15 Dreamlike Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Cozy Escapes 15

15 Dreamlike Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Cozy Escapes

June 9, 2016

As if getting up in the morning wasn’t hard enough, imagine sleeping in these alluring bedrooms – leaving the bed would surely be twice as tough! We all deserve a restful space for us to wind down our mind and body after every hectic day, and it always pays off to put a little more effort and budget into designing the bedroom. Here are the different ways and styles that you can use to create your own little slice of heaven at home.

1. Get in the mood for love with a dark, seductive colour scheme for the bedroom. Shades such as charcoal and grey can give the space an opulent appeal, with the help of some ambient lighting. To take things to another level, install a see-through bathroom wall to really turn the heat up!

Interior Designer: Spire ID
Location: Lorong Stangee

2. If you like changing the look of your bedroom from time to time, look to decorating with accessories instead of more permanent built-in features. Here, the industrial-style standing fan and exposed light bulbs are nicely styled with the rustic bedside table and ceiling light to create a rather individualistic appeal.

Interior Designer: Flipside Design
Location: Foresque

3. There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics with neutral colours. It has the amazing ability to brighten up the space, and gives one an uplifting sense of lightness. To prevent the space from appearing “flat”, the homeowners took a risk and included a Tetris-inspired feature wall. By using soft cream colours and pastel shades, the graphics stood out enough to add interest to the room, without being too jarring.

Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Bedok Reservoir (Block 747A)

4. If the phrase “uncluttered space, uncluttered mind” rings true to you, consider keeping the interior design of your bedroom as simple as possible. Simply by mirroring the bed’s headboard cladding with the deep timber window frame, this exquisitely clutter-free zone looks polished and elegant without trying too hard.

Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Meier Suites

5. To better ease into a good rest each night, one should always slow down mentally and physically just before bed. And what better way to get into this mindset than with a bedroom that’s as soothing and zen as this!

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: RiverParc Residence

6. The un-glossed wooden floors, bedframe, and bedside table imbue this bedroom with a cosiness that’s nicely complemented with the crisp white surfaces that frame the space. The headboard panel also enables the bed area to feel cosy despite being placed right the middle of the room.

Interior Designer: 82
Location: Coldstream Avenue

7. From the enveloping tufted headboard that looks amazingly snug, to the designer accessories, this tastefully luxurious bedroom is the epitome of class!

Architect: TOPOS Design Studio
Location: Trillium

8. Floral wallpaper? Check. French furniture? Check. Wainscoted walls? Check. We must be in an aristocrat’s home! With a classic European style bedroom, you can now turn your fantasy of living like royalty into reality.

Interior Designer: Icon Interior
Location: Sentosa Cove

9. This unfussy, monochromatic master bedroom is made a whole lot more chic and boutique hotel-like thanks to the transparent bathroom divider, and a standalone bath tub.

Architect: Studio JP
Location: Spanish Village

10. This couple of homeowners reminds us that home décor is not all about perfect styling and luxe materials – you can get a bedroom to look as good when you just have fun with it! We’re absolutely sold on the room’s quirky and colourful décor, which evokes a certain light-heartedness.

Interior Designer: Dan’s Workshop
Location: Trivelis

11. Wallpapers are a quick and easy solution for changing the entire look of a space. The rococo motifs on this bedroom’s dark-coloured feature wall are such a fabulous touch!

Interior Designer: Quirky Idees
Location: Casa Merah

12. Thanks to the master bedroom’s generous storage compartments, the entire space is kept free of clutter, allowing the already spacious room to appear even larger. This illusion is further emphasised by keeping the darker shades of brown closer to the floor, and painting the ceilings white.

Interior Designer: Habit
Location: Boon Tiong (block 10A)

13. For those who see the bedroom as solely a place for rest, strip it all the way down to its purest utilitarian form. Without any distractions such as a television, or other visually stimulating design elements, perhaps your mind would also take the cue and start winding down into a more restful state.

Interior Designer: Wee Studio
Location: Punggol Field (Block 259B)

14. The cream-coloured curtains not only add to the bedroom’s resort-like aesthetics, but also make tucking into bed feel extra cosy.

Interior Designer: Edge Interior
Location: Anchorvale Crescent (Block 336A)

15. The dark colour scheme, as well as the platform design of this bedroom creates the feeling of stepping into a cosy and sultry cocoon.

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Waterfront Waves

Bedrooms are the one space where you get to recharge. If you need help to design your home, request for a complimentary quote today.

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