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5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water

Feeling thirsty? Unless you’re a multimillionaire who swears by 7 glasses of Evian daily, tap water’s the go-to choice for most of us at home.

While it won’t kill to drink from your sink, it definitely isn't the cleanest option. So, bummer; Where do you get a decent glass of water around here? Simple - ditch the tap water for a water purifier that can serve up some healthy H20 (and more!). Here are 5 reasons why they are a worthy investment for any home.

1. Water So Clean, Even An OCD Person Would Approve

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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Interior Designer: Space Concepts
Location: Bedok

The germaphobes in all of us silently scream every time we drink straight from the tap. Unwanted substances, from flecks of rust to bacteria (we’re looking at you, E.coli) can be found in pipes and water tanks.

Yikes. That’s where water purifiers come in handy; Multiple filters systematically sift out sediments, stray debris and even micro-organisms from tap water. What's left is pure, germ-free H2O. OCD cleanliness achievement? Unlocked.

2. #NoTasteGoals

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group
Location: Bukit Batok West

It's nothing as bad as swimming pool water, but (heads up!) tap water has traces of chlorine too, dissolved to kill any stray bacteria. Along with added fluorine and various mineral ions, it’s no surprise why your water supply tastes - well - slightly different.

Not to worry - water purifiers have filters able to remove chlorine and other chemicals that may give tap water its distinctive metallic taste, leaving a neutral flavour that’s on point with your discerning palate.

3. Skip The Health Supplements

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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We Singaporeans are suckers for all things health-related. (Fun Fact: Our country's best known for having the healthiest people!) Vitamin drinks, organic food, health supplements - we'd take them all, thank you very much.

Beyond hydrating your body, water purifiers can help to add in good minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Forget about taking daily supplement capsules - just remember to grab a glass of water every morning before you hit the door.

4. Helps You Save Money

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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Interior Designer: Urban Habitat
Location: Chai Chee

Let’s be honest, a good water purifier isn’t something you can buy from the dollar shop. But it is a worthwhile, long-term investment that will help you save those extra pennies.

It sure beats the next best alternative - stocking up on gallons of clean, bottled water to drink. Sure, 10 cents a pop may sound cheap, but stretch it out over days, weeks and months, and you could have saved up to buy a water purifier that could last for years with a bit of maintenance.

5. Cuts You Some Housekeeping Slack

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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The number one reason (unless you just like tap water) to why people resort to drinking unfiltered, unboiled tap water is - drumroll, please - pure laziness.

No worries, even if you are a perpetual couch potato who cannot muster the strength to reach for a kettle, a water purifier won’t judge or leave you hanging. Conveniently placed in a kitchen, or (even better!) fitted into your sink as a separate tap dispenser, the only work you’ll need to do is turning the tap on.

Want A Healthy Dose of H2O?

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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Transforming tap water into crystal clear H2O, Ruhens’ WHP-760 Hot & Cold Water Purifier features a 3-step filtering process that:

  1. Removes particles and chlorine found in tap water
  2. Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful Norovirus and other bacteria
  3. Supplies healthy antioxidants and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium for a power-packed hydrating boost.
5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Tap Water
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Perfect for everyday household needs, the WHP-760 comes with Direct Chilling Technology and Heat Boosting System for quick dispensing of cold and hot water respectively.

Worried about skyrocketing electricity bills? The purifier also features an energy saving Eco-Mode system that stops heating and chilling when the lights are off, and child-lock function to protect kids from unwanted accidents. So thoughtful.

With the right water purifier, transforming your icky tap water into a mineral-water worthy drink is as easy as turning on a tap!

This post is brought to you by Ruhens Singapore.

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