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15 Affordable Buys from Ezbuy If You’re on a Tight Budget

These stylish bargain buys from ezbuy are perfect if you’re planning to save on furnishing costs.

Furnishing a home is often a pricey affair, but there are a couple of ways to work around the cost. Moving in with your existing furniture and getting second-hand pieces are both feasible solutions, but they aren’t always the most ideal ones, especially when these pre-loved items look too worn out for your newly-renovated home.

Instead, why not consider making your home purchases online where it’s possible to save without sacrificing style? Below, a list of 15 trendy (and affordable) best-sellers from ezbuy that’ll let you outfit every room without breaking the bank.

For the living room

1. Nordic 2/3-seater sofa (From $100.28)

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There isn’t much to say about this simple-looking sofa, except that it’s a great fit for any minimalist home in need of a comfortable cotton seat. Also, for its price, it’s a definite steal.

2. Bubble chandelier with adjustable arms (From $57.64)

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Lamps are a necessity for any living room: aside from ensuring sufficient illumination, they are also essential for setting the mood – and in the case of this bubble chandelier, great for injecting style.

3. Pumpkin coffee table (From $83.43)

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Abandoning the rigid rectangular form of its traditional counterparts in favour of a fun spherical profile, this pumpkin coffee table is bound to be a conversation starter.

4. Multipurpose hexagon tables (From $51.97)

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Whether you intend to use them for living room storage or as room accents, these multipurpose hexagon tables look great on display.

For the home bar

5. Marble bar table ($197.80)

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Every home bar needs… well, a bar. But just in case you haven’t got one (or don’t want a build-in), this marble bar table will suffice with its classy top and sleek, but sturdy metal frame.

6. Butterfly knot chair (From $50.14)

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A millenial home must-have, this chair is another conversation starter for the home. Also, no prizes for guessing how this fun-looking chair got its name.

7. Spherical pendant lamp (From $44.61)

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It seems that spherical pendants are everywhere these days, but these come wrapped around a metallic hoop, making them extra-special.

For the balcony and cosy corners

8. Marble accent table and wire chair (From $55.64)

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An elegant marble top isn’t the only thing that this accent table has to offer. Sturdy fine iron legs and a matching seat make for a furniture set that’s perfect for weekend siestas.

For the study

9. Compact work desk with drawers (From $31.29)

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A sturdy work surface is a must for any home office, and that’s exactly what this solid wood desk provides with its compact plywood top. Meanwhile, a pair of inbuilt drawers makes it easy to stow away stationery and other work supplies.

10. Ladder rack display shelf (From $132.68)

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Wall-mounted shelves are great because they (almost) never topple, and that goes for these displays, which come with a robust metal tube frame.

11. Assorted geometric ceiling lamps (from $11.82)

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If you can’t decide between a box lamp and track lights, why not get a couple to try out? Priced between $11.82 to $15.72, these fixtures are reasonably pocket-friendly to experiment with.

For the bedroom

12. Dressing table with side drawers (From $$109.75)

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Need extra storage for your cosmetics and jewellery? Ask for the two-drawer model of this dresser table. Otherwise, just order the single drawer version and save space in your bedroom.

13. Wood ladder rack ($23.07)

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This leaning rack isn’t just looks and no substance; capable of taking loads of up to 75kg, it’s actually usable as a ladder when you need one.

For the kids’ room

14. Smiley night stand (From $80.59)

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If this night stand doesn’t put a smile on your children’s faces, it’ll surely put one on yours because of its affordable price tag.

15. Alpaca children’s footstool (From $77.64)

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“Dawwwwww.” Complete the room with this cute addition that your kids will fall in love with!

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