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5 Questions That’ll Help You Find the Right Interior Designer

There are many interior designers, but only one will be the right hire.

(This article was last updated on 31 March 2022)

If you’re planning to renovate a home in Singapore, it’s always wise to make some preparations beforehand (even it’s your second/third/fourth time revamping an HDB flat/condo).

Do what you feel is necessary to get ready: Look at ideas online, calculate a rough budget, or even come up with a preliminary mood board – but most importantly – find an interior designer who suits you best.

Right Interior Designer
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Put simply, an interior designer who’s right for you is someone whom you can trust, but to know whether he/she is trustworthy requires homework too. So, start off by asking yourself these 5 questions about the designer(s) you plan to work with:

1. Is this interior designer able to work within my proposed budget?

Bidadari Park Drive by Honeycomb Design Studio
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Exceeding a project’s cost estimations (by a slight amount) is a normal occurrence; it’s why we strongly recommend homeowners to have a buffer amounting to 10% of their initial renovation budget.

Some common reasons for going overbudget include variation orders being added late in the renovation process, or pricier substitutes being used in place of out-of-stock materials.

That said, you shouldn’t go overbudget just because of an improper quotation from a rogue interior designer (or in the Singapore vernacular because you “kena chop carrot head”).

While there are indeed boutique design studios that charge premium/higher-than-average prices for their professional services (justifiably so), the right interior designer for you is someone who produces good-quality work that you can afford.

Also! Check out these articles for an idea of what you can accomplish with different renovation budgets:

2. Does this interior designer propose ideas that are interesting and practical?

Pine Close by Elite Boss
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View this project by Elite Boss

Cookie-cutter homes aren’t bad, so long as they’re appropriately designed for your lifestyle needs. But if you’re a homeowner who finds pride in having a one-of-a-kind abode, you’ll want an interior designer who can make your wildest renovation dreams come true – whether it’s turning a dining area into a walk-in wardrobe or having a rock climbing wall in your living room.

More fundamental than creativity, however, is practicality. Because what’s the point of having a corner cabinet that’s inaccessible, or say, a carpeted bathroom? It’s alright to dream big (with your interior designer), but you shouldn’t have to work with someone who proposes unfeasible ideas.

3. Does this interior designer respond to my messages in a timely manner?

La Fiesta by MET Interior
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Responsiveness and good communication are key to every healthy contractor-client relationship, so it’s important that your designer values them too. But having said that, a single missed call or text message that goes unread isn’t always a sign for concern (though a persistently uncontactable interior designer is).

Your shortlisted interior designer could be at a work site, taking a temporary hiatus, or unresponsive due to any of these other reasons.

4. What kind of reputation does this interior designer have?

Sun Haven by Innerspac
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View this project by Innerspac

If you’re doing your research about an interior firm online, don’t just scroll through their portfolio, take the opportunity to see what’s being said about them as well.

Reviews and ratings aren’t just ways for businesses to understand how happy (or unhappy) clients are with their renovation services, they’re also a resource that lets you know what it’s like working with a design firm without engaging them beforehand.

If you wish to find out more about a specific Singapore interior design firm, check out our Reviews Page, which is moderated by a regulation policy, so that you can get an authentic, unbiased look at all of your shortlisted renovation companies!

5. How many years of experience does this interior designer have?

Kim Tian Road by Free Space Intent
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View this project by Free Space Intent

Experience is the best teacher, and in the case, also one of the best ways to identify if an interior designer is the right one for the job.

Seasoned designers with Qanvast have made use of their expertise to craft distinctive homes for their clients, from a Mickey Mouse-themed Serangoon 4-room HDB flat to a BTS-inspired bachelorette pad in Tiong Bahru.

Moreover, by working with an experienced interior designer, you can rest knowing he/she has the expertise and skilled manpower to carry out major renovation works, like wall hacking, waterproofing installation, or rewiring an entire house.

Here’s how to find interior designers you can trust

The first step isn’t always the hardest one. Simply tell us your renovation requirements and we can get you personalised quotes from up to five interior design firms – for free!

Moreover, when you meet an interior design firm through us, you’ll automatically enjoy perks under the Qanvast Trust Programme – such as exclusive deals on home brands, refundable deposits (selected firms only), plus even more benefits that’ll make your renovation journey a rewarding and stress-free experience.

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