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3 Other Uses for Switches/Sockets That Many Homeowners Don't Know

June 24, 2022

Time to switch things up.

Considering that the main purpose of a switch or socket is to provide electricity, you’ve probably never wondered if they could be useful in other ways. But the truth is, they can do more than that – like contribute to your home aesthetic and boost your productivity, for instance.

uses for switches sockets

Not convinced? Wait till you check out Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn range. Featuring two new lines of electrical accessories that are a) quick-charging, and b) antibacterial, you’ll soon come to know of functions you never knew you needed in a switch or socket.

1. It can boost productivity by charging your devices quickly

Any tech-savvy person would know the pains of leaving your device to charge for an hour, only to find that the battery level has barely gone up.

uses for switches sockets

As far as first world problems go, this is probably at the top. But that’s where electrical accessories like the AvatarOn High-Power USB sockets come in, as it possesses a quick-charging feature that lets you charge your devices up to 70% in just 30 minutes!

Coming in 45W and 65W variants (the latter of which is currently the fastest one in the market!), it’s equipped with a USB Type C port, which allows you to directly plug in devices like laptops and smart watches without needing a converter.

Plus, it also possesses a smart dynamic charging feature, where the in-built sensor slows down the charging process upon detecting a temperature increase – so no risk of damage caused by overcharging or overheating.

2. It can keep germs at bay

Rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, or nursery, tend to have more ‘high touch’ areas

(i.e. places that people frequently touch or grab), so keeping these places germ-free is important to protect yourself and your loved ones.

uses for switches sockets

Note: both the AvatarOn Antibacterial switches and sockets only come in white

These days, materials with antibacterial qualities are your best friends – like the AvatarOn Antibacterial switches and sockets, for instance. Its surface contains silver ions, which act as a shield against icky things like bacteria, keeping the switch clean and hygienic all day.

What this means is that it’s a long-term solution that reduces the need to regularly sanitise the switch.

Bonus: it can contribute to your home’s aesthetic

uses for switches sockets

If you’ve ever wished your switches look a wee bit more exciting, this one’s for you. The AvatarOn switches (with the exception of those from the Antibacterial line) all come with snap-on covers that are not only customisable, but are also easily interchangeable.

uses for switches sockets

Designs aren’t just limited to solid blocks of colour. In fact, you can use anything from splotches of patterns, pictures of your family, custom artwork of your favourite Marvel character… the possibilities are endless!

And from a functional perspective, choosing different designs for each switch will help you better remember the switch associated with a particular room.

uses for switches sockets

Alternatively, these switches come in a variety of colours and sleek finishes – so finding one that matches your home aesthetic will be a breeze. These include shades of wine gold, dark grey, and even wood!

Switch things up with Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn switches and sockets

Here's an exclusive deal for you readers. For the month of July, snag this sweet voucher that gets you a 10% discount off the AvatarOn Antibacterial products!

For a full list of switches and sockets from Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn line, be sure to follow Schneider Electric on their Shopee and Lazada pages – which will also help you stay updated on any of their current promos.

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