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5 Must-Checks When ID Hands Back Your Keys

June 1, 2017

Most new homeowners do a thorough check when they first collect their keys from the developer... but not so much after renovation is done. In fact, you should pay equal attention before and after renovation to avoid any issues that may become a bigger problem after moving in. While most issues can only be spotted later, there are some key areas not to be missed once renovation is completed.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: Willis Design

1. Check Your Carpentry

Open up all your doors and cabinets to make sure that the hinge and opening mechanism are both smooth. While it should be discussed even before carpentry is done, make sure that the doors do not hit another door or wall when opened fully. Test the tracks for all drawers to ensure that your soft closing system works all right. On top of that, check for joints and any scratches that can be rectified before moving in.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: Zenith Arc

2. Check the Paint Work

Go around the entire house and pay close attention to spot any chipped paint, uneven paint streaks or black smudges. Get ID or your contractor to repaint spots that are less than satisfactory.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: UNO Interior

3. Check the Floors

When checking for floors, look out for these two defects: damages and unevenness. Accidents can happen during renovation causing dents, tiny marks or chips on your floor, especially if it is wooden. If your floor is cemented, you’d want to check that the screeding is smooth and that there are no cracks or chips. Or if you are using vinyl for the flooring, take note that vinyl can warp easily if the original floor base is uneven. Flooring should be check right after it is done instead of at the end of your renovation. This is to avoid having to redo the entire floor after your cabinets or island is built on top.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: Earth Interior Design

4. Test Your Power Sockets and Switches

It takes some time but this is absolutely necessary: Bring a light appliance with you when checking your house before handover by ID to ensure that each socket in every room is working. Test all switchers and your washer.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: Willis Design

5. Ensure Waterproofing is Secure

Pour a pail of water and see if it puddles in your toilet and balcony. Make sure drainage works – blockage can be a huge headache! Last thing you want is a water leakage or a seepage issue that becomes a big problem if it affects your neighbour.

5 Areas To Check During Handover

Interior designer: Colourbox Interior

If there are things that are less than satisfactory to you, make sure to follow up with interior designer to fix the issues. A good and reliable designer should be able to quickly rectify the problem and make your home perfect again.

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