5 Home Designs That Save You From Extra Cleaning & Costs! 6

5 Home Designs That Save You From Extra Cleaning & Costs!

February 2, 2016

If you haven’t seen our weekly column on the renovation journey interviews we had with our homeowners, go check them out! Apart from being able to admire their beautiful abode, we get to hear their renovation stories and handy tips they have to offer. Here, we compile these 5 renovation oversights from the stories we think potential homeowners can avoid.

1. Skip Dark Colours If You Are A Cleanliness Freak

If you are the sort who’s unable to withstand seeing dust at home, we suggest to skip dark colour surfaces like a black framed partition or dark reflective surfaces as dust is more visible to the naked eye on such surfaces. Unless you enjoy home cleaning or can afford to clean on a daily basis.

2. Go For Rust-Free Items If You Are Staying Near The Sea

If you are staying near main water bodies or your unit often bears the brunt of strong winds, bear in mind that metal surfaces tend to quickly gather rust. This includes spokes of your chandeliers or caged lamps. If you want to do an industrial-style home, you may want to think twice.

3. Have Ample Space For Your Fittings & Carpentry

Wardrobe doors, bathroom doors or even your fridge, always ensure that the space you need to move about is not compromise. It makes sense to always test if there’s ample space to open a swing door and it should not obstruct anything else when the door is left open.

Qanvast homeowner, Seow Poh, took note of the poor designs from his friends’ place and omitted them in his home.

4. Clean The Grout

Dirt and grease tend to trap in the tiling grout. If you have small tiles like honeycomb tiles in places like the kitchen stove or shower, be prepared to perform extra cleaning duties to remove stains.

5. Go Easy On The Kids' Room

If you are certain with your child liking a certain popular cartoon or movie character, or the rose pink colour for the next three years, we advise to keep the room aesthetically pleasing and easy to replace little Junior’s loves and growing needs without having to tear and reinstate most of the decor stuffs.

What are some design oversights you think should be avoided? Share with our readers below!

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