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2, 3, 4 and 5-Room Layout Woes for Canberra BTOs: SOLVED

Here are some real-life HDB layout examples to get those creative juices flowing!

Calling all Canberra BTO owners-to-be! The T.O.P for the newest estates (EastLink I & II, EastDelta as well as EastCreek) is expected to take place by December this year and that can only mean one thing – it's time to get renovation ideas for your new home!

To get you started, we found homes with similar layouts that you can take inspiration from. And if any of them catch your fancy, feel free to throw in your own ideas or let us know to get in touch with their designers!

Layout Ideas for 2-room BTO flats in Canberra

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Suggested floor plan for a 2-room flat at EastCreek | Source: HDB

Because of how compact it is, you've got to get clever to get the most out of a 2-room flat's layout; one method you can try is to get built-ins that minimise visual clutter and add function.

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Floor plan of an EastWave 2-room flat (Source: HDB)

In the case of this compact Canberra apartment, it was decked out with sleek, full-height cabinetry by The Makers Design Studio, which conceal the household shelter, television and even private home zones.

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View this project by The Makers Design Studio

Meanwhile, by using the same natural textures and colours throughout, the team at The Makers Studio managed to achieve a near-seamless look. A 'guest room' was also created by erecting dividers to carve a cosy nook in the living area.

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Layout Ideas for 3-room BTO flats in Canberra

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Suggested floor plan for a 3-room flat at EastCreek | Source: HDB

Because of how they are laid out, some 3-room flats have a rather narrow kitchen, and this issue can be encountered not just in Canberra EastCreek flats but also their counterparts at the Toa Payoh Apex development as they share identical layouts.

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Floor plan of a 3-room flat at Toa Payoh Apex (Source: HDB)

To solve the problem, Arche Interior worked around space constraints by creating an L-shaped counter that makes the most of the space with a right-angled configuration. Outside, a drop-leaf counter and a pair of bar stools serves as a cosy breakfast corner.

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View this project by Arche Interior

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Layout Ideas for 4-room BTO flats in Canberra

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Suggested floor plan for a 4-room flat at EastCreek (Source: HDB)

The open-concept layout isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and while most homeowners would (reasonably) expect to need knock a wall or two to get the look, it isn't always a necessary step.

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Floor plan of an EastBrook 4-room flat (Source: HDB)

For example, this home by Starry Homestead achieves the open airy look that everyone loves by simply incorporating plenty of see-through windows and doors that allow natural light to pass through unimpeded.

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View this project by Starry Homestead

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Oh, and if you find that your household shelter sticks out like a sore thumb, work in cabinets to conceal it!

Layout Ideas for 5-room BTO flats in Canberra

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Suggested floor plan for a 5-room flat at EastDelta (Source: HDB)

If your space allows, having larger built-ins installed can be helpful for turning your home into a minimalist haven. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this other 5-room flat from the earlier Canberra EastWave development!

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Floor plan of an EastWave 5-room flat (Source: HDB)

Classy moulding and sleek white scheme aside, what The Scientist also created for this home was a window-side settee with powder-pink drawer fronts as a living room storage solution.

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View this project by The Scientist

Peek into the master bedroom and you'll discover new, additional built-ins as well. Here, a well-placed wall of full-height cabinets between the sleeping zone and en suite pulls double duty as a privacy barrier and essential storage.

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Get more than just layout advice from us!

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