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5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

April 7, 2017

Whether you are in the journey of putting your new home together or jazzing up your existing place, materials are essential in conveying the perfect look for your interiors.

Practical and diverse, laminates are a stylish alternative from old-fashioned tiles or costly stone. And while online catalogues are great for sussing out the range of designs available, nothing beats the experience of seeing those laminates at work! Here are 5 ways EDL's laminate showroom can provide more than just a visual experience - and why any savvy homeowner should drop by for a visit.

#1. Keep In The Loop About The Latest Products

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

It’s only natural to want a home fitted out with the latest and greatest products; while interior designers do have a sufficient range of materials, nowhere’s better to check out the newest models and trends than a dedicated product gallery! Boasting a complete range of laminates, homeowners can marvel and keep themselves in the loop with the latest products - straight from the source.

#2. Enjoy A Tactile Experience

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

Your favourite laminate might look great on screen, but do they actually match the design you’re going for in real life? Seeing (and feeling) is definitely believing; At EDL’s showroom, homeowners can enjoy a first-hand experience of their chosen laminates, and have a better idea of how it plays out in reality. The best part? The decision can be taken off screen and at home, with free samples given out to customers!

#3. Gain Helpful Expert Advice

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

Let’s be honest - not everyone is an interior expert, and it can be tough making an informed decision about the best laminate for your aesthetic and lifestyle. That’s where having an experienced professional to bounce off ideas and seek valuable advice comes in helpful; experts available at the EDL showroom can provide homeowners recommendations based their usage, as well as educate them about the maintenance of different laminates.

#4. See Laminates At Work

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

We know that pain; it can be frustrating trying to visualise in your head how a material might play out in your home! So, stop thinking and start looking - At EDL's laminate showroom, a wide range of finished products are available for homeowners to see, feel and touch laminates applied on actual surfaces, saving you the hassle (and potential headache!).

#5. Provide Real-Life Inspiration

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

There’s more to a showroom than displaying endless products on offer - it can also be a source of interior inspiration. Think awe-inducing layouts or settings seen only in the magazines, brought to life! With stunning creative installations and sculptural pieces exploring the limitless possibilities of laminates, the EDL showroom also doubles as a well-curated gallery, made to amaze and inspire homeowners in building their own uniquely creative space.

About EDL Division

5 Reasons To Visit A Laminate Showroom

An award winning gallery, EDL Division is the first interactive and immersive laminate showroom in Singapore that seeks to inspire homeowners through the art of storytelling. Head down to their space today at 43 Sungei Kadut Street 1 to embark on a spatial journey, experiencing the flexibility and ubiquity of laminates. For more information, visit EDL's Gallery Page here.

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