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5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing

Who needs a long list of New Year resolutions when these 5 simple resolutions will set you for life? If you have nothing your list yet, this article will get you covered and send you on your way for a spectacular 2016!

###1. Get In Shape
Is losing weight on your list of New Year resolutions for 2016? Sticking to it can be a real challenge, especially with the plethora of saliva-inducing local fare that tempt us everywhere. Many people start off determined to lose that bulge, but eventually lose steam in their exercise regime. However, keeping in shape is one of the best things you can do for yourself that pays off in the long run.

Our advice: Try a new sport or fitness class, and really commit to it. Nothing can help you achieve this as easily as KFit! A monthly membership to that gives you access to hundreds of gyms, fitness studios and activities in a wide variety of locations, you can now pick up yoga at a location convenient for you, or try something exciting like martial arts! Café hopping is passé because it’s all about gym hopping now.

Stay tuned because we have a KFit giveaway at the end of the article!

5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing
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###2. Stop Procrastinating

If you lack discipline, chances are high that you have a long list of “wishes and wants” that remain unfulfilled since… forever. The worst thing about procrastination is the guilt that eats away at you the longer you push off something that needs to be done. It becomes an endless spiral of not accomplishing things and feeling bad about it, gradually cementing itself as a bad habit that becomes hard to break.

Our advice: Make yourself do something small every day. You need to work that self-discipline of yours and actually do something instead of being a couch potato. It can be something as simple as doing the laundry, or writing that report that was due aeons ago. Consider setting up phone reminders, getting a motivation buddy, and hold yourself accountable to what you accomplish each day. Once you start, you’ll never look back.

5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing
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###3. Learn Something New

It’s never too late to learn what you’ve always been meaning to, or rediscover an old passion! Have you always aspired to be a pianist, or wanted to learn how to grow a flourishing edible garden? Having something new to learn is a great self-exploratory process that enriches your life, giving you an opportunity to pick up some useful life skills along the way.

Our advice: If you’re a self-resourceful learner, go to the library to pick up some books and teach yourself some new tricks and skills. There are plenty of resources both online and offline that can guide you in your hobby, be it learning a new language or how to strum a guitar. What’s stopping you from discovering your latent passions?

5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing
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###4. Travel To New Places And Meet People

A new year signifies new opportunities to travel and meet great people. Traveling is one of the best things you can do for yourself as it broadens your worldview and opens your eyes to the cultures and lives of other people who occupy a different space on the globe. Who knows – maybe you’ll get to make awesome friends while traveling, or even find love if you’re single.

Our advice: Don’t hesitate and just do it. For the fun of it, go for the path less travelled! Shake up your travel itinerary and consider going for a long road trip across America, or roughing it out on a backpacking expedition in a rural countryside. Talk to the friendly locals you meet because sometimes they provide invaluable tips that could make your trip even more magical.

5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing
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###5. Put People First

There is one universal truth: work never ends, so why prioritise it? Put the important people in your life first, such as your friends and family because they are the ones who you can count on when you need support. We have limited time on earth, so make your time spent with the right people and things count.

Our advice: Make a conscious effort to set aside some time for family. Do fun family activities together! It can be something as spontaneous as deciding to make colourful waffles for breakfast together, or going bowling. Spending quality time with the people who matter will always make you feel better, especially after a stressful week at work. But remember to keep the electronics away – you’re supposed to interact with real life people, not still images online.

5 New Year Resolutions That You Should Start Doing
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