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5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid

A life without regrets is impossible, but the very least we can do is to help you avoid the most common regrets that people had when renovating their home. Navigate these pitfalls like a pro and get a good head start on your home renovation journey now.

Regret 1: Taking On A Renovation Package Because It Seems Like A Good Deal

5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid
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We know that renovation packages may appear enticing. However, they typically cover the basic renovation work, and some have been known to stack costs once renovation commences, with you paying extra for any additional work required to obtain better quality workmanship.

Our advice: Unless there is a need to move in urgently and you are unfussy with the design, package may be a better deal. Otherwise, take some time to discuss your requirements and needs with the designer as they can customise a home design that fits your living lifestyle.

That said, if you are going with the package deal, make an effort to understand what the package entails before signing on the dotted line, as the inflexibility to change certain items may set in once you signed.

Regret 2: Relying Solely On Friends/Family For Recommendations On Home Professionals

5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid
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Many turn to a trusted friend or family for recommendations, or go with a family member who may be in this trade, especially after hearing horror stories of what could go wrong during renovation. Unknown to many, what worked for them may not work for you as working chemistry and experiences between the homeowner and interior designer can differ widely.

Plus, the last thing you would want is to ruin the relationship, especially when it comes to monetary terms and giving feedback on the renovation.

Our advice: Based on our interviews with homeowners, most of them selected their interior designers based on the chemistry they had. So before you say “yes” to the interior designer, trust your own guts and ask yourself if you are comfortable to work and entrust your home with him/her.

Regret 3: Listening To The Advice Of Many Well-meaning People

5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid
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When you announce that you are renovating your home, all kinds of people start coming out of the woodwork to bombard you with well-meaning advice from all directions, and it can be rather overwhelming. While they have good intentions, it’s important to keep in mind that their advice and preferences might not be suitable for you.

Our advice: A home should reflect what you want, so filter out the advice that might actually be helpful from the less-than-helpful ones.

Regret 4: Procrastinating To The Very Last Minute On Your Renovation

5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid
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We have met homeowners who got all flustered when they were unable to move into their new home in time, due to unforseen delays. Start early, plan ahead and factor in extra time for delays.

Also, take note of the peak period such as during festive seasons such as year-end holidays, Lunar New Year and Hari Raya. Afterall, you wouldn’t want the designer who serves you to be too occupied with other projects.

Our advice: If you give yourself three months to work on your renovation, you’re probably late. Here's a renovation timeline to help you with the planning to view a simple timeline on when you should get started. If you need help to get acquainted with a trusted home professional, drop us a quote request. We will handpick 5 interior designers that would suit your renovation requirements.

5 Common Renovation Regrets To Avoid
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Can you live with dangling wire lightings in your steel-grey industrial décor in five years time? How about scribbling love notes on your kitchen chalkboard when you are ten years older? Magazines and Pinterest are a great way to collect interior ideas but don’t be fooled by interior fads and clever photo styling behind the pictures.

Our advice: Before you start to follow what’s cool and popular, first assess how long you will be staying in there, and if you can live comfortably in this décor in the next few years. We understand that most people like to live in a home that is a reflection of their personality. Hey, that’s fine. Go create a home that you would feel happy to be living in for at least the next five years, without any regrets. :)

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