if you have a large load. Well, that won’t be a thing any more with these laundry baskets. They’ve got dividers separating the light clothes from the dark, so simply toss in your dirty clothes into the respective hampers to avoid colour run stains.

11. Crib diaper bag | from $39.90

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Here’s one for the parents out there. The next time your baby fusses, you’ll have all your essentials at the ready in this diaper bag, which you can sling over the crib for your convenience.

Diapers? Check. Extra clothes? Got it. There’s even a dedicated bottle storage net to prevent your bottles from falling over, so you can have your baby’s milk ready to go the next time they’re hungry.

12. Multi-tier plant shelf | from $35

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Interior firm: Thom Signature Design

If you’re a plant parent, don’t be that neighbour who crowds their corridors with their plant babies. Instead, get this multi-tier plant shelf instead! It’s a space-saving option that lets you utilise the otherwise-unused height to provide platforms for your plants to grow.

Tip: if your shelf is near a window, place the plants that require less light at the bottom, and the others at the top to maximise their growth.

Hey there — just so you know, all products listed in this article are independently curated by us. By clicking and purchasing from Shopee links, you will help to support our research and work by allowing us to earn a share of sales — here's a big thank you in advance! Do note that prices listed are accurate as of 28 May 2021.

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