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4 Ways to Level Up Your Home Using Porcelain Slabs from FLORIM Stone

June 28, 2022 · Paid Partnership with Hafary

Materials that’ll elevate your home, both functionally and aesthetically.

When considering materials to use in a home, there are a couple of go-tos like natural stone slabs, ceramic tiles, and of course, wood. Then there’s porcelain which, for its understated elegance, deserves to see use in more varied applications.

florim stone porcelain

Porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone on display at the Hafary Gallery in Eunos

Despite what its rigid appearance would suggest, porcelain offers plenty of flexibility in design due to its inherent properties. For instance, because of their non-porosity, porcelain slabs are frequently turned into durable countertops that are also bacteria- and stain-resistant.

florim stone porcelain

And depending on where your porcelain slabs are from, you can accomplish more with them than just hardy, hygienic surfaces – keep scrolling for some creative home design ideas that utilise Italian-made porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone, available locally at Hafary!

1. Create durable countertops with speciality edges

florim stone porcelain

Double bullnose (right) and full bullnose (left) edging for countertops.

“It’s often the little things that make the most difference”, while this saying is most certainly a cliché, it does hold true for countertop design.

Each countertop edge type has its own pros and cons, like for instance, circular ones like double bullnose, full bullnose and round edges are a suitable option for any kid-friendly home, but are less efficient at preventing liquid spills from reaching your cabinets due to their curvature.

In comparison, a mitred edge might be perfect for creating ‘waterfall’ countertops but is less child-safe due to its sharper corners.

florim stone porcelain

Round (right) and mitred (left) edging for countertops.

Putting aside the debate about which countertop edge is the best, though, one thing is certain: porcelain is a versatile material that deserves consideration for your next kitchen top – not just because of its customisability, but also its innate resistance to heat, scratches, stains, and water.

florim stone porcelain

2. Build feature walls that last and leave a lasting impression

florim stone porcelain

Wood, brick, and cement are probably the material options that designers and homeowners most frequently turn to for an attention-grabbing feature wall, but it’s possible to create one with porcelain from FLORIM Stone too.

Such FLORIM Stone slabs are available in a wide range of authentic-looking finishes that flawlessly mimic the appearance of natural stone and metal with the help of digital printing technology.

florim stone porcelain

Options include, but aren’t limited to, russet metal, glossy black marble, as well as marble with gold veins.

Furthermore, unlike their natural counterparts, FLORIM Stone porcelain slabs are less demanding to upkeep as they don’t require regular sealing or varnishing – all that’s needed is an occasional wipe down with a wet cloth.

3. Fabricate a bespoke porcelain table

florim stone porcelain

Other than serving as cladding for floors and walls, porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone can too be used to create custom furniture. For example, due to their large size (3,200 x 1,600 mm) and adequate thickness (12 mm), these slabs can be turned into sturdy dining table and/or counter tops, which as a plus, are also perfectly seamless.

florim stone porcelain

The reverse side of a FLORIM Stone porcelain slab (left) and a regular ceramic tile (right).

Additionally, as all FLORIM Stone porcelain slabs are reinforced with a fibreglass mesh on the back, you can rest assured that your custom dining table won’t crack under pressure, whether you’re hosting a guest or eight.

4. Create luxe bathroom fixtures

florim stone porcelain

Due to their large size and ability to handle breaking strength demands, porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone can also be easily turned into bespoke fixtures such as bathroom vanity tops, or the cladding of bathtub surfaces for a more distinctive look.

But regardless of shape, size or application, these porcelain add-ons will be bacteria-free (due to their aforementioned low porosity), thus making them must-haves for any fastidious homeowner who desires a hygienic bathroom and/or kitchen.

Where to get porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone in Singapore

florim stone porcelain

The Hafary Gallery at Eunos is Singapore’s destination for all things related to building materials, which other than a huge selection of tiles and natural stone, also includes porcelain slabs from FLORIM Stone.

For the full range of slab colours, patterns, and sizes available, check out the FLORIM Stone section on the second floor of the Hafary Gallery located at 105 Eunos Avenue 3, Singapore 409836!

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