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4 Must-Dos to Get Your Home CNY-Ready (and Be a Good Host)

Here’s how to bring your home from messy to classy right before CNY!

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Aside from reunion dinners, baked goodies, and visiting, there’s also some housekeeping involved – namely, tidying up the home and getting it ready for guests.

If you don’t know where to get started, no worries – just follow these simple steps. Best of all, everything you need is available at HOOGA!

Keep scrolling to see these tips and product recommendations:

1. Organise your home

Clutter is akin to unfinished business, and no one wants to bring that into the new year. That’s why the first step in getting your home CNY-ready is to throw out or donate what you don’t need, and tidy up everything you decide to keep. Not only does this let you start the new year on a proverbial clean slate, it also clears up space and makes your home more visually presentable for your guests.

CNY-Ready Home
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Cayla Trinket Box (left) and Zephyr Jewellery Box (right).

And here’s a tip: get organisers only after you declutter your home! If you get them before that, you may end up getting more than you need – which ironically just creates additional clutter.

For organisers that are both minimalist-looking and aesthetically-pleasing, you’ll be glad to know that HOOGA has a whole range of them! Specifically:

Cayla Trinket Box ($33.90) | Zephyr Jewellery Box ($23.90)

(Bonus) CNY must-have for visitations:

CNY-Ready Home
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Then, when it’s your turn to go on house visitations, bring your oranges along in this Ximone Fruit Tote Bag ($4.90)! Not only does it look chic, it’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags that you can use whenever you’re out on a grocery run after CNY.

2. Get new beddings

The new year is all about fresh beginnings – so aside from just getting new clothes, you should also consider new mattresses and bedsheets!

CNY-Ready Home
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Ralphson Gereon Lobster Bisque Quilt Cover Set (left) and Rayvon Talore Fitted Sheet Set (right).

Materials are, of course, a huge consideration for beddings – and in sunny Singapore, your best bet is Tencel sheets (or cotton sateen for those with more sensitive skin).

But other than that, you’ll also have to consider the colours. As per Chinese customs, you might want to go for bright colours as they symbolise prosperity. Try looking at vibrant bedsheets in your shade of choice, or neutral-coloured ones with subtle patterns for a more versatile option.

CNY-Ready Home
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While you’re replacing your beddings, why not get a whole new mattress as well? If you don’t want to wrack your brains to find the right mattress type, your best bet is a hybrid mattress. It’s versatile enough to suit most people regardless of sleeping needs – and they’re super comfortable to boot!

Ralphson Gereon Lobster Bisque Quilt Cover Set ($99) | Rayvon Talore Fitted Sheet Set ($59) | Kloud Mattress (from $469)

(Psst: by the way, HOOGA is currently offering a 20% discount for all bed linens – click the button below to see what’s up for grabs!)


3. Keep your guests comfortable

CNY-Ready Home
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Souf Throw Muted Clay (left) and Nat String Blanket/Sand (right).

If you’re having guests over for the new year, they’ll likely be sticking around for a while. Simple things like blankets and throws can go a long way to ensure they remain comfortable – like keeping them warm if the aircon gets too cold, or giving them something soft to snuggle up with.

CNY-Ready Home
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White Intense Reed Diffuser

While you’re at it, why not throw in a nice-smelling fragrance as well? This, coupled with the other accessories, will not only be useful for your guests during Chinese New Year – in fact, you can keep them long after that, and use them to create your own cosy corner!

Hooga Throw Souf Muted Clay ($26.90) | Hooga Blanket Nat String/Sand ($19.90) | White Intense Reed Diffuser ($19.90)

4. Prepare fresh bath towels for guests to wash up

As exciting as CNY visits are, they can also be tiring – especially if your guests stick around till the wee hours of the morning (overnight Mahjong, anyone?). They’ll probably need a quick shower or a washup to keep themselves refreshed – so be sure to have some soft bath towels ready for them before that.

CNY-Ready Home
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Chloe Bath Towels (left) and Marta Bath Towels (right).

And while you’re at it, get one for yourself too. Trust us – sinking into a soft, fluffy bath towel after a relaxing shower is one of life’s most underrated simple pleasures!

Chloe Frappe Bath Towel ($16.90) | Marta Cloud Pink Bath Towel ($23.90)

Freshen up your space this Chinese New Year

It doesn’t take a ton of effort to get into the festive mood – and with this simple guide, sprucing up your home and getting it ready for CNY really is no trouble at all!

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