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5 Ideas To Invigorate Your HDB/Condo Balcony

February 26, 2015

Most balconies are often left drab and absent of life, and unjustly so. Think of it as your own private space in the sky; your little reflection zone; or just your own little space to take in that knockout view few can boast of having. To add to that, your balcony serves as a bridge between the interior of your home and the outdoors, making your home seem more expansive. We look at five ways you can spruce up and make the best out of your little oasis in the sky.

1. Wine and dine

Been blessed with a larger-than-average balcony with breathtaking views? Soak it up while having breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper, every single day. Be it for entertaining guests or enjoying brunch with the kids, eating with a view never fails to take the dining experience a notch up.


Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Toa Payoh (condo)


Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Thomson (condo)

2. Read or sleep

You’re a voracious reader; contemplative and thoughtful. What better way to be immersed in 50 Shades Of Whatever-You-Want, than to be ensconced on your favourite daybed, book in one hand, wine glass in the other.


Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Bishan Street (condo)


Interior Designer: Museum Homes
Location: Bukit Batok East (condo)

3. Home Garden

Whoever said gardens were reserved only for the rich and famous? Throw in a couple of box planters (not empty of course), bordering some artificial turf, perhaps a tin watering can and some gardening tools (which you probably wouldn’t use) for a slight touch of hipster and voilà, your very own garden in the sky. Having a balcony garden goes a long way in providing a pleasant contrast from the interior of your home.


Interior Designer: Space Define
Location: East Coast Road (landed)


Interior Designer: Architology
Location: Tanglin (condo)


Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design
Location: Sengkang (condo)

4. Furniture Showcase

Bought that statement piece you want to show off to the world so badly? Show it off from your balcony, you get better visibility. Really though, placing a few statement pieces out on the balcony could help to add that bit of character and grandiosity.

5 Ideas To Invigorate Your HDB/Condo Balcony

Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Canberra Drive (condo)


Interior Designer: DHome Studio
Location: Orchard Road (condo)

5. Everything else…

A balcony bar top; an outdoor play area (with invisible grilles of course); seating with storage facilities; your very own mini yoga studio; an outdoor jacuzzi (ok maybe not). The possibilities are endless. Go ahead, make it your own little spot in the sky.


Interior Designer: Museum Homes
Location: Marine Parade (condo)

5 Ideas To Invigorate Your HDB/Condo Balcony

Interior Designer: Space Sense Studio
Location: East Cost Road (condo)

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