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5 Different Ways You Can Place a TV in Your Living Spaces

November 23, 2020 · Paid Partnership with Sony

Practical and stylish ideas for incorporating a TV into your home.

While it would seem like a no-brainer, finding the best way to fit a TV into your living spaces is harder than most people would think.

For starters, there’s the question of where it should go. On the wall? In the centre of a bookcase? Or should you mount it in a corner? In any case, there are plenty of mounting options to explore – and here are 5 space-savvy examples that you can try for your home!

how to mount TV in living room

1. Make your TV the centrepiece of your display wall

how to mount TV in living room

Making a TV the focus of a display wall usually also means making it part of a larger piece of multipurpose furniture like a bookcase or a customised storage built-in, and that’s great, especially if you have an entire section of wall to fill and maximise.

That said, don’t forget to ensure your TV is mounted at the right height! For comfortable viewing without having to crane your neck, it’s recommended to have your wall-mounted TV placed at eye level.

2. Have your TV mounted on a swivel mount

how to mount TV in living room

Having your TV mounted on a swivel mount is a great idea in homes where there are multiple communal areas within the same zone – all you have to do is simply rotate the screen and it’ll be where you want it to be. Plus, that also means you’ll only need to put your money into a single TV for both your living room and your dining area.

3. Create a half-height TV wall with storage at the back

how to mount TV in living room

Half-height walls (or pony walls) are traditionally used to provide a degree of privacy between rooms, but these structures also make for ideal TV feature walls in open-concept homes as they tend to take up less vertical space. Plus, when designed they are with cabinets on the front or back, half walls can serve a storage purpose too!

Jalan Rumah Tinggi by The Makers Design Studio

4. Maximise small spaces by placing your TV in the corner

how to mount TV in living room

One practical way to fill up dead space would be to simply have your TV mounted in an empty corner or nook.

While it might seem like an impractical idea, installing your TV in these unused areas could actually allow you to reduce glare from natural light (especially if there’s a window nearby), on top of giving you the flexibility to view your screen from other areas that are outside your communal zones.

5. Simply place your TV on a console

how to mount TV in living room

Placing a TV on a console might be the quickest and easiest way to position a screen in your living space, but even this method has nuances to it. Console height aside, you’ll also want to take note of the optimum viewing distance for your TV’s size.

For 4K TVs, the recommended distance is about 1m for a 55-inch screen and approximately 1.2m for a 65-inch screen – and this matters because sitting far enough will create the impression of more lifelike TV images as you won’t be able to observe individual pixels moving on-screen.

Placement aside, take note of these modern-day TV features too!

Finding the best TV mounting method for your home certainly matters, but so is getting the right TV. And here are 3 attractive features that you’ll want to look out for in the latest TVs, such as Sony's BRAVIA series!

1. A powerful processor that enhances on-screen visuals

how to mount TV in living room

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

Not unlike computers, modern TVs come with processors in them and they serve the purpose of improving the quality of images shown onscreen.

For instance, the X1 processor in BRAVIA TVs (the same one used in its high-end 8K TVs) analyses images to boost colour, contrast and clarity, which gives it a picture quality that’s more lifelike than what any conventional TV is capable of producing.

how to mount TV in living room

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

Furthermore, Sony's BRAVIA TVs possess a special X-Wide Angle panel (or in non-geek speak, a proprietary LCD display) so regardless of where you’re seated on the living room sofa, on-screen colours will look the same.

2. Better-positioned speakers for synchronised audio and images

how to mount TV in living room

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

Ever experienced situations where your TV audio isn’t in sync with what’s being shown onscreen? Well, it’s not just you.

Most conventional TVs have their in-built speakers located below the screen, but in the case of BRAVIA TVs with Acoustic Sound Technology, their tweeters (specialised speakers for high frequency sounds) are located at the back for better sound-to-image synchronisation. Meaning that you’ll encounter less situations where the wrong words are coming out at the wrong time.

3. A discrete design that lets you focus on what matters: your entertainment

how to mount TV in living room

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

For anyone who takes their entertainment seriously, there’s already plenty that gets in the way of precious me-time (kids, household chores, etc) and that means you could do without the typical aesthetic concerns that come with a regular TV, such as cable clutter and unattractive, plastic-looking bezels.

how to mount TV in living room
how to mount TV in living room

Thankfully, BRAVIA TVs have everything that design lovers would want in a stylish screen. Excellent contrast and sound aside, it also has an ultra-slim flush aluminium bezel, a convenient cable holder, plus a discrete stand with adjustable leg blades that allow the entire TV to sit nicely on consoles both small and large.

And because of all that, Sony’s latest television is certainly a TV option you should consider, especially if you're a homeowner who values interior design as much as your personal entertainment!

Visit Sony’s homepage to find out more about the specifications and features of the BRAVIA TV line as well as related monthly promotions!

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